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The University you attend reflects on who you become in the labor market. The University of Antwerp is an excellent choice to prepare you for the world.

Founded in 2003 after the merger of three smaller universities, it is characterized by its high standards in education, internationally competitive research, and entrepreneurial approach.

For prospective students in 2025, let’s show you all you need to know about the University of Antwerp.

About the University of Antwerp

The University of Antwerp is a publicly funded and fully accredited Belgian university.

The university has nine faculties:

Doctoral programs are available in all faculties, with more than 1,600 Ph.D. students registered.

In nine domains, their research is among the best in the world:

  • Drug Discovery and Development;
  • Ecology and Sustainable Development;
  • Harbour, Transport, and Logistics;
  • Imaging;
  • Infectious Diseases;
  • Materials Characterisation;
  • Neurosciences;
  • Socio-economic Policy and Organisation;
  • Urban History and Contemporary Urban Policy.

The University of Antwerp has about 20,000 fee-paying students, with 3,500 students from foreign countries.

Education in this university is student-centered and competency-based as they stimulate them to develop into independently-minded people who are capable of thinking analytically.

The University of Antwerp has adopted the Bachelor-Master structure in line with the Bologna Process. It offers 3-year Bachelor’s programs (180 ECTS credits) and 1-year or 2-year Master’s programs (60 or 120 ECTS credits).

University of Antwerp Tuition Fee

When enrolling, you sign a study contract. One of the conditions of this contract is the payment of tuition fees. 

Usually, your tuition fee is calculated based on how many credits you are using by registering for courses.

On this page, you will find more information about the tuition fees you must pay: what are the rates, how can you pay, and so on.

The following rate applies to the tuition fee for bachelor and master teacher training and preparatory and bridging programs:
238.3 euro + 11.4 euro/credit.

Some master programs have an increased tuition fee for a student with a nationality that does not belong to one of the member states of the European Economic Area (EEA)*:

You can find out how many credits each course is worth in the program list. Go to the program the courses are part of and then look at the study program.

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University of Antwerp Campuses

The nine campuses are located all over Antwerp, from the historic city center to the green belt to the city’s south.

Bus services are available for traveling from one campus to another, and the travel routes and bus information are available on the university website.

If you seek some distraction besides your studies, you could join one of the University of Antwerp’s student associations.  The student associations are also a fun way to meet new people or get involved in a good cause in your free time.

The Pieter Gillis Centre is the university’s reflection center for active pluralism. The center provides education and services, conducts research, and is responsible for the course on philosophical beliefs, which is part of all University of Antwerp Bachelor programs.

University of Antwerp Programs Courses and Schools

The University of Antwerp has 33 academic bachelor programs, 69 master programs, 18 master-after-master programs, and 23 postgraduates.

In addition, there are 31 programs wholly taught in English (13 master, 14 master-after-master, and 4 postgraduate programs).

These programs are divided into 9 faculties;

  • Applied Economics,
  • Arts,
  • Law,
  • Medicine and Health Sciences,
  • Pharmaceutical,
  • Biomedical,
  • Veterinary Sciences,
  • Social Sciences,
  • Sciences,
  • Design Sciences,
  • Applied Engineering.

Doctoral programs are available in all faculties, with over 1,600 Ph.D. students registered.

University of Antwerp Admission Requirements

Do you want to enroll in a Master’s program at the University of Antwerp? You will need to fulfill several admission requirements. These might relate to your previous qualifications, for example, or the language the classes teach.

You’ll need (at least) an academic bachelor’s degree to be able to enroll in an initial master’s program.

Diploma Requirements

The Belgian bachelor’s degrees that entitle you to enroll in a specific master’s program are listed on the program list. You can also check this with the program secretariats.

You may need the faculty’s permission if your Belgian bachelor’s degree is not explicitly listed in the admission requirements for your program and admission after approval is listed as an option for your degree level.

Depending on your chosen program and degree, you may have to take a preparatory program. 

If your Belgian bachelor’s degree is explicitly listed in the admission requirements, you can continue the enrolment procedure without problems. Don’t forget to check the language and the additional admission requirements below!

You must follow the admission procedure if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree in a higher education institution in Belgium, the Netherlands, or Luxembourg (see below).

Language Requirements

Want to learn Dutch?
If you do not have the opportunity to learn Dutch in your home country, you can apply for a suitable language course at Linguapolis, our Language Institute.

For programs taught in English

They offer several Master’s, advanced master and postgraduate programs in English. Students interested in taking a program taught in English must prove English proficiency.

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Always check the level required on the info pages of the program.  For example, language-related programs always require a minimum level of C1.

Candidates can prove their proficiency in English in two ways:

  • Either by submitting a language certificate showing their TOEFL, IELTS, or ITACE results:
    • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language): paper-based TOEFL level of minimum 550, a computer-based TOEFL level of minimum 213, or an internet-based TOEFL level of minimum 80. You can find more information about TOEFL at
    • IELTS (International English Language Testing System): a minimum score of at least 6.5, and on each part minimum of 6.0. You can find more information about IELTS at;
    • ITACE (Interuniversity Test of Academic English for Students): You can find more information about ITACE at

The levels of the certificates are compared in the table below:

  • Or by submitting proof, they have studied at least one academic year (or 60 ECTS credits) in an English-language Bachelor or Master’s program.  Please note that the admission board may still ask for additional proof of proficiency in English, demonstrated by a language certificate.

University of Antwerp Rankings

The University of Antwerp has about 20,000 students, which makes it the third-largest university in Flanders. 19% of our student population comes from abroad.

The University of Antwerp is characterized by its high standards in education, internationally competitive research, and entrepreneurial approach.

They are ranked 13th in the Times Higher Education Ranking for Young Universities (2025) and 14th in the QS University Ranking Top 50 Under 50 (2025).

Antwerp is a fascinating city, apart from the fact that it is well known for its international port and is a world center for diamond trade. It has many excellent museums and historical monuments, a great nightlife scene, exemplary shopping districts, and a booming commercial center.

University of Antwerp: Facts and Figures

  • 20,164 students (19% from abroad, 116 nationalities)
  • 1,825 Ph.D. students
  • 244 PhDs in 2016
  • 3,650 scientific publications each year
  • 5,398 staff members (17 % from abroad, 88 nationalities)
  • 624 professors
  • 290 assistants
  • 2,933 researchers
  • 1,270 administrative and technical staff
  • 60,000 alumni
  • 5 campuses in Antwerp

University of Antwerp Scholarships:

The University of Antwerp does not grant scholarships. However, the university does participate in several programs that offer scholarships, such as:

Ph.D. at the University of Antwerp

Admission requirements and procedure

You need an academic master’s degree to apply for a Ph.D.  There is no deadline to submit an admission application for a Ph.D.

Those who do PhDs have a passion for research! Doing a Ph.D. shows that you can make a significant, independent contribution to your discipline.

The title of “doctor” is the highest rank you can achieve at a Flemish university and defending your Ph.D. in public is the ultimate proof of independent, original scientific research.

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University of Antwerp Library Department:

The University of Antwerp library is more than just a storage space for books: it is a space where knowledge, the pleasures of reading, and social contact are key.

The library exceeds its traditional function by adapting what it has to offer to a wider audience, by helping visitors with tricky research, and by offering students a place to study in peace.

Here are the common facts the library is known for:

Specialist literature of the highest quality

The University of Antwerp library has a collection of first-rate specialist literature for every field of knowledge. Each campus has its own library, specializing in a specific field of study.

  • Biomedical Library is located on Campus Drie Eiken
  • Exact Sciences library is located on Campus Groenenborger
  • Mathematics and Computer Science library is located on Campus Middelheim

The pride and joy of the University of Antwerp library are the Human and Social Sciences Library on the Stadscampus.

The modern building on Prinsstraat is not only an architectural attraction but also an ideal location to study and collect the materials needed to write a dissertation. Everything is within reach there.

Treasures from the past

The University of Antwerp library is both a contemporary scientific institute and a repository of valuable and historical collections.

Its origins date back to the library collection of the former Sint-Ignatius Handelshoge school, or College of Commerce, which was founded in 1852.

The collection was later extended by means of gifts and purchases at auctions and antique shops.

If you want to know more about our heritage, visit the Preciosa reading room in the Human and Social Sciences Library on the Stadscampus.

The library is completely up-to-date

Visitors with a University of Antwerp account can use our computers for free from every campus.

Hundreds of databases are accessible through the network, allowing you to find the codex, dictionary, or doctoral dissertation you are looking for. 

Electronic magazines, e-books, and catalogs can also be consulted across the entire network and all the library buildings have wireless hotspots.

The library is also a social meeting place

The University of Antwerp library receives approximately 900 000 visitors every year. Visitors use the library as a space for study, though they also browse through the various collections, surf the Internet or read the newspaper.

The library is not meant only for students: everyone is welcome. School groups can get to know the wonderful world of the library during guided tours. (Ambien)

University of AntwerpHow to apply

Applications should consist of

  • A motivation letter
  • At least one reference to contact
  • Full CV
  • A reference paper

All applications need to be sent to [email protected] with the subject “Deep learning post-doc application”. More information about the position can be obtained through professor [email protected]. Candidates with an interesting profile will be contacted for an interview (skype for international candidates).

The position will be filled as soon as possible.

University of Antwerp
2000 Antwerp
Tel. +32 3 265 41 11
Fax +32 3 265 44 20

For more information, visit the official page below.

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