TD Scholarships for Community Leadership in Canada

As the year goes by, it seems like the cost of obtaining post-secondary education keeps getting more expensive. You’ve probably saved some dough, but you still think it’ll not be enough. Could it be that I didn’t spend my summers with a focus on making the most money but created change instead? One could ask.

Don’t get lost in the ocean of thought…there’s good news! The TD Scholarships for Community Leadership is out to be a helping hand.

There are actually large and prestigious scholarships in Canada but the TD Scholarships for Community Leadership is one of the largest and most prestigious scholarships of its kind existent in Canada. Toronto Dominion Bank offers this with a worth of up to $70,000.

Therefore, in this article, I have put down the information in Detail about this TD Canada Trust Scholarship for Community Leadership and how you can apply.

What is TD Canada Trust Scholarships for Community Leadership?

This is one question that a lot of people have asked over time, are asking presently and will still ask tomorrow. Congratulations to you as you’ve located the right source to have answers provided for your questions. We are going to take you on a ride…we hope you would enjoy it!

However, what drives Community heroes to do good works is because of the inspiration to, not in the name of recognition.
TD is poised towards a more inclusive and sustainable tomorrow via opening several avenues, creating conditions that grant everyone the chance to succeed in a changing world like ours.

Now, have you ever shown an initiative that is exceptional in bringing about a meaningful and lasting `difference in your community? Then don’t hesitate to be heard from as you may qualify for one of TD Community Scholarships. Talking about TD scholarships, it transcends the talk of marks gotten in the classroom to the marks (impact) one has made on his/her community.

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Hence, if given an opportunity, Colleges Canada will open ways to post-auxiliary instruction for applicants. Colleges Canada is one organization in Canada that drives exploration and education. It makes progress toward greatness via the creation, conservation, exchange, and use of information.

What is “Community Leadership”?

We have an interest in hearing from a particular set of students – those who have sacrificed towards solving a community problem making their community a better place via demonstrated consistent and outstanding dedication.

For instance, you may keep the community environment clean, promoting social justice, frowning at social vices or fighting child poverty. Just in a jiffy, check out what some of the past scholarship recipients have done to bring improvement to their community.

However, TD is unique in Canada and is aimed at helping support change, nurturing progress and contributing to making the world a better place and they offer this scholarship to students who are of like motive with TD.

And also, Universities Canada is one of Canada’s leading research and teaching institutes. It strives for excellence through creating, preserving, transferring, and applying knowledge. For a long while now (more than a century), Universities Canada has educated and worked with outstanding people towards a better world by delivering knowledge leadership.

What is TD Scholarships Award?

This TD Canada trust Scholarship gives recognition to CEGEP and high school students entering college or university with the basis of this award being on their outstanding community leadership.

Moreso, the value of each TD scholarship is up to $70,000 and includes tuition up to the duration of four years of study, $7,500 yearly toward living expenses, and an offer of summer employment at TD. Yearly, the TD Bank Group chooses up to 20 exemplary young people as scholarship recipients.

Furthermore, this scholarship program, TD Canada Trust Scholarship for Community Leadership, has been in operation since 1995, and from its inception to this point, has already awarded over 360 deserving young citizens of Canada.

Note, after the application, interview and review by the five regional judging panels and then the selection process, a national ceremony is organized yearly in May to to honor the recipient of that year precisely, with officials of the government, executives of TD and the leaders of the community in attendance.

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Universities Canada has made scholarships available for the students to study programs in pursuit of an undergraduate degree. The scholarship covers what it takes to study the entire subject offered by the university.

TD bank Scholarship Application Worth

There are 20 scholarships that are available to be awarded to successful applicants. The value of each scholarship is for up to a maximum of four years and is up to $70,000.

It includes:

  • Up to $10,000 for yearly tuition, a maximum of four years
  • $7,500 for living expenses annually, a maximum of four years

Eligibility for TD Scholarships for Community Leadership

For an applicant to emerge a recipient, he/she must meet the following criteria:

  • TD Scholarships are available to Permanent residents of Canada or its citizens (Canadian nationals or changeless occupants) who are currently in their final year of CEGEP (in Quebec) or final year of high school (outside of Quebec) in the 2025/2025 academic calendar of the school/ school year.
  • Also, applicants who have obtained their first degree from a recognized university and academically talented, disadvantaged based on the criteria of disability, socioeconomic status, and do not have any work engagement at all or have been engaged at work but couldn’t cover their study expenses will be eligible for the TD scholarship.
  • Candidate must have difficulty with the finance needed to fund his/her graduate university education/ have monetary trouble in backing instruction to alumni college,
  • An applicant must have experience or potential in leadership/community giveback.
  • Applicants should have at least an overall grade average of 75% in their most recently completed school year.
  • Have experience or potential for administration/network giveback.

The scholarship is open to students who are in pursuit of an undergraduate degree program. This is to say that students who are not pursuing an undergraduate degree program are not eligible to apply for this scholarship. 

And it is available to study the entire subject offered by the university.

The scholarship is hosted in Canada.

The set of people who TD Scholarships are available to include citizens of Canada or permanent residents/ perpetual inhabitants.

How to Apply for the TD Scholarship for Community Leadership:

The general processes to be followed by applicants include:

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1. Applicants are to describe their community leadership experience in a 600-word essay (three copies).

  • Why did you got involved
  • Your thought on what the long-term impact will be
  • The ways your efforts have strengthened others
  • How your involvement shows initiative and innovation
  • And how long you have been involved
  • How your community has affected you

2. The applicants are to talk about the other great things they’re doing. They are to include a brief description of the range of their other community activities with:

  • Letter of recommendation from their school
  • Two notes of support from their community groups
  • Academic transcript

3. For applicants that are really trying to impress, they also have the option of including:

  • A 250-word essay (three copies) describing their personal and family life, for example, their family’s employment or economic situation
  • Essay about their experiences in life if such an applicant has taken a year or more away from high school or CEGEP.

Candidates in possession of principal degree from a perceived college and scholastically gifted, impeded dependent on the criteria of financial status, handicap, and are not locked in at work at the total of what or have been locked in at work, however, couldn’t ready to cover their examination costs will be qualified for the grant.

Step-by-step instructions to Apply

Applicant must apply for being a recipient of this scholarship electronically and the application has to include the following:

  • Reasons for the Scholarship application,
  • An overview of the extracurricular activities related to the city of the Canada universities and
  • A recommendation letter from the supervisor or faculty.

How the recipients are chosen

Applicants are selected from a pool of up to 80 finalists for an interview and a review with the regional selection panels (five regional judging panels), which includes prominent educators, politicians, and community representatives. Afterward, a minimum of two scholarship recipients are chosen from each of the five regions:
• Atlantic Canada
• Ontario
• Quebec
• British Columbia/Yukon
• Prairies/Northwest Territories/Nunavut

Note: This scholarship program is renewable after a period of 4 year(s). Automatic Consideration does not exist for this scholarship.

Other TD Scholarships

Some other opportunities accompany this scholarship aside the financial award available to recipients. They include,
• Offers of paid summer employment
• Opportunities for mentorship
• Gatherings annually
• Networking opportunities and more


TD Bank Scholarship Application Deadline

Applicants are to send in their applications for the 2025 year from September 5th. The application deadline is November 30, at midnight.

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