Top 10 Volunteer South Africa Opportunities In 2024 [UPDATED]

Volunteering remains one of the best ways to gather professional experience, boost your CV and serve underserved communities worldwide. Beautiful South Africa plays host to a plethora of fulfilling volunteering experiences, whatever your intent.

South Africa volunteer opportunities give you not just the opportunities to improve your career, but a taste of rich African cultures dipped in diversity which builds rewarding life experiences for you.

Volunteers in South Africa enjoy exciting moments and beautiful environs. You must get a tip of the iceberg alongside the advantages of volunteering in South Africa. The table of contents highlights all you need to know about volunteering in South Africa.

What is the need for volunteers in South Africa?

They are obviously myriads of reasons one needs to volunteer for something in a country with the motive of the common good of the society. Volunteering will make you meet more persons, learn new different stuff, gain more confidence, be part of an integral part of the community and lastly have more fun.  

Also, many needs are required that attract attention to more volunteers in South Africa. Undoubtedly, South Africa is a country with many economic disparities, poverty, human rights violations, and gender-based violence. It is also the hub of a viral disease, “HIV/AIDS” with many at risk of contracting it daily.

This situation is eating through the fabrics of the great South Africa community, and your volunteering can help fill in reasonable gaps to ease these rising issues.

Interestingly, there are different program areas where one can volunteer in South Africa. As opportunities are being provided in different sections. They are listed below. 

  • Community Development
  • Conservation and Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Youth Development and Education
  • Gender Equality 

Is it Safe to volunteer in South Africa?

You asking how safe it is to volunteer for a program or project in South Africa is similar to asking how safe it is to live in SA. Atmospheric-wise, South Africa has a very pleasing and moderate climatic conditions.

Also, South Africa is one of the best Africa countries you would ever dream of going to. This is because of their developed economy and fanciful structures all over. Another interesting fact is the languages and cultures in South Africa. They are quite a glamour to behold.

So, yes it is safe to volunteer in South Africa. It is a norm that crime exists in any society. So, you must keep your valuables safe and be conscious of your environment while volunteering in South Africa.

Irrespective of that, most organizations in South Africa provide cogent information and briefing to their volunteers before they arrive.

How to volunteer in South Africa

There are numerous volunteer opportunities available in the country. Each volunteering organization in South Africa has its own protocol, requirements and uniqueness.

The best way to volunteer for a program in South Africa is to check out the program that catches your fancy. Simply go through the list of opportunities in this article. Consider the requirements and resort to how the provider cooses to enter for the volunteering position.

Nonetheless, before considering volunteering in South Africa, be sure you do have the following documents ready;

  • Travelling passport
  • Airfare
  • Also, a little fund to sustain you for speculative motives
  • Valid Visa

Top 10 Volunteer South Africa Opportunities in 2024

Based on research and availability, below are the top 10 Volunteer opportunities in South Africa for you in 2024.

So in no particular order;

  • Volunteer with Children and Animal in South Africa with DAKTARI
  • Education Program in South Africa with Love Volunteers
  • South Africa Wildlife Sanctuary with GoEco
  • Volunteer Teaching with GVI
  • Volunteer in Surfing in South Africa with IVHQ
  • Music Education in South Africa with Performing Arts Abroad
  • Childcare and Orphanage Program with Volunteering Solution
  • Volunteer in Cape Town with Connect-123
  • computer Literacy and Arts in South Africa with Kaya Responsible Travel
  • Human Rights Work in South Africa with Projects Abroad

#1. Volunteer with Children and Animal in South Africa with DAKTARI

Location: Hoedspruit, Kruger Park, Limpopo

Duration: Year-round for 1-12 weeks

Category: Animal Welfare, Conservation, Eco-Tourism, Education, Environment, Youth Development

Are you a lover of kids and animals? Would you like to devout your time developing and helping kids and animals? Then, this is the right Volunteer opportunity in South Africa you are searching for.

Daktari has provided the platform for volunteers to come into SA and assist in the name mentioned field. You will teach children the diverse effects of poaching through activities like bush walks.

You will serve as an eye-opener to children on the essence of conservation and respecting wildlife. Thus, to be part of this program visit the link below.

#2. Education Program in South Africa with Love Volunteers

Location: Cape Town

Duration: Year-round for 1-12 weeks

Category: Childcare & Children, Community Development, Teaching, Youth

If you are someone who has a great passion for staying with kids and would love to be in an environment where you’d volunteer and teach them on any educational category of your choice.

This is a great opportunity to do that. It is really nice being around kids and teaching them the love garnered from there can’t be overemphasized. You could either be teaching the basic class kids basic knowledge or even the middle class on computer skills and help them up their level of literacy.

To volunteer for this opportunity, we urge you to visit the link below. Also to see more info regarding this volunteer opportunity.

#3. South Africa Wildlife Sanctuary with GoEco

Location: Hartbeespoort

Duration: Year-round for 2-12 weeks

Category: Animal Welfare, Building & Construction Projects, Wildlife

South Africa is known for its vast presence of wildlife and unbridled animal activities. But they are fewer opportunities to help conserve this wildlife and save more lives of animals.

Therefore, GoEco has provided an opportunity for volunteers to assist in securing these animals’ lives. As a volunteer in GoEco, you will work in a sanctuary where you would contribute and save the lives of injured animals and care for the orphaned ones.

You will also use this opportunity to meet wonderful creatures like; the Zebras, Vultures, elephants and Chameleons.

So, kindly follow the link below to volunteer for this program in South Africa and see more details.

#4. Volunteer Teaching with GVI

Location: Stellenbosch

Duration: Year-round for 1-12 weeks

Category: Community Centers, Education, Teaching

GVI provides a platform where one can volunteer to teach students in South Africa. This Volunteer South Africa program is though more intense as you will be teaching students subjects like Maths, English and Computer skills.

The class size is usually large but there is an avenue to have a one-on-one session with the students to avoid the thoughts of students not fully, understanding what is being taught. Also, note that the classes will be taught using English, as SA have about 11 languages.

#5. Volunteer in Surfing in South Africa with IVHQ

Location: Cape Town

Duration: Year-round for 1-12 weeks

Category: Sports, Teaching, Youth Development

The main objective of the IVHQ program is to teach children good and valuable life skills. Also, health habits through sports.

You will be expected to work with children between 11-14 years old. When you volunteer in South Africa for this program, you will teach the kids to surf and other afternoon programs. So, to volunteer for this position, kindly visit the link below.

#6. Music Education in South Africa with Performing Arts Abroad

Location: Kabokweni

Duration: Year-round for 1-8 weeks

Category: Music, Teaching, Youth Development

This volunteer South Africa program enables you to teach and help kids develop their talents and paths towards Music.

As a volunteer in this program, you will be teaching local children in town close to Kruger National Park. It has produced many outstanding artists through this volunteer program. So, why not be the reason someone will smile today as it is said music is for the body and soul.

#7. Childcare and Orphanage Program with Volunteering Solution

Location: Cape Town

Duration: Year-round for 2-12 weeks

Category: Childcare & Children, Orphans

Many orphanages are in demand of volunteers in South Africa. Therefore, Volunteering Solution provides the opportunity to be part of this life-changing scheme.

Applying for the program will position you in an orphanage in Cape Town where you will take care of kids between the ages of 18 months and 6 years. You will cook and spending time with them. Meanwhile, you’d only spend 5-6 hours there each day.

#8. Volunteer in Cape Town with Connect-123

Location: Cape Town

Duration: Year-round for 5 weeks-6 months

Category: Anthropology, Gender Issues, Marketing, Medicine, Organic Farming, Writing, and more

Obviously, most volunteer South Africa programs are based on youth development and Wildlife. Meanwhile, if any of this does not interest you,

Connect- 123 has created a platform where you can customize and enter for any volunteer area, be it medicine, organic farming or anything in between. To keep your unique skills and best interest in mind. Also to create a memorable volunteer experience for you.

#9. Computer Literacy and Arts in South Africa with Kaya Responsible Travel

Location: Rural areas of South Africa

Duration: Year-round for 1-12 Weeks

Category: Childcare & Children, Community Development, Computer Training, Education, English Teaching, Youth Development

This Volunteer South Africa program focuses on helping children develop computer skills and arts. This volunteer program is concerned with building children’s literacy and helping them pursue their passion. Thus, it is sponsored by Kaya Responsible Travel.

#10. Human Rights Work in South Africa with Projects Abroad

Location: Cape Town

Duration: Year-round for 1-12 weeks

Category: Human Rights & Law

Project Abroad has provided a solution to help curb inequalities and apartheid in present-day SA. Though, the program is more focused on Cape Town. It will provide the workshop to teach volunteers more about Human rights in SA and they will put it into effect to enhance a better community.


On the end note, volunteering is a perfect way to show you are a great changemaker and willing to contribute to the positive impact of society.

Trying to help lives and wipe tears from one eye. Also, it helps you get a great experience and meet more people. Thus, let’s endeavor to volunteer and apply for any of the programs in this article.



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