How To Study In The U.K As A U.S Citizen 

Do you want to study in the UK, or do you want to know How to Study in the UK As a US Citizen? What an exciting venture! Most likely, you are a frantic college student searching for answers as you begin your application process.

With so much information on the internet today, you have most of the information you will ever need. However, we have included some of the simplest information you may not find anywhere else.

Before you submit your application, take a look at our checklist and see how to study in the UK as a US citizen.

The question you have made so easy. Go through this article, and you will definitely know How to Study in the UK As a US Citizen.

Do your research

It is very important that you research before progressing onto any of the following steps. The last thing you will want is to be ill-prepared. Make this step priority on your checklist. Check out the UK university you wish to attend. Visit an advisor that will help you based on your academics and personal interests. List all of the schools that pique your interest and look into the available courses, professors, and location of the campus.

Choose Your Location

Knowing that you want to study in the UK is simply not enough. A major key to your research is the location of academic institutes. What is your interest? This may indeed determine where your school may be located. For example, if you are studying Shakespeare literature, you may want to be close to the Globe theatre, which is in London. If you decide that you want to study Scottish history, you may prefer to visit Edinburgh or Stirling. Whatever you choose to study, the Across the Pond team advisors offer exceptional expertise in helping you decide what is best.

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Choose a Field of study

When you are seeking for a specific course and university, it is important to note that this adventure is different from back home. In the UK, available courses for study are usually specific. This provides the college student with the ability to pick and choose their personal area of interest. If you are at the point where you are looking for classes to take, ensure that you inspect the course descriptions.


Many students choose to apply on their own while others rely on the help of an academic adviser. There are multiple choices by which a student can seek help to apply, including school staff or advisory service.

These resources can offer you assistance with your UCAS and visa documents. It is all up to you whether or not you wish to depend on an academic adviser. While the options are plenty, advisers are there to offer you support.

Those advisers that are listed as a USAS center will have the most excellent insight and will review your application form. You do not have to fret with the UCAS center because they are well known to be a dependable source of help in completing applications. Few may charge a fee for their services, but for the most part, you will enjoy the help they have to offer.

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Choose a Scholarship

One of the biggest mistakes some American students make is believing that US scholarships are only for those who seek to study in the UK. Scholarships are difficult to gain. It usually takes an outstanding essay and a lot of luck. We do not recommend depending on one for your entire study abroad. As an alternative, there are a few programs that you can apply for.

  • Marshall Scholarship Every year a lucky 40 students are selected to receive this scholarship. In order to apply, you will be selected on the basis of academic merit, leadership, and diplomatic potential. With this opportunity in hand, college students have the ability to study at a graduate level. This scholarship, however, is extremely competitive as it covers all costs for the study. The deadline for applications is October 1st.
  • Santander Scholarship Last year, the Santander bank-issued scholarships and grants to over 28,000 college students. Those who receive this scholarship get a large amount of cash towards tuition. This opportunity is also given at numerous Across the Pond partner academic establishments.
  • Rotary International Scholarship – This program is an establishment geared towards bringing leaders together from across the world. The Rotary International Scholarship connects diverse cultures and businesses to share plans and build stronger communities. This scholarship opportunity awards graduate-level students $30,000. Of course, there are academic requirements that include the alignment of your personal goals and the following key components: Economic and Community Development, Maternal and Child Health, Water and Sanitation, Basic Education and Literacy, Disease Prevention and Treatment, and Water and Sanitation. The deadline for applications is currently pending.
  • Fulbright Scholarship – Every year at least 20 college students are rewarded with graduate scholarships from this program. Those who receive this opportunity gain different amounts of money in segments for tuition payment fees. So far the Fulbright Scholarship has issued 12,000 to US students for UK study. These students progressed to win Nobel Prizes and positions in the US Congress.
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Get Your UK Students Visa

All college students that plan to study internationally for a period of time need a student visa in order to travel. The process may be quite stressful; however, if you stick with these last steps toward abroad study, you will be happy you hung in there. Thankfully Across The Pond creates a free collection of webinars and tips if you have been recently accepted to study within the partner university circle.

Money. Did you know that it is actually pretty reasonable to study in the UK? That is excellent news for those on a tight budget. In addition, the degrees issued to foreigners are a lot quicker to gain. Across the Pond, partners are teamed up with the US Department of Education in order to bring you the federal loans you need to travel. Also, many of the partners with Across the Pond provide scholarships to students studying abroad. If you wish to raise funds, consider overseas employment to help cover your studies and daily life. Most students who have studied in the UK have worked while going to school.

Studying abroad is so exciting. Staying home has its perks, but there is nothing like studying a course in an unfamiliar country with like-minded individuals. There are many experiences that college students will not get until they travel to the UK. This could be quite rewarding for your academic and personal life.


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