Take Stock in Children Scholarship Program

The Take Stock in Children Scholarship Program 2025 offers students college scholarships, caring volunteer mentors, and hope for a better life. Their comprehensive services start in middle school, continue through high school, and include their transition into college.

During the crisis of Broward County’s low-income, at-risk student population, only 52% graduate from high school (FLDOE, 2025), and only 49% of these students are expected to enroll in college within the first year of high school graduation (National Center for Education Statistics, March 2015).

In addition, according to the US Census Bureau, unemployment rates are higher among those without a high school diploma and contribute to Broward County’s 12.9% rate of youth, not in school and not working (OpportunityIndex.org).

The interested student will get his/her scholarship when he’s fulfilled the stipulations of the contract she or he signed when registering in the Scholarship and also if he’s graduated out of senior high school.

About The Take Stock in Children Scholarship Program 2022

TSIC of Florida was established in 1995 as a non-profit organization in Florida that provides a unique opportunity for deserving low-income youth/students, many from minority families, to escape the cycle of poverty through education.

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Each child selected for the TSIC app receives four-year college tuition or vocational Scholarship purchased from the Florida Prepaid Tuition Program.

This scholarship is in the shape of a 2+2 student, which entitles the student to two years of tuition in a community college and 2 years at a university.

What is the Take Stock in Children Scholarship Benefits?

Take Stock in Children Scholarship Program 2025 is worth $5000.

TSIC scholarship covers tuition only and does not include room, board, books, fees, travel, and other expenses. The scholar is required to apply for additional aid to help pay for costs not covered by the TSiC FPP scholarship.

What Is the Scholarship Requirement?

These Scholarships are only available to students who meet standard criteria set by Florida’s Take Stock in Children Program.

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  • Currently in 8th-9th grades
  • Currently enrolled in a Hillsborough County Public School
  • Qualify for free or reduced school lunch
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.5

Extra Information

The Take Stock in Children/doorway Scholarship is bound by these rules and obligations. Failure to comply may result in a forfeiture of scholarship credits.

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Each year, after completing the FPP annual survey, the scholar will receive an updated scholarship card and must contact his or her Student Advocate to receive the most current card.

Level/Field of Study

Take Stock in Children Scholarship Program 2025 Covers High School and college courses.

Host Nationality

Take Stock in Children/doorway Scholarship is hosted by the Take Stock in Children-Duval County and is to be taken in Florida.

Eligible Nationality

Take Stock in Children Scholarship Program 2025 is opened to students who live in Florida.

How To Apply for the Take Stock in Children Scholarship Program 2022

Applicants who are interested in TSIC Scholarship 2022 should kindly visit the Application Link for application procedures.

Take Stock in Children Scholarships 2025 Application Deadline

TSIC Scholarship 2025 Application Opens December 1st

Program information can be found in the Take Stock in Children (TSIC) websites. To be qualified for participation at the TSIC program, students must be in the sixth through ninth grades, demonstrate.


Students enroll in the program as early as the sixth grade and as late as their junior year of high school, and continue to be mentored until they graduate from high school. Therefore, Take Stock in Children students range in age from 11 to 18 years old

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Mentors and mentees meet at school (during school hours) only. However, if your mentee invites you to a school-sponsored event—for example, a football game or a debate competition—you can attend the event with permission from the parent.

You can become a mentor in three easy steps:
Complete and submit a Youth Mentoring Application
Attend a combined mentor training and fingerprinting session at the Take Stock in Children office
Receive a Level 2 Clearance from the School Board and a Match Letter from Take Stock in Children
Once you complete these three easy steps, you can begin mentoring! For more detailed instructions on how to become a Take Stock in Children mentor, please visit the “Apply Today ” page or contact the Mentor Program Coordinator via e-mail at [email protected] or via phone at (754) 600-9756.

If you have questions about your mentee, please contact your Student Advocate. Your Student Advocate’s contact information can be found on your Match Letter. If you do not have your Match Letter, please visit our staff listing page for your Student Advocate’s contact information.

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