How To Study Free In Norwegian University Of Science And Technology

Are you a student in Norway looking for how to study free in Norwegian University of Science and Technology? You need not worry, we know there is a lot of confusion in the air.

This post will cover all of that, but before then. Few things you should know about the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, a public research institution in Norway.

This one of the largest of Norway’s eight universities, has primary national responsibility for higher education in engineering and technology, as its name implies.

About Norwegian University

The Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH), was created by Parliament in 1910 as Norway national engineering institution, was replaced by NTNU, which now has primary national responsibility for engineering and technology instruction and research.

NTNU consistently ranks within the top one percent of universities worldwide, typically between 400 and 600, depending on ranking. The institution had 42,000 students and 9,000 employees as of November 2024.

How to Study Free in Norwegian University of Science and Technology

To study at this university, you must be familiar with details about the application process that aids easy response. Below are a few things to note:

#1. Consider Norwegian Universities for Your Study

Norway offers several authorized private institutions of higher learning, 7 certified public universities, 9 accredited specialized universities, 22 accredited university colleges, and 2 accredited national art colleges.

#2. Plan Your Application for a University in Norway

You should review, and take into account all the requirements before selecting a degree, especially since there are so many colleges to choose from and each has a different list of study programs and a different set of application requirements.

Norway has a website specifically for foreign students who want to enroll in an academic program there; it centralizes all the degrees and elegantly arranges all the specific information in tables.

It was developed to support learners like you. Make as much use of the webpage as you can. You may clear any doubts or queries by sending an easy email or making a brief phone call.

#3. Where to Apply for a Norwegian Master’s Degree?

Universities, business schools, and other higher education institutions in Norway each have their requirements for applicants. You can find a complete list of Norwegian Master degrees on their official websites.

Find the dates, requirements, and a button that will take you to the university page where you can start the formal application process by clicking on it.

There is another website for application, but be aware that it is just for Norwegian students and that most of the programs there are for bachelor’s degrees.

If you happen to be a reader from Norway who is interested in earning a bachelor’s degree, don’t do it.

Using their portals is another fantastic option for finding a degree in Norway. You can check if you meet the entrance standards and compare different study programs using free resources like best-fit and the comparison tool.

#4. Language Requirements for Applying to Norwegian Universities

While learning Norwegian is not required, you will need an English certificate to enroll in school in Norway. Most universities accept:

Academic PTE

Academic IELTS

Advanced TOEFL iBT


You should constantly check which English language exam your university accepts and what grade you need to prevent running into issues during the official application process.

You will also need a language proficiency certificate, which is a bad news for the Norwegian man reading this. No your nationality or degree of choice, you must be able to communicate in the language the program will be taught in.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology Scholarship

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) will provide free education to all its students during the 2024–2024 academic year.

A university has an international orientation, NTNU has campuses in Lesund and Gjvik in addition to its main campus in Trondheim.

Cost of Study and Living

All public universities in Norway are operating tuition-free education. However, students will have to take care of their living expenses which estimated at 800 Euro to 1000 Euros per month.

This amount will take student’s accommodation, feeding, transportation, books, etc. Please find below a breakdown of the living expenses in Norway:

  • Accommodations – 360 to 400 Euros per month
  • Books and study materials – 100 to 200 Euros
  • Transportation – 70 to 100 Euros
  • Bread – 3 Euro
  • 1Litre milk – 1.5 Euro
  • 500g cheese – 6.5 Euro
  • 12 Eggs – 4 Euro
  • Cereals – 2.5 to 5 Euros

Study Program

Norwegian University of Science and Technology offers over 40 master’s programs taught in the English language.

No bachelor program is taught in English. Some of the master’s programs taught in English are; Biology, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Childhood Studies, Electric Power Engineering, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Exercise Physiology, Hydropower Development, Industrial Ecology, Information Systems, Marine Technology, Natural Gas Technology, Petroleum Engineering, Project Management.

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Application Time and Deadline

The application times and deadlines at NTNU vary depending on the program. Admission applications start October 1st and ends December 1st for most study programs.

How to Apply For Admission

The mode of application for admission into NTNU is online. Students will create an online account on the university portal, fill in basic information, print out the application form, and post it to the university along with supporting documents.

Note that the deadline for submitting supporting documents is in January or February. After sending your application to the school, the admissions department will review it and offer the applicant admission if he or she meets the minimum entry requirement.

Contact school for more information on how to apply for admission.

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Is Education Free in Norway 2024?

If you are a student on an exchange program, you’ll be required to pay tuition. You began your degree program in Norway before 2024.

Therefore if you enter your second year in the fall of 2024, you need not have to pay any tuition. You attend school in Switzerland or the EU/EEA.

Is Norwegian University of Science and Technology Free?

Benefits. The Norwegian University of Science and Technology does not charge tuition for any of its degree programs; as a result, students are only responsible for paying their own living expenses.

How Much is University Fees in Norway 2024?

For students who will begin studies in Norway in August 2024 but are not citizens of the EU or EEA.

The Norwegian government has decided to impose tuition fees. The fee’s value is still up in the air, but it may be as high as NOK150,000 ($150,200) per year.

How Can I Get Free Admission in Norway University?

Scholarships from the University of Stavanger.
Scholarships at the Norwegian Business School (BI).
The NTNU Scholarships at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
Oslo University Scholarships.
Fellowship for Postdocs at Nord University.
Scholarships at Oslo Metropolitan University.


With every information provided above, we believe you have a complete guide on how to Study Free in Norwegian University of Science and Technology at your disposal.

One good thing about this university is that they offer its student with free scholarship opportunities. Applying in this school is definitely going to be an added advantage to you.

We hope this piece of content was helpful, do let us know on the comment session.



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