Top 15 Affordable Summer Art Programs

What do you intend to do this Summer Period? If you are a lover of art, instead of just sitting at home, why not consider taking Summer Art Programs to perfect your creative skills the more. Don’t give me that look!

Summer Art Programs are programs that offer an idea of ​​what life would be like in your institution. They are usually short-term courses. Most Universities offer a mix of academic and social content, courses taught by regular professors and even the opportunity to obtain credits.

Moreso, these programs provide a fantastic way to discover university life and enriching summer experience.

Now, I know taking a summer Art program from any of the colleges or universities is not cheap at all., that is why we have decided to compile here a list of the top 15 Affordable Summer Art Programs you can take.

The table of content below provides an overview of what to expect in this post.

What about the Summer Program?

For the average student, summer is a time to catch Netflix’s
latest original music, stream without thinking and conquer the latest video
game robotically, all while scribbling in the nearest blank space.

But for some ambitious students, summer is an opportunity to learn to draw in a real study space, to create their music or movies, and even to design their own video games. We find 15 affordable summer art programs for these ambitious students.

Our list includes a variety of types of programs in a variety of budget options. While some summer programs focus on a specific art form, others allow students to explore their creativity in various media.

Summer Art Programs

Most application deadlines for summer arts programs appear in February or March, and many require auditions or portfolio presentations. Then it is time to get going. If you are passionate about art, you want to acquire new skills, and meet other aspiring artists; then you should take a look at the affordable summer art program.

Fortunately, you can find excellent programs throughout the country, and, of course, many are on the campuses of the best art universities. Here are our Top 15 affordable summer art programs to start your search.

3D Art Studio at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York

Sculpture, 3D Art

Acting and Performance Summer Institute at UCLA, California Los Angeles

Performing Arts

ArcStart at the University of Michigan


Tuition Fee: $3,000 (includes tuition, lodging, most meals, excursions and study supplies)
Duration: Three weeks

Sponsored by the Taubman College of Architecture & Urban Planning at the University of Michigan, ArcStart is a three-week pre-university summer art program open to current ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth-grade students.

Participating students receive a solid introduction to architectural design through a university architecture studio, skill development workshops, and visits to architecturally significant buildings in Ann Arbor and its surroundings.

School Website

Architecture Program at the University of Syracuse, Syracuse, New York


Tuition Fee: $6,076 (includes tuition, room, and board)
Duration: Four weeks

Living the life of a Syracuse architecture student can greatly help decide if it is worth obtaining a degree in architecture.

This popular four-week residential program is designed and structured to give art students a solid understanding of architecture and design and the beginnings of a portfolio of architectural program applications.

Each day, students will develop spatial and formal design skills, learn various drawing techniques, explore the newest software in the industry, and carry out practical models.

They will even receive frequent criticism and criticism from real Syracuse teachers. Notice! This program is one of the most popular in Syracuse and fills up quickly!

School Website

Art as an Experience: Drawing Program and New Media at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York


Tuition Fee: $6,310 (includes tuition, social activities, accommodation, and food)
Duration: three weeks

Students who love contemporary art, but do not necessarily want to focus on a particular medium, will love the Art as Experience pre-university summer program at Cornell University.

Students are guided and advised by Cornell art instructors and use the extensive campus studies and state-of-the-art digital equipment as they learn and practice a wide range of media, including collage, drawing, digital photography, screen printing and installation of video, to name a few.

The program culminates with a group exhibition curated by the program’s students.

School Website

Boston College Summer Challenge: creative writing seminar, Boston, Massachusetts

Creative Writing

Tuition Fee: $4,500 (residential), $2,500 (traveler)
Duration: Three weeks

High school students who love to write anything and take their trade seriously will love the Creative Writing Seminar Boston College offers.

Over three intensive weeks, student writers will study a variety of writing styles that include creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry in an attempt to explore their own unique voices.

The workshops will help students refine their techniques, while discussion groups will allow them to receive valuable comments from their peers and instructors.

At the end of the program, students will work together to edit a literary journal of the class and present their writings in a public reading.

School Website

Clark Scholars Program at the Texas University of Technology in Lubbock, Texas

Advertising, Architecture, Art, Dance, Design, Horticulture, Theater Arts

Tuition Fee: Students receive a tax-free stipend of $750
Duration: Seven Weeks

The Clark Scholars program at Texas Tech University is a seven-week intensive summer research program. Open to third and fourth-year high school students; the program allows students to conduct practical research with the main members of the Texas Tech faculty.

This unique opportunity, which includes weekly seminars and excursions, pays students a tax-free stipend of $750 and offers lodging and meals.

School Website

Summer immersion at Columbia University, New York

Architecture, Art history, Creative Writing, Drawing, Cinema, Photography, Theater, Visual arts

Tuition Fee: $5,600 (traveler), $11,064 (residential)
Duration: Three weeks

Competitive students seeking to complete their university applications while simultaneously exploring an interesting topic should not look beyond the Summer Immersion program at Columbia University.

Students can choose from a variety of subjects in which to spend their three weeks while also participating in extracurricular activities and exploring New York City.

Students leave the program with assessment letters from their instructors and a statement of completion from Columbia.

School Website

Institute of Creative Writing at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

Creative writing

Tuition Fee: $2,895 (includes tuition, room, and board)
Duration: one week

Over the course of a single week, students participating in the Creative Writing Institute at Georgetown University will not only write (and write a lot!), But they will also learn about the aspects of publishing and professionalizing the literary industry.

They will explore various markets where writers can sell and publish their work, learn about the jobs available to writers, make their writings criticized by professional professors and writers in Georgetown, and even take in-depth tours of the most famous literary centers from DC.

The writing styles covered include poetry, fiction, personal prose, structure and technique of history, separation of good ideas, and recognition of great literature.

School Website

Institute of Creative Writing at the University of Washington in St. Louis, Missouri

Creative writing

Tuition Fee: $3,885 (includes tuition, room, and board)
Duration: Two weeks

The University of Washington in St. Louis hosts an annual Creative Writing Institute in which high school writers spend two weeks immersing themselves in everything related to creative writing and the current publishing industry.

Students spend each morning in writers’ workshops discussing published works, editing, creating, and sharing their work with classmates and instructors.

By late afternoon, students receive challenging directions and time to work independently. Topics covered include fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

School Website

Dance in the city at Barnard College, New York


Tuition Fee: $3,800 (includes tuition, room, and board)
Duration: 10 days

The unique, art-focused, pre-university summer art program at Barnard College allows high school girls to learn about dance from four perspectives: as a student, as a dancer, as a choreographer and as a member of the audience.

In the classroom, students will take a course called The World of Dance: From Theory to Practice, while study time will be dedicated to perfecting the technique with the best dance instructors in New York City.

Finally, students will attend professional presentations to learn to appreciate their art as spectators better.

School Website

Summer Institute of Digital Cinema at University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California


Tuition Fee: $4,225 (includes tuition, materials, lodging and food). Discounts offered to students entering the UC system in the fall of 2024.
Duration: Two weeks

Where better to prove life as a film student than UCLA? Located in the heart of Los Angeles, the UCLA Digital Filmmaking Summer Institute offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the entire production process, from the first idea to the world premiere.

Students will visit Hollywood work studies, take part in several practical workshops, work with state-of-the-art production and editing teams, and listen to leading industry professionals.

The program culminates in a film festival attended by teachers, students, friends and family.

School Website

The Fashion Studio: Portfolio Development at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

Fashion design

Tuition Fee: $6,310 (includes tuition, social activities and accommodation and food)
Duration: Three weeks

This great pre-university summer program, held at Cornell University in northern New York State, gives fashion students a unique opportunity to develop their design skills, learn the ins and outs of the tools of more advanced fashion, catch up on the latest trends, and even build a design portfolio.

The program consists of practical projects, conferences, debates and many criticisms.

School Website

Game Lab Summer Institute at UCLA, Los Angeles, California

Game design

Tuition Fee: $2,361 (includes tuition, room and board). Discounts offered to students entering the UC system in the fall of 2024.
Duration: Two weeks

In this one-of-a-kind pre-university summer technology program organized by UCLA, technology and art combine to show students a uniquely creative approach to game development and design.

Over the course of two weeks, students will foster their creative side while learning the technology necessary to create and design playable video games and mobile games.

Topics covered include the basics of game design, building game worlds, creating game characters, and creating playable games for mobile platforms.

School Website

Harvard University Pre-University Program, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Comparative Literature, Creative writing, English, Expository writing

Tuition Fee: $4,500 (includes tuition and room and board)
Duration: Two weeks

Imagine knowing university life and a subject you love in one of the best schools in the world: Harvard University. With the Harvard Pre-College [Summer] Program, you can do exactly that.

This two-week residential program offers students the opportunity to live on the Harvard campus, take daily classes on various fascinating topics, and explore Boston with other bright and ambitious students worldwide.

Examples of courses include Fiction Workshop: Writing short stories, The power and politics of fairy tales, Reading and writing poetry, and dozens more.

School Website


Summer study abroad programs are a fantastic opportunity to travel, experience another culture and get academic credit in a shorter time than a full semester, so information about summer art programs is very important.

A summer program may be the perfect option for students with rigorous academic schedules and limited budgets. Often, students who do summer programs end up studying abroad again for a second summer, a semester, or a full year.


Application fee for Syracuse University Art program

The application fee for Syracuse University Art program is $3,110 for residential students; $2,210 for commuting students.

WHat is the cost of art program a UC?

The Art program application for UC costs $5,798 (includes tuition and room & board; a discount is offered for students entering the UC system.

What is the application fee for drawing and media program at Cornell university?

The application fee for the drawing and media program at Cornell university is $6,310 (includes tuition, social activities, and room & board).

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