Why Study Business Administration at ASA College?

Business administration is the process of overseeing how businesses run. This includes absolutely everything under the business umbrella, from managing employees to crunching the numbers and even doing market research. The main goal of a business administrator is to boost the efficiency and productive output of an organization.

Typically, someone in business administration is likely to be seeking a leadership role, looking to help their organization reach its goals in as short a time as possible. Yet, even with this larger goal, a business administration major can make their career even more specific. They could branch into IT, production, strategy, human resources, marketing, finance, or whatever takes their fancy within a business.

Studying business administration at ASA college can open up a vast range of doors, with the broad skillset and applicable knowledge making this an incredibly useful degree to pursue. In this article, we’ll be looking at the different careers you can follow with this degree, as well as breaking down the main benefits of the ASA program.

Let’s get right into it.

What Careers Can You Do with a Business Administration Degree?

Business is all over the world, with the skills being taught in a business administration degree being transferable across a range of different industries. Due to the active need for business administration across all different fields, people that study this subject often end up in very disparate fields. For example, just a few of the careers that a business administration degree can lead to are:

  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Education in schools and colleges
  • Distribution and logistics
  • Non-profits
  • Government agencies
  • Real estate
  • Manufacturing firms
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As you can see, you could very well end up in absolutely any industry that you have an interest in. Due to this, those that study business administration can very easily combine this degree with one of their external interests to find a career that’s fulfilling for them.

For example, someone that has an interest in healthcare could go into the running of hospitals with this degree. On the other hand, someone that finds finance fascinating could turn their sights towards banking or investment firms, using their business skills to help run their chosen organization.

No matter where you want to end up, a business administration degree is broad enough that you can go almost anywhere you’d like, and into whichever field you find interesting.

Why Study Business Administration at ASA?

A business administration associate degree at ASA can ground a student in every aspect of the business world. From a detailed understanding of management, interpersonal skills, and business tech to concentrations in certain industry areas, a student can gain a comprehensive understanding of how organizations run.

Over this two-year program, students can get an intensive understanding of the world of business, helping them to understand exactly how they’d like to fit into this working structure. The course can also allow them to try out different industries, allowing them to become familiar with what they’d like to pursue after graduation.

Some of the main benefits of this program are:

  • Alignment with new forms of business
  • Career-focused
  • Job placement
  • A comprehensive range of educational modules

Let’s break these down further.

New Forms of Business

From expanding markets to the rise of tech, the world of business is rapidly changing. With these changes in mind, the logistics of running a business won’t be the same today as they are in 10 years. Predicting these changes, ASA focuses on training its graduates in a range of modern technologies that can set them up for work in the future.

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The training that ASA provides gives students a more comprehensive understanding of how the world of business is changing, with modern modules in concepts like digital marketing and SEO providing vital business skills.

Additionally, with the rise of new industries like tech, the ability for students to focus on something they’re interested in provides a valuable avenue of gathering more knowledge about their chosen career.


Within the ASA program, students can select a particular area, or areas, that they’re drawn to. Whether that be social media management, sports management, accounting, human resources, or another area of business, ASA offers modules to accommodate. This selection allows students to focus heavily on their chosen industry, building up an impressive portfolio of knowledge and case studies that they can list on their CV.

As this degree can move into many different career options, this advanced knowledge can allow students to get a leg-up on the particular avenue they want to follow.The skills learned in this degree can be directly applied to their future career, with strong job pathways ensuring a high percentage of employability after graduation.

With a mixture of key management and business theories, alongside specialized knowledge, this balance can provide the perfect foundation for entry into the world of business.

Job Placements

Job experience is vital for employability, with business experience giving candidates a competitive advantage over the people they’re applying with. Knowing this, ASA has created a comprehensive job placement schedule, helping students gain internships with a range of reputable private and public organizations.

Depending on what specialty of business a student wants to focus on, they’ll be able to access an internship in a certain field, with ASA’s strong links providing the perfect entry pathways. As this is a necessary part of the degree,  students that undertake can receive a detailed understanding of their chosen field, with ample opportunities for experience.

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ASA also works with specialized job placement agents that can help prepare students for key skills they need in the workplace. A few of these are:

  • Interview skills
  • Resume writing
  • Networking

This multi-faceted approach can provide a comprehensive understanding and introduction to whichever industry they want.

Range of Educational Modules

Business is an expansive topic, covering everything from human interaction to financial models. With this considered, students of the business administration program at ASA can learn a range of different business aspects. (jillszeder.com) Within the degree, there are modules in finance, human resources, accounting, technology, management and leadership, and more.

Additionally, with the ability to choose a specific field, students may be able to access a range of other modules that complement their education. This broad form of education ensures that whatever industry and job position students go into, they’ll be able to enter with confidence, knowing that they have the skills to tackle whatever is thrown at them.

With everything from business management to the organization and leadership of team members, this comprehensive educational program has everything needed for students to excel.

Final Thoughts

By undertaking the business administration program at ASA, a student can gain a valuable education that covers a broad range of modules, as well as direct job experience in a field that they have a passion for. This balance allows students to gain a competitive advantage when entering into the world of business.

With strong career links and a foundation of support, those that pursue a business administration degree at ASA are well set up for a lucrative career in the business field that they choose.

There’s a reason that business is one of the most popular degrees, as it sets students up perfectly for a future in running and managing organizations.

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