The Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) was formerly known as the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism until 2024.

As a South African student, it’s sad to push your study dreams aside when you don’t have the needed funding for your education. It’s truly painful.

Considering this lingering program, different organizations have created bursaries – we will address science bursaries in this context – for students to study.

Bursaries are offered by institutions and companies to make it affordable for people to study who would otherwise not be able to do so.

If you want to study but you can’t find a way to afford it, then a Bursary would be a perfect way to pay for your studies. Take a look at all the Bursaries listed on this website and see which ones are suitable for you.

Make sure to check if you fit all the requirements as these can be different for each and every Bursary.

15 Best Science Bursaries in South Africa

Some of the best science bursaries in South Africa include:

Department of Environmental Affairs Bursary South Africa

The Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) was formerly known as the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism until 2024.

As one of the departments of the South African government, it is responsible for protecting the environment and natural resources for present and future generations, maintaining and conserving an environment that is not harmful to the wellbeing or health of its citizens, providing leadership in conservation, protection, environmental management, and sustainability, to benefit both its country’s citizens and the international community.

Level/Field of Study

The bursary awards students in any of the following fields:

Environmental Programs, Biological Resources (BSc: Environmental Science), Biological Sciences (BSc), Botany (BSc), Biochemistry (BSc), Conservation Ecology (BSc)

Scholarship Worth

The bursaries awards to the maximum value of R40 000 annually and successful bursary recipients are required to sign a bursary contract with the DEA.


The applicant must be a South African citizen. Applicant must have completed Matric. The applicant must be studying full-time within one of the fields of study mentioned earlier. Applicant must be studying at a recognized South African tertiary institution.

An employee of The Department of Environmental Affairs cannot apply. Applicant must be currently unemployed.


Shortlisted candidates are usually contacted before 31 January. If you’re not contacted after the date, consider your application as unsuccessful.

Rand Water Bursary South Africa

Rand Water acknowledged to be Africa’s biggest utility is a South African water utility company that supplies Gauteng (and various other areas of South Africa) with potable water. The company was founded in 1903 formerly known as Rand Water Board.

Level/Field of study

The Rand Water Bursaries awards the students within the following fields of study:

Electrical Engineering (Light or Heavy) (BTech (TVET)/ National Diploma: 2nd, 3rd or 4th year or N4 – N6)
Computer Science (4th Industrial Revolution Tech. Cyber Security, Business Analysis/ System design & Architecture) (MSc/ MCom Honours Degree).
Hotel/ Hospitality Management (National Diploma: 2nd and 3rd year).
Professional Cookery (National Diploma: 2nd and 3rd year) and Many more

Failure to get feedback within 30 days after the deadline means the application was unsuccessful.


Applicants must:

Be a South African citizen, be below the age of 35, Have completed Matric or its equivalent, Be studying full-time within one field of study listed above. Be registered and studying at a certified tertiary institution in South Africa (University/ University of Technology/ TVET College). Have achieved a minimum of 65% for all major subjects. I have a genuine interest in working within the water sector. Be from a previously disadvantaged background. Not own any other bursary awards/ funding. Self-motivated, Results-driven and have good written and verbal communication skills

PPS Bursary South Africa

Eight dentists found the Professional Provident Society (PPS) of South Africa in 1941. Its mission was to create a better system of financial protection due to the inability to practice after injury or sickness.

PPS is the only company in South Africa that is a mutual financial service solely for graduate professionals and one of the few South African financial services providers that is not listed on the stock exchange and does not have any external shareholders.

Scholarship worth

The bursary program covers the cost of tuition and prescribed textbooks within the stipulated budget.


Applicants must:

  • Be a South African citizen
  • Have completed Matric
  • Have registered to study at a South African University (4th year or postgraduate), within one of the fields listed above
  • Have achieved a minimum average of 75% in previous years of study
  • Have proven financial need or support

Illovo Sugar Limited Bursary South Africa

Established since 1891, The Illovo Sugar Limited company is currently the biggest sugar producer in South Africa. The company is a subsidiary of Associated British Foods Plc., which owns 51% of the companies issued share capital. They currently employ over 12 000 permanent staff members and over 18 000 temporary staff members with various subsidiaries in different African countries.

Scholarship worth

The bursary will cover registration fees, tuition, exam fees, prescribed textbooks, meals and accommodation expenses. University of Technology students will be sponsored for in-service training, with the condition of completing their B Tech degree. Students may be requested to complete vacation work at Illovo. It may also request students to undergo practical training at an Illovo Operating Centre.


Applicants must:

Be a South African citizen, Have completed Matric OR currently in Matric, Be studying (or intend on studying) in one field of study listed above, Be studying (or intend on studying) at a University or University of Technology, As a Matric student, be achieving high academic results in English, Science, and Mathematics, As a Tertiary student be achieving high academic results in all subjects

The closing date is the 15th of September annually.

SUBTROP Lindsey Milne Bursary

The South African Subtropical Growers’ Association (SUBTROP) is an association that aims to promote the farming, marketing, and distribution of avocados, mangoes, and litchis. The association provides services to its member associations such as management, liaison, market, technical and economic information, market development, research coordination, and market access initiation.

Level/Field of Study

The financial assistance will be granted to students studying towards a BSc (Agric) degree, with those majoring in Horticultural Science or Agricultural Economics will be given preference. The bursary program is good for one year but is renewable based on the holder’s academic results.

Scholarship worth

The value of the bursary depends on each individual case and will be reviewed annually.

If the bursary holder fails the course for which the bursary is awarded, the bursary amount must be paid back equivalent to the length of the bursary already given.


Applicants must be studying towards a BSc (Agric) degree majoring in Horticultural Science and related fields or Agricultural Economics, Must be a South African citizen, Must have an excellent academic merit

SAAFoST Bursaries

South African Association for Food Science and Technology (SAAFoST) is a non-profit national organization dedicated to the development of food science and technology by the publication of a membership magazine, Food Science and Technology, scientific research, hosting events as well as educational activities related to food technology.

Level/Field of Study

The SAAFoST Foundation awards bursaries in the field of Food Science and Technology to qualified students. The bursaries are awarded on the basis of academic excellence, employment equity and demonstrated potential. The SAAFoST bursary programme is offered for Matriculants, Undergraduates, BSc Hon/B-Tech Students, and Journalism Postgraduates.

Scholarship worth

The bursary program covers the actual tuition fees from the tertiary institution according to the statement of account in the name of the bursary holder to a maximum of R35 000.00 per year. The payment will be given directly to the tertiary institution every semester depending on the bursary holder’s academic results in the first semester.


Applicants must be South African citizens who are permanent residents of South Africa for at least 3 years prior to application

Applicants who excel academically will be given a preference

Maize Trust Bursary South Africa 2024

The Maize Trust which was founded in 1998 after the closure of the Maize Board has its main aim at promoting the maize industry of South Africa.

The Trust provides financial support to organizations and institutions who conduct production and market-related research programs in the maize industry.

Scholarship worth

The bursary value per annum is R78 334 for MSc students (for 2 years) and R94 817 per annum for Ph.D. students (for 3 years). The funding must be used to offset the cost of tuition fees, prescribed textbooks, living expenses, and other study materials.

Beneficiaries of the bursary must after graduation, work within the maize industry of South Africa for a duration of time equal to that of the bursary received.


Applicant must:

Be a South African citizen, Have completed Matric, Be studying full time in one field of study mentioned earlier (MSc or PhD only), Be studying at a recognized university in South Africa, Have intentions of conducting a thesis on a topic approved by the Maize Trust, Be willing to work within the South African maize industry after completion of the program

FoodBev SETA Bursary South Africa 2024

The bursary will offer an award to applicants who are undergraduates.

The bursary offers awards to full-time students who are enrolled in University, studying towards a Master’s degree or Ph.D. within the Food and Beverage Manufacturing industry. With a maximum value of up to R50 000, the bursary is usually awarded to students with very peculiar and rare skills.


  • Applicants must be in their first year of study and must provide proof of registration.
  • Applicants must show a good academic record and also need for financial assistance.
  • Students, disabled students, and it will give students with a previously disadvantaged background preference.

AECI Limited Bursary South Africa 2024

  • Be a South African citizen,
  • Have completed Matric or currently in Matric
  • Be studying or intend on studying full time within one field of study listed above
  • Be studying or have intentions of studying at a recognized tertiary institution in South Africa
  • Have a strong academic record

SARS Bursary South Africa 2024

It is an autonomous agency that administers customs service and the tax system in South Africa.

Level/Field of Study

Bursaries are awarded to students who excel academically in the following fields of study:

Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering (Heavy Current/ Electronic), Geology, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering, Mine-Survey, Mining Engineering, Accounting, Information Systems, Actuarial Science, Chemistry, Computer Science


Applicants must:

Be a South African citizen or a South African permanent resident, Have completed Matric or currently in Matric, Be studying or intend on studying within one of the previous fields of study (undergraduate qualification), Be studying or intend on studying at a recognized South African tertiary institute, Have proven a need for financial support, Engineering/ Geology/ Science degree students must have achieved a minimum of level 6 for Mathematics and Science, Accounting degree students must have achieved a minimum of level 6 for Mathematics

Starke Ayres Bursaries

The Starke Ayres offers bursary opportunities for students who wish to pursue studies in Genetics, Plant Breeding, Plant Production, Soil Science or Plant Science. It aims to provide achievers at tertiary levels various career development and growth, by offering financial assistance for their education.

The bursary covers the registration, tuition, books and residence fees expenses. It has a maximum amount of R 37 500 every year. It is renewable each year depending on the holder’s academic performance.


Applicants must be South African citizens who are students or intending to study full time at a South African university in the fields of BSc- Genetics, Plant Breeding, Plant Production, Soil Science and Plant Science.

Applicants must have completed a first-year or current second-year students at a Tertiary Education Institution

Applicants must have a proven financial need and also self-motivation

SKA South Africa Bursaries

The South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO) initiates South Africa’s activities in the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Radio Telescope in engineering, science, and construction. SKA South Africa (SKA SA) is responsible for the construction of the Square Kilometre Array in South Africa SKA.

The current funding levels for the bursary are:

Honors (1 year): R131 000 per year, Masters (2-year duration): R119 000 per year, R24 000 one-off equipment grant, R26 500 per year for educational travel costs, Doctoral (3-year duration): R136 000 per year, R36 000 one-off equipment grant, R32 000 per year for educational travel costs

Liberty Actuarial Bursary

Liberty awards Actuarial Science bursaries to full-time qualified tertiary students who are in their second year and upward of their study at ASSA (Actuarial Society of South Africa) accredited South African universities.

The Liberty bursary covers tuition, accommodation, meals, book, and necessary travel allowance, academic as well as emotional support, networking opportunities, and vacation work. Vacation work occurs during the months of June and December holidays at Liberty Life’s Head Office in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. Upon graduation, bursary holders will be provided with guaranteed employment opportunities.


Applicant must be a South African citizen, Must be registered full-time tertiary students who wish to continue studies in Actuarial Science at an ASSA (Actuarial Society of South Africa) accredited South African tertiary institutions, Must have consistent academic excellence in all subjects with a minimum 65% average and 65% rating in Mathematics and Actuarial modules, Must have leadership skills and extracurricular activities participation such as sports, arts and literature will be given the advantage.

Access Trust Bursary South Africa

The following fields of study are those to which the bursary will be awarded:

Electrical Engineering, Construction/ Building & Civil Engineering, Business, and Management Studies, Information & Communication Technology, Education (ECD), Farming Management, Travel, and Tourism, Sports-Fitness, and management, Hospitality, Performing Arts, Practical Programs


Applicants must:

Be between the ages of 18 and 28, Have completed Matric, Have achieved a minimum 50% pass rate, Have proven financial need, Undertake studies at one of the following TVET colleges: College of Cape Town, South Cape College, West Coast College, Boland College, Northlink College, False Bay College.

The bursary closes on the 30th of November annually.

National Metrology Institute of South Africa (NMISA) Bursary

The NMISA bursary scheme grants undergraduate and post-graduate bursaries at any accepted South African university.

Bursaries are offered in specific fields of study including:

Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Materials Science and Physics

NMISA bursary covers the full costs of registration and tuition, accommodation fees and stipends for textbooks and necessary requirements. NMISA also provides vacation work opportunities for bursary holders in order for the students to work experiences. Upon graduation, the bursary holders will be required to work for NMISA for a period equivalent to every year sponsored by the bursary scheme.

The closing date is on the 31st of July yearly


With any of the following science bursaries in South Africa, you can easily get funding for your education. All you need to do is meet up with the requirements and send in your application.

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