15 Great Summer Job Ideas For High School Students

Many high school students get a job over the summer to fill their time and make money before the next academic year starts.

In addition to giving you actual work experience for your CV, a summer job can teach you valuable skills like problem-solving, organization, communication, and time management and link you with professionals who may be able to help you land a job position later on.

High school students with ambition can find several jobs available if they’d like one during the summer.

This post provides a list of some of the top summer jobs for high school students and tips on how to get a summer job.

What is a Summer Job for High School Students?

A summer job is a temporary opportunity for high school students during the summer when school is out. It’s a chance for them to gain work experience, earn money, and develop essential skills while enjoying their summer break.

These jobs are often part-time and can vary in retail, hospitality, childcare, outdoor work, or office assistance. Summer jobs give students a taste of the natural world, teaching them responsibility, time management, teamwork, and customer service.

It’s a valuable opportunity for students to explore their interests, build a resume, and lay the foundation for future career paths.

How to Get a Summer Job for High School Students?

Getting a summer job as a high school student is an exciting opportunity. Here’s a simple guide on how to land that summer job:

  • Prepare a resume: Create a simple resume that highlights your skills, experiences, and any relevant achievements, such as volunteer work or extracurricular activities.
  • Search for job openings: Look for summer openings in your local area. Check online job boards, ask friends or family for recommendations, or visit businesses to inquire about job opportunities.
  • Apply and follow up: Submit your application for the job(s) you’re interested in. Make sure to fill out any required forms or applications thoroughly. After a few days, follow up with a polite phone call or visit to express your continued interest in the position.
  • Showcase your enthusiasm: During the interview, show your genuine enthusiasm and interest in the job. Be polite, maintain eye contact, and speak clearly. Highlight any relevant skills or experiences that make you a strong candidate.
  • Be flexible and open-minded: Be willing to consider different types of jobs and be open to learning new things. Sometimes, the perfect summer job might differ from what you initially imagined.
  • Network: Let friends, family, and teachers know you seek a job. They might have connections or learn about opportunities that fit you well.
  • Be punctual and reliable: Demonstrate your reliability by arriving on time for interviews and showing a solid work ethic. Employers value punctuality and dependability.
  • Follow the employer’s instructions: If the employer requests any additional information or paperwork, make sure to provide it promptly and accurately.
  • Stay positive and persistent: If you get a job offer, be encouraged immediately. Keep applying, stay positive, and believe in your abilities. The right opportunity will come along.

15 Great Summer Job Ideas For High School Students

#1. Lifeguard

A lifeguard job is a popular summer job option for high school students. As a lifeguard, your primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of swimmers at a pool, beach, or water park.

Lifeguards watch the pool or designated swimming area for signs of distress or potential dangers. They are trained to respond quickly in emergencies, performing rescues and providing first aid when necessary.

Lifeguards also enforce safety rules, maintain order, and help to create a safe and enjoyable swimming environment.

To become a lifeguard, you must undergo specific training and obtain lifeguard certification. This includes learning techniques for water rescue, CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), and first aid. The training ensures you have the skills and knowledge to handle potential emergencies effectively.

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Being a lifeguard can be a rewarding summer job that offers the chance to spend time outdoors, help others, and develop valuable skills. It’s important to remember that the primary goal is to ensure the safety of swimmers and provide a positive swimming experience for everyone.

#2. Camp Counselor

A camp counsellor job is an exciting summer job for high school students. As a camp counsellor, you create a fun and engaging experience for younger kids at a summer camp.

Camp counsellors lead activities, supervise campers, and ensure their safety and well-being throughout camp. You’ll assist with organizing games, arts and crafts, sports, and other recreational activities. You’ll also provide the campers guidance, support, and positive role modelling.

The pay for camp counsellor positions can vary depending on the camp’s location, duration, and experience level. Camp counsellors are typically paid a stipend or hourly wage for their time and effort. The pay can range from minimum wage to a higher rate for experienced counsellors or those in leadership roles.

#3. Babysitter

Babysitting is a popular summer job option for high school students. As a babysitter, your primary responsibility is to care for and supervise children while their parents are away. Babysitters are responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of the children in their care. This includes managing playtime, preparing meals or snacks, assisting with homework or bedtime routines, and engaging the children in age-appropriate activities.

The pay for babysitters can vary depending on the number of children, hours worked, and location. Babysitters are often paid an hourly rate, ranging from minimum wage to a higher rate, depending on the circumstances.

Babies commonly negotiate the pay rate with their parents based on their experience and responsibilities.

#4. Retail Associate

summer job for high school students

Working as a retail associate is a standard and suitable summer job option for high school students. Your primary role as a retail associate is to assist customers and support store operations. Retail associates perform various tasks, including greeting customers, helping them find products, answering questions, and providing recommendations.

The pay for retail associate positions can vary based on location, employer, and experience. Typically, retail associates are paid an hourly wage. The pay rate may range from minimum wage to a higher rate for more experienced or specialized roles within the retail environment.

Working as a retail associate can provide valuable skills, including customer service, teamwork, and time management. It offers the chance to interact with a diverse range of people and gain experience in a professional setting. Additionally, retail positions often provide opportunities for growth and advancement within the company.

#5. Tutor

Being a tutor is a great summer job option for high school students. As a student tutor, your role is to help other students improve their understanding and skills in specific subjects.

As a tutor, you’ll work one-on-one or in small groups with students who need assistance in a particular subject. You’ll help them understand concepts, complete assignments, and prepare for exams. Your main goal is to support their learning and help them succeed academically.

The pay for tutoring jobs can vary based on location, subject, and experience level. Tutors are usually paid an hourly rate, which may range from a basic amount to a higher rate for specialized subjects or higher grade levels.

#6. Lawn Care Assistant

A lawn care assistant is a suitable summer job for high school students who enjoy working outdoors. Your primary responsibility is to help maintain lawns and gardens.

As a lawn care assistant, you’ll help mow lawns, water plants, pull weeds, trim hedges, and rake leaves. You’ll work alongside experienced professionals or homeowners to ensure lawns and gardens are well-maintained and visually appealing.

A lawn care assistant can provide valuable learning experiences about plant care, landscaping techniques, and equipment operation. You can gain skills in tasks like operating a lawnmower or using gardening tools.

#7. Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

summer job for high school students

Being a pet sitter or dog walker is a fun and rewarding summer job option for high school students who love animals. As a pet sitter or dog walker, your primary responsibility is to care for pets while their owners are away.

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The pay for pet sitting and dog walking jobs can vary based on location, number of pets, and duration of visits. You can set your rates or negotiate with clients. Generally, pet sitters and dog walkers charge an hourly or flat fee per visit or walk.

Working as a pet sitter or dog walker allows you to spend time with animals, make furry friends, and earn money doing something you love. It’s a rewarding experience to provide care and companionship to pets while their owners are away, and it can also teach you about responsibility, time management, and empathy.

#8. Summer Intern

summer job for high school students

A summer internship is a temporary job opportunity for high school students during the summer break. As a summer intern, you can work professionally and gain hands-on experience in a specific field.

As an intern, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about a particular industry or profession. You’ll work alongside professionals, observe their work, and contribute to real-world projects. This can help you explore your interests, develop new skills, and gain insight into potential career paths.

Some summer internships are paid, while others are unpaid. Paid internships typically offer an hourly or monthly wage, but the pay can vary depending on the company’s location, industry, and experience level. Unpaid internships offer benefits like academic credit, networking opportunities, or valuable learning experiences.

#9. Assistant at a Summer School

Being an assistant at a summer school is a rewarding summer job option for high school students. As an assistant, you’ll support the summer school staff and help create a positive student learning environment.

As an assistant, you’ll assist teachers and staff with various tasks. This may include setting up classrooms, organizing materials, helping with student supervision, assisting with activities, and providing individual support to students who need extra help.

Working at a summer school allows you to gain insights into the teaching profession and experience working with students. You’ll be able to develop skills like communication, organization, and problem-solving. It’s a chance to learn from experienced educators and understand the dynamics of a school environment.

#10. Freelance Writer/ Blogger

Being a freelance writer or blogger is an exciting and flexible summer job option for high school students who enjoy writing. As a freelance writer or blogger, you can express your creativity, share your thoughts, and earn money.

You might write articles, blog posts, product reviews, or social media content. It’s a chance to develop your writing skills and explore different writing styles. You can work from home, at a coffee shop, or wherever you feel most comfortable. You can also set your schedule to balance your writing work with other summer activities or commitments.

#11. Lifeguard job

As a lifeguard, your primary responsibility is to watch over swimmers and ensure their safety. You’ll scan the water, enforce rules, and respond quickly in emergencies, such as rescuing swimmers in distress or providing first aid if needed.

To become a lifeguard, you must acquire essential lifesaving skills, including CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and first aid training. These skills enable you to respond effectively in emergencies and provide immediate assistance.

The pay for lifeguard positions can vary based on location, employer, and experience level. Typically, lifeguards are paid an hourly wage. The pay rate may range from minimum wage to a higher rate for more experienced or specialized roles.

#12. Event Staff job

summer job for high school students

As an event staff member, you’ll assist with setting up event spaces, arranging furniture, decorating, and ensuring everything is in order. You may help welcome guests, direct them to different areas, serve food and beverages, or manage crowd flow during the event. After the event, you’ll assist with cleaning and organizing the venue.

Excellent customer service skills are essential in this role. You’ll interact with event attendees, answering their questions, providing directions, and addressing any concerns they may have. Being friendly, approachable, and helpful throughout the event is essential.

Event staff members work as a team, collaborating with other staff members and event organizers. Good teamwork and communication skills are essential for coordinating tasks and ensuring the smooth running of the event.

#13. Tour Guide

As a tour guide, you’ll lead groups of people on tours of various locations, such as historical sites, museums, or landmarks. You’ll inform them about the place, its significance, and any interesting associated stories. Your goal is to engage and educate the tour participants.

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To be a successful tour guide, you’ll need to have good knowledge of the places you’ll be guiding people through. This may require doing research beforehand to gather interesting facts and stories. You’ll also need to stay up-to-date with any changes or updates related to the locations you’ll be guiding at.

Being a tour guide as a summer job allows you to share your knowledge, interact with people from different backgrounds, and showcase exciting places. It’s an opportunity to develop communication and public speaking skills, enhance your understanding of other locations, and provide enjoyable experiences for tour participants.

#14. Restaurant Server or Host

As a restaurant server, your primary responsibility is to take orders, serve food and beverages, and ensure customers have a pleasant dining experience. You’ll greet guests, help them with menu choices, deliver orders, and address any requests or concerns they may have. Being friendly, attentive, and organized is essential to excellent customer service.

Good customer service skills are essential for both server and host roles. You must be polite, patient, and attentive to customers’ needs. Clear communication and professional handling of customer inquiries or complaints are essential to ensure a positive dining experience.

Teamwork is crucial in a restaurant setting. Servers, hosts, kitchen staff, and managers work together to provide a seamless dining experience. Collaborating and communicating effectively with colleagues is essential for smooth operations.

#15. Social media assistant

summer job for high school students

As a social media assistant, you’ll help manage and create content for social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. You may help schedule posts, respond to comments or messages, research trends, or create engaging graphics. Your goal is to increase online visibility and engagement.

To be effective as a social media assistant, you’ll need to understand different social media platforms and how they work. This may involve keeping up with current trends, understanding audience demographics, and using various social media tools and analytics.

Being a social media assistant allows you to gain valuable experience in digital marketing, enhance your creativity and communication skills, and develop a deep understanding of social media platforms. It is an opportunity to work with businesses or individuals to build their online presence and contribute to their marketing strategies while earning money during the summer break.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some benefits of having a summer job as a high school student? 

Having a summer job can provide numerous benefits. It allows you to earn money, gain valuable work experience, develop essential skills like time management and teamwork, explore potential career interests, and build a strong foundation for your future.

How do I choose the right summer job for me?

Consider your interests, skills, and goals when choosing a summer job. Think about what you enjoy doing and what aligns with your future aspirations. Research different job options, read job descriptions, and consider each role’s responsibilities and potential benefits to find the best fit for you.

Can I balance a summer job with other commitments like sports or vacations?

Yes, it is possible to balance a summer job with other commitments. Plan your schedule and communicate with your employer about your availability. Some employers offer flexible hours or part-time positions that can accommodate your other activities. Prioritizing and managing your time effectively is essential to balance your job and other responsibilities.

How can I make a strong impression during the job application process? 

To make a strong impression, create a well-written resume highlighting your skills, experiences, and achievements. Prepare for interviews by researching the company, dressing appropriately, and practising common interview questions. 

What should I do if I can’t find a summer job that interests me? 

If you’re having trouble finding a summer job that interests you, consider alternative options. Look for volunteer opportunities or internships in fields that align with your interests. You can also explore entrepreneurial ventures, such as starting a small business or offering services to neighbours and friends.


Remember, a summer job is not just about earning money—it’s an opportunity to learn, grow, and have fun while gaining valuable experience. If you choose to work outdoors, pursue your creative passions, or help others in need, a summer job out there aligns with your interests and goals.

Remember our tips and suggestions for each job idea as you embark on your summer job search. Tailor your resume, highlight your strengths, and showcase your enthusiasm during interviews. Making a positive impression and demonstrating your willingness to learn and contribute is essential.

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