15 Best Theatre Graduate Programs  | Schools, Cost and Requirements

Theatre Arts is a very important subject area. Without this program, most expressions we see in our movies would have been far-fetched. Today, a lot of people with crude talent find it difficult to move from idea to script. However, when you get trained in any of the best theatre graduate programs, you can do better.

According to Times Higher Education, theatre arts is one of the few courses that have enormous job placements. Additionally, you can even set up yourself in the industry without working under anybody. The job placements are endless but we will have that conversation later in this content.

So, to be clear, you will learn about the best theatre graduate programs, the schools, and other information regarding the subject area. The table of content below clearly outlines all you’ll learn from this content.

What Is A Theatre Graduate School?

A theatre graduate school is a significant place of learning where theatre degree students go to advance their studies. Most times, these schools are not in the four walls of a university as most of them are centers and places of professional training and practice.

Individuals in this sector offer specialized skills in areas such as musical theatre, audition skills, and diversity in film. Students can expect to receive hands-on experience onstage, from single scenes to full-length professional productions.

Graduates of these programs may go on to work as actors on stage and on screen. Additionally, they can make it to scripting, writing, and professional directing.

As a student of theatre arts, you’re in the creative industry. Hence, you must be meticulous when it comes to paying attention to pick out deep details.

What Is The Cost Of Tuition At A Theatre Graduate School?

Schools and training centers differ in a lot of ways. While the first gives you the basic foundational elements, the second helps you build from the foundation to the pinnacle.

Generally, the cost of this program ranges between $2,600-$5,200 on a term basis. While some terms might be two months, others will be three months or more. This all depends on the institution.

On the contrary, if you don’t have the required financial investment, you can leverage scholarships. A lot of sponsoring bodies offer scholarships for smart students.

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What Are The Requirements For A Theatre Graduate Program?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), set and exhibit designers in performance art companies earned a mean annual salary of $54,270. You can see it’s lucrative.

However, you can’t just bump into a school requiring that you want to pursue a graduate program. You need to fulfill certain conditions which include;

  • B.A degree in Theatre Arts Certification
  • Any play or drama in you played a part – (optional)
  • Your personal script
  • Transcript
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The other documents that you will bring are solely dependent on your school of choice. Hence, they differ in so many ways.

Best Theatre Graduate Programs | Schools

Of course, getting a good school to study theatre arts is a very difficult process. Most times, a lot of schools don’t live up to their promises. However, we have researched and itemized some schools with excellent record in theatre arts.

The yardstick for measuring these schools includes their accreditation, quality of the program, graduation rate, etc. Hence, the best schools for theatre graduate programs include

15. Aalto University

Aalto University is a university located in Finland. They started in 2010 as a merger of three major Finnish universities: the Helsinki University of Technology, the Helsinki School of Economics, and the University of Art and Design Helsinki.

Their School of Design, Arts and Architecture has one of the best theatre graduate programs for interested candidates. Their results back it all up.

In Aalto, be guaranteed of achieving excellence when it comes to theatre arts.

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14. Utrecht University

Utrecht University continues inspiring education and pioneering research of international quality. These various disciplines collaborate on major societal topics.

Their ever-growing enrolment numbers remain grateful to their amazing programs. Programs such as theatre arts coupled with other subjects. Indeed, they have boosted the school in many ways.

Through thick and thin, Utreth continues to bulge as one of the best schools in Europe. We can arguably call them the best school in the Netherlands.

13. MetFilm School London

MetFilm School is a place of practical learning with few theoretical insights. So, when you’re in this school, you’re in a place where excellence is the only acceptable work.

The school boasts of short and long term courses. Hence, you see why they’re one of the best places for a theatre graduate program. They’ve won many awards in different categories as a testament.

In summary, as a student, you get access to their wide accommodations options. A good place to lay your head can improve your productivity.

12. Bournemouth University

Bournemouth University is a public university in England. A walk through this school will expose you to degrees that will make you globally employable.

From the above statement, you can imagine the level of effectiveness they introduce to their programs. Indeed, it explains why their Art school offers one of the best theatre graduate programs.

Their location in England offers you an amazing environment to learn, connect and grow. So, why don’t you take up this opportunity and kickstart your career dream now?

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11. University Of Arts In Poznan

Founded in 1919 as the State School of Decorative Arts, the University of the Arts Poznan has come a long way. This translation has made them set higher objectives.

Most of their results have made them among the top theatre schools in the world. A sure fact is that they have the quality and numbers to provide quality education theoretically and practically.

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Today, this university continues to practice its traditions in a modern way. So, this practice keeps them constantly advancing despite every odd they face.

10. Pace University

A good number of the schools listed are public schools but Pace University comes in as a private university posing a strong competition. A competition that they can win.

Their competitive nature has given them a place among the top theatre schools for graduate students. This way, they make themselves a top and obvious choice for any student.

Currently, they are expanding their campus to accommodate as many students as possible although they have functional online programs.

9. Brown University

Brown University is a leading research university, home to world-renowned faculty and also an innovative educational institution where curiosity, creativity, and research are top-notch.

As part of the Ivy League research universities, they have an incredibly low acceptance rate. Hence, you would find it difficult to get into any of their Art programs.

So, you must ensure you’re hard-working and willing if you want to gain admission into this university.

8. Emerson College

Emerson College’s undergraduate and graduate programs in communication and the arts prepare students to be creative forces in fields that move the world in the right direction.

Their art programs which are excellently communicated make them one of the best schools to pursue a theatre graduate program. Well, their acceptance rate is a little below 50%, so your chances of getting admission are fair.

As a student, you can have access to the financial aid the college offers. These aids help students who want to study and are unable to fulfill the college tuition fees.

7. Northeastern Illinois University

Northeastern Illinois University offers undergraduate and graduate programs at different locations in the Chicago area. The main campus is located in the community area of North Park with three additional campuses in the metropolitan area.

With strong departments and exceptional staff, it’s not hard to understand why they’re a top school. Especially, a great place to study for a theatre graduate degree.

Other students can have access to over 70 undergraduate and graduate courses in their faculties.

6. DePaul University

DePaul University is the largest Catholic university in the U.S. and also the biggest private institution in Chicago, serving nearly 23000 students. Founded by the Vincentians in 1898, the university takes its name from the 17th-century French priest Saint Vincent de Paul.

Their graduate programs are exceptional. They offer programs in Data Science and Business Analytics – two top departments. These departments are bringing the coming evolution.

With a high admission and graduation rate, you can secure their place in school. And to further sweeten the cake, the school is in the U.S.

5. Yale University

Yale is committed to building and sharing knowledge in addition to inspiring innovation. This is their contribution to bridging the knowledge gap.

Consequently, Yale plans on reaching interested individuals in all countries. Little by little, they’re spreading their influence both online and offline.

This university collaborates with its hometown of New Haven, Connecticut to make stronger the city’s community and economy. And they have created a process wherein they engage with people and institutions across the globe in the quest to promote cultural understanding, improve the condition of humans, train leaders, and carry out deeper research.

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4. University Of San Diego

As a Catholic University, the University of San Diego is committed to training compassionate and ethical leaders. Their quality programs in liberal arts, business, and education are the pathways they follow to reach their goal.

At this University, students can decide to major and minor in selected courses. So, they make the list of top schools for theatre graduate programs because of their quality.

Graduates of this University are pioneers of many research breakthroughs today. So, don’t limit your thinking that they’re just a Catholic University, they’re a good one as well.

3. Brooklyn College

Brooklyn College is a strong part of the civic, urban, and artistic energy of New York. Additionally, they use the entire city as a living classroom that expands the perspectives of their students.

These students with these expanded beliefs now begin to set standards that become the next revelation for other art students in other places. In other words, they’re typically the pacesetters.

In summary, the school opens its arms to international students who wish to study. These students return to educate and pioneer Art education in their home countries.

2. New York University

Founded in 1831 by Albert Gallatin, New York University is a private research university. Indeed they have clearly shown their strength in research through innovations and proper equipping of their research centers.

Their undergraduate enrolment sits at over 26,000 which further endorses their credibility. When it comes to art, their Art school makes learning easy and fun. Hence, it’s no mistake that they’re one of the best schools to pursue a theatre graduate program.

They currently ranked between 48-53 in the World QS Rankings. Every data goes ahead to confirm their excellence and quality standard.

1. The University of California Irvine

Many schools might make the top spot by chance but not the University of California, Irvine. When it comes to pursuing a theatre graduate program, they’re simply the best.

To quantify their excellence would be to create journals upon journals. Whether in music, dancing, creative writing, etc, they do exceptionally well in all areas.

For this reason, it’s no coincidence that they come top spot as the best place to pursue a graduate program in theatre arts.


Can a get a Master’s degree in acting?

Yes, you can get a Master’s degree in acting.

Is UCLA a good acting school?

Yes, UCLA is a very good acting school. Their record backs up this data.

Is a theatre degree worth it?

Yes, a theatre degree is worth it. A B.A. is very valuable and will remain so.

What can you do with a master’s degree in Theatre?

A master’s degree in Theatre opens you to opportunities as a Drama coach, Special effects designer, and Talent manager. You can do a lot of master’s programs. You can do in theatre arts, scriptwriting, directing etc.


Indeed, you can see that when it comes to subject areas like theatre arts, learning never ends. It begins every single day due to the level of creativity involved.

However, the above schools have shown credibility, quality, and excellence. Hence, that is why we can boldly refer them to you. This doesn’t in any way mean other schools are not good too.

Before you decide where you want to start your program, ensure you fulfill the school’s eligibility requirements. Take your time, and think through all the information before you make a choice. I wish you the best!


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