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In every graduate school application, both for Scholarships and school registration, there is a column to write a statement of purpose. Many students do not know how to write one that can convince the school to grant them admission.

In this regard, we have brought you tips on writing a winning statement of purpose for graduate school and a sample in the form of a pdf that can guide you accordingly.

In this article, we have written all the necessary information you can ask, ‘how to write a statement of purpose?’. Sit still and relax; we have got you covered!

While some people intentionally looked for this topic, others stumbled on the post.

This is why we have decided to answer the question, what is a statement of purpose?

At first, I did not know what a statement of purpose was until I saw it in a scholarship application I was applying for.

I must confess it was very tasking as I didn’t know what exactly to write, especially with the many samples online and very contradicting tips.

I followed my gut and did not get the scholarship.

Perhaps my statement of purpose was among the reasons I failed, but I would not want you to be found in my situation.

Let’s dive in.

What is a Statement of Purpose?

Keeping it short and straightforward.

When applying for a graduate course, many students are usually asked to write an essay about who they are, their purpose for using, why they consider themselves qualified to be chosen above other candidates who applied, and their aspirations for the future.

This application essay is known as a Statement of Purpose.

I know many of you would have seen that in an application.

A statement of purpose is also called a letter of intent or a research statement.

Why do I need a Statement of Purpose for Graduate School?

You will agree that a graduate school student or applicant is expected to be more knowledgeable than an ordinary undergraduate.

I am in no way saying that an undergraduate is not knowledgeable. Do not get me wrong.

But, since you have passed that stage, everything about your application is supposed to stand out and show your vast depth of knowledge acquired over the years.

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Since we have established that fact, moving on.

One of the mistakes candidates make is assuming the Statement of Purpose for graduate school is only accessed based on the information you provide. That is true but not entirely.

You are also judged according to your writing style, sentence structure, and grammar. That is why some students pay freelancers to write captivating pieces for them. It is not a mistake.

Because graduate school is for serious candidates, it requires a lot of focus and determination to pursue a graduate degree.

The school examines the statement of purpose you write to see if you are the right candidate.

They look for students with the right experience and motivation and those who genuinely love the field they have chosen.

These are some of the primary reasons you are to write a statement of purpose in a graduate school.

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What makes up a good Statement of Purpose Sample for Graduate School?

Some applications do not define what you should include in your statement of purpose for graduate school.

We will provide you with a sample statement of purpose later on.

For those schools, the essential information your statement of purpose should contain is why you want to pursue a degree in your chosen course.

The goals you have and how the degree will help accomplish them.

In addition, What will the knowledge and skills you will gain after studying enhance your life and the lives of others? Will there be any significant development to accrue from the ability you will gain?

In essence, what are your future goals with the course of study?

Let’s say you are applying to study Agriculture.

The statement of purpose should contain why you have chosen to study Agriculture. What motivated you to select Agriculture above every other field there is?

What do you love about Agriculture that can keep you glued to the course even when there are very frustrating courses and possibly practicals that are heart-wrecking?

Similarly, after studying Agriculture, what will my community and country gain from my knowledge?

Before we continue, it is essential to note that including your name in a statement of purpose is unnecessary. Something like Chris Adam’s Statement of Purpose is not necessary information.

If you want to be considered eligible, any prior experience or achievement in that field will stand you out among other applicants.

Imagine if you are applying to study Agriculture and there was a previous innovation you pioneered like a more modernized way to make flakes. Don’t you think the school will consider your application faster?

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The whole idea of even writing a statement of purpose is to present yourself as a professional in your chosen field.

You can include a research area in your field that turns on your intellectual switch. Make it interesting. You are talking to probably those who are more knowledgeable than you.

Additional Tips

You may use this hack with little or no prior experience. In a real sense, it shows how you handle contemporary issues in your field and if you are a problem solver.

Another thing to include in a graduate school statement of purpose is to fine-tune your experiences, interests in the field, and vision into why you are the best candidate fit for admission.

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Tips on How to Write a Statement of Purpose Sample for Graduate School

Here is an outline of the tips that can help you write a good statement of purpose for graduate school. Let us start with the basics.

A good statement of purpose should be error-free. By this, I mean there should be no wrong spelling and grammatical errors.

Your tone of writing is also fundamental. Using unambiguous language free from cliches and repetitive language would be best. (

Let the tone be confident and optimistic and not too informal. A semi-formal approach that is conversational will be the very best option. Making it very formal might ring the wrong bell in their head, and an extremely informal piece is also not advisable.

Include only information that is relevant and related to the course of study. Coming to tell us you love to travel when applying to study Medical Laboratory is not a piece of pertinent information.

Usually, students who write for academic purposes use this format Times New Roman as font, 12 for the lettering, and 1.5 line spacing. This is to make it legible.

Do not use the same statement of purpose for every school you apply to. Make sure to make it fit into the individual programs you are applying for. Although, it could be the same information. Just change the format.

From all the tips we have written, you may be tempted to make your statement of purpose very long. In reality, it should be very concise, not more than 1.5 pages.

Lastly, before you submit that well-written SOP, show it to preferably to the person writing your recommendation. Get their feedback and affect the corrections if there are any.

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Sample Statement of Purpose for Graduate school

Before I write a sample for you, let us discuss what each paragraph will contain.

For the first paragraph, introduce yourself and write your career goals.

The information in the introduction is related to the program you are applying to.

So, it would help if you had research on the program so that you would not write out of point.

In the second paragraph, write why you are applying, which is why you are interested in the field or course. We have explained the points thoroughly earlier.

The third paragraph will give your experiences related to the course of study.

They can be internships, projects, or innovations.

However, if you do not have one, distract them by discussing a topic in that your field that fascinates you. Make it very intriguing.

The fourth paragraph will outline why you are the best candidate.

The closing paragraph says what you intend to achieve with the experience you will gain from completing the course. Be very clear here.

Remember, do not mistake this for the first paragraph. That one was talking about the desires and goals you have. All of it may not be achieved after your study.

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Sample Statement of Purpose for Graduate school

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If you noticed, firstly, we skipped the original content of chapter two, which is meant to be why you are applying.

That shows that you can be creative about a statement of purpose.

Lastly, include all the necessary information even if you do not follow the pattern serially. Also, leave out irrelevant information, but you can rephrase it in case you have no experience.

This will distract the reader.

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Sample statement of purpose for Graduate school pdf

You can also check out our guide on how to write a personal statement.

Below we have compiled some sample statements of purpose for graduate school you can use as a guide to write yours.

Remember not to copy but feel free to dance around them to get an actual work that sounds like you.

That is very important.

Download Sample Personal Statements


A statement of purpose is a necessary piece of writing for graduate scholarships.

It equips you with all the other forms of writing you will do in school.

A statement of purpose for graduate school is a compelling reason schools consider whether they will admit you.

Don’t be rigid in writing a statement of purpose to follow an outline. Be flexible. Enjoy yourself while writing. Tell stories and make it fun to read formal/semi-formal writing.

Most importantly, don’t forget to include all the necessary information.

You can share some of the ones you have written so far.

Best of luck!


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