Study In Gibraltar: Cost of Living, Visa, Entry Requirements Of University Of Gibraltar

If you want to study at a university in the UK but in a location where the climate is sunnier than England, Gibraltar wouldn’t be the wrong choice. We have put down information about the Cost of Living, Visa, and Entry Requirements Of the University Of Gibraltar to help you Study In Gibraltar.

Gibraltar is an overseas territory with political and administrative links to Britain. Surrounded on three sides by the Mediterranean Sea, the former Spanish colony of about 30,000 inhabitants is closed to Spain and Africa than it is to Britain.

Study In Gibraltar: Cost of Living, Visa, Entry Requirements Of University Of Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory that juts from the Iberian peninsula into the ocean. Our coastline is punctuated with beautiful beaches – we are surrounded by water, with Spain lying just beyond the runway on the fourth. On a clear day, Africa’s mountainous coast is visible in the distance as ­ Morocco is just a 20-minute flight away! The views from up the Rock are stunning.

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It is so far removed from The UK that you won’t be wrong in calling it a different country.

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Cost of living in Gibraltar

The cost of living in Gibraltar can be high for international students. This is large because the currency is the Pound Sterling.

For students though, the cost of living can be mitigated by the fact that rent and other utilities are included as part of the fees you would have to pay to study in Gibraltar.

However, the cost of certain items are as follows

  • Food in a modest restaurant – £10.00
  • Coke/Pepsi – £1..33/0.33-liter bottle
  • Water – £0.92/1.5-liter bottle
  • Milk – £1.18/liter
  • Bread – £1.59/liter
  • Rice – £1.59/kg
  • Eggs – £1.60
  • Beef – £6.50/kg
  • Tomato – £2.50/kg


  • Monthly pass – £32.00
  • Taxi – £2.00/km
  • Local transport – £1.20/one-way ticket


  • Basic utilities – £110.48/month
  • Internet – £33.75/month
  • Prepaid mobile tariff – £0.12/month


  • 1 bedroom apartment – £1,075/month (city center)
  • 1 bedroom apartment – £850/month (outside the city center)


University of Gibraltar

The University of Gibraltar is a not-for-profit independent tertiary institution established by The University of Gibraltar Act 2015. The Act provides for the establishment or designation of bodies to safeguard the university’s academic standards and regulate the conduct of its affairs.

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The University is the only university in the territory established in 2015. Therefore, study abroad students coming to Gibraltar would not be confused as to which University to pick from many available choices.

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An international student is coming to a very diverse environment in Gibraltar. Students who love travelling would adore it here. A short trip on a ferry would take you to Africa. While Spain and the rest of Europe are just across the border.


The University of Gibraltar has four faculties. All of them admit international students to various faculties. These faculties are

  • Faculty of Business
  • Faculty of Health Science and Sports Science
  • Faculty of Life and Earth Science
  • Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality

Classes complement these faculties for English as a foreign language.

Admission Requirements

The admission requirements for any program depending on the course of study. Generally, though, undergraduates applying to any program must possess the following.

  • Proof of English proficiency
  • Five o’ level passes at the Grade C level in subjects related to the course of study
  • Some undergraduate courses require additional A-level grades in at least two subjects.

Check here to see the complete entry requirements for all the faculties,

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Visa and Immigration requirements

All non-European students wishing to study in Gibraltar must apply for a visa. As a British territory, the visa requirements are essentially the same as those for people intending to study in Britain.

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The easiest way to get the specific visa requirements is to head over to the nearest British Embassy in your country.

European Union students do not need to apply for a student visa.

Getting accommodation in Gibraltar as a student

The University of Gibraltar would help international students in getting a place to stay even before they arrive in Gibraltar.

Typically, all international students are accommodated in student dorms and can choose student apartments. This is a good arrangement as new students would be spared the stress of looking for where to stay.

Also, since most international students are housed together in dorms, settling down and making new friends would be faster and easier.

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