How to Re-apply for Visa After Rejection For International Students

Sadness and depression which comes after being denied a Visa is quite a deep hollow that most individuals aspiring to leave the shores of their country have experienced. That’s where Visa reapplication comes to play.

It is not at all pleasant to waste resources only to find out at the end that it was all a waste. But irrespective of the failures and rejection, how can one pick himself up again and do Visa reapplication after denial?

Visa Reapplication

Most of the questions Visa applicants keep asking is: ‘How do I re-apply?’ The question is very wrong and does not act in stimulating the brain to sort for a solution. Instead of asking HOW TO re-apply, while not ask: WHY was I rejected? This will help in seeking out a possible way to make amends and avoid mistakes you might have made in your previous application.

During your previous application in which you were refused Visa, you were no doubt presented with a questionnaire that requires an honest answer. Sometimes, you can be uncomfortable with the answer you have provided and just like anticipated, became a loophole. If that’s the case, sit back and prepare more on that particular question in your next interview.

This time around, you are to clear yourself of the uneasy question and state the reason why you were denied before. But answering it feebly will certainly lead to your Visa been denied again.

One simple trick that has been working virtually for everyone is when you address the reason why you were previously refused and go-ahead to present a strong tie to your country such as regular employment. This will prove you aren’t migrating permanently but a temporary visitor as they usually assume.

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Another strong reason why applicants return home from the embassy with a dejected expression is when they refused to give empirical evidence of their source of funds in their bank statement. Personnel in the embassy are very conscious of individuals who might be engaged in anything illegal and refusal to explain your source of fund is indeed a red light.

Some individuals usually assert that re-application for a visa is to be done six months later after refusal. But according to most embassies, there’s no time frame to re-apply.

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