Trident University 2025: Acceptance rate, Admission, Courses, Tuition fees, Aid

Trident University is one of the prestigous universities in California most students who want to achieve excellent make their study destination.

Although getting in is very competitive, having full detail about the university’s acceptance rate, admission, courses they offer, and tuition fees will help you know how to go about the application process.

And also, insight into the available financial aids in the university you can be eligible for will help you take hold of opportunities you won’t want to miss.

On this note, we have clearly reveal Trident University Acceptance rate, Admission, Courses, Tuition fees, and Aid for 2025.

The table below clearly displays all you’ll learn in this article.

Before we keep start, let’s talk about the university.

About Trident University

Trident University International is a prestigious profit university situated in Cypress, California. It is owned by Summit Partners, a global alternative investment firm that invests in growth equity, fixed income, and public equity opportunities in technology, and healthcare.

The university offers various courses online because they believe that the quality of an educational body is not determined by its campus, but by the impact on students, character, leadership, faculty competency, and caliber of staff.

Also, the university is renowned as one of the leading institutions in technology, pedagogy, and high student services. As such, serving some of the most distinguished military and civilian leaders.

Furthermore, Trident University International forms a part of the American InterContinental University System, which is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission ( And they use the unique Trident Learning Model (TLM) in offering quality, and innovative degree programs.

Why Why Study at Trident University International?

There are countless reasons why you should study at Trident University. Not that some other universities can’t really serve, studying at Trident comes with more unique opportunities that would help your career building.

First, aside from the university having wide course options, it is a center of attraction for high-quality, military, and civilian students. With this diversity, you can be sure of having an enriched learning process because the real world is brought right inside the learning environment.

Also, the university has a unique online learning process that can enhance your thinking, learning and problem solving abilities which in in turn will help make you a perfect fit form any workplace.

In terms of cost, Trident is very affordable when compared to want they offer. This is not so because they are of a low standard, rather its because their priority is to help student gets excellent education at a great value.

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Another interesting unique fact about this University is that they ensure flexibility. That’s, you can manage your own study schedule around key deadlines to fit school into your busy life.

Specifically, as a student, you will be required to participate weekly, through discussions, reading, doing research and writing.

Assignments are due every two weeks and discussion posts should be done weekly.

What is Trident University Admission Process Like?

Trident University’s Admission process is very easy to go through with. Although the requirements depends on the program and level, the application process is almost the same.

Before we look at the Admission requirements from each level, lets take a look at the process required.

How to Apply

  • Submit an online application authorizing Trident to request your official transcript(s) on your behalf. Note, this is only for students that studied in U.S. based institutions.
  • If you have completed your CLEP, DSST, or military training, you are responsible for providing those official documents to Trident directly.

Note, there is no residency requirement for online degrees, and no application fee for bachelor’s and master’s programs. Also, the application fee for Ph.D. programs is $75 non-refundable.

Associates Program Admission Requirements

If you want to apply for an associate degree program, the following are the admissions requirements:

  • You must have a diploma or proof of graduation from an accredited high school.
  • Have 12 semester hours at least of transferable college credit or documented military training.
  • If you’re an international student, you must have proof of English proficiency.
  • Then, a minimum GPA of 2.0 in all transferable coursework; Military students who have less than 12 semester hours of military experience must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 in all high school coursework.

Bachelors Program Admission Requirements

If you want to go for a bachelors degree program, here are the requirements:

  • A diploma from an accredited or state-approved high school or its equivalent
  • A minimum GPA of 2.0 in all high school coursework
  • Proof of English proficiency.
  • 120 semester credit hours for degree completion.

PhD Programs Admission Requirements

If you want to go for a PhD program, you must meet the following admission requirements:

  • A Master’s certificate degree from an accredited college/university in a related field.
  • A GPA of 3.0 at least on the transcript of the most recently conferred masters degree (4.0 scale)
  • Good in writing and speaking English.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Excellent analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Then, Information technology skills good enough to help you participate in the doctoral pedagogical model.

If you haven’t gotten a masters degree, you must have the following

  • A bachelors degree from an accredited college or university
  • A minimum GPA of 3.6 on the transcript of the bachelor’s degree.
  • High GRE or GMAT scores.

Then, if want to go for a DBA or DHA program, you must have:

  • Five years of professional work experience in business or other professional fields for DBA.
  • Three years of supervisory experience for DHA. Also, having a master’s degree in any discipline and five years of supervisory experience in a health-related field is an added advantage.

Furthermore, for Ed.D. program, you must have:

  • A minimum of three years of documented leadership experience
  • And 28 doctoral-level transfer credits.

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Trident University Tuition Fees

Trident University International Tuition cost varies. It depends largely on the course and level degree program you want to pursue. However, it can be paid per credit, per course or per annual.

Below is a breakdown of it account to programs.

Other cost includes:

  • Books and Supplies: $0
  • Bounced Check Fee: $30Diploma Copy: $30 (optional)
  • Graduation Fee: $150
  • Official Transcript: $10 (rush fee $35)
  • Payment Plan Set-up: $35-$55 (non-refundable)
  • Student ID Card: $10 (optional)

What are the Courses offered at Trident University International?

Trident University International offers 5 doctoral degrees, 8 master’s degrees, 8 bachelor’s degrees, 1 associate degree, and 6 professional certificate and diplomas programs.

For Bachelor’s Degree

The 8 bachelor’s degrees include:

  • Business Administration
  • Human Resource Management
  • Leadership
  • Health Administration
  • Health Sciences
  • Homeland Security
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology Management.

Masters Degrees

Trident University Masters degrees programs are offered in four disciplines, which includes:

Note, you must have up 36 and 44 credits before you can apply.

Doctoral Degrees

Doctoral degrees are offered in three disciplines:

  • Educational Leadership
  • Health Sciences
  • Business Administration

What is Trident University International Acceptance Rate?

Trident University International admission over the years has being highly competitive. This is because of its high reputation and outsatnding online programs they are known for.

Even at that, most student make it their study destination.

Of course, everyone wants to go for the best!

Currently, the university has an acceptance rate of 68% with a student to faculty ratio of 14 to 1, which is not too bad.

 The only thing most student frown at about the school is that the university has a graduation rate of 33% and retention rate of 23% which are below average

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What is Trident University International 2025 Ranking?

Trident University International placed #80 in Washington Monthly’s 2025 National University Rankings Report and #19 in The Military Times Best: Colleges of 2025.

Currently, the university was ranked as #1,624 out of 1,715 colleges and universities in the country on its 2025 Best Colleges list by College Factual. And #114 out of 116 schools in California.

Are there Sholarships at Trident University International?

Yes, of course.

Aside from the excellent acedmic programs the university offers, they also provide financial aids to their students. Understanding that one of the common challenge student face is finacnical challenge, they not only keep their tuition low, they also provide finanical aids to different degree program levels.

These aids come inform of scholarships, loans, grants and internships which help to take care of students tuition fees, cost of text book and accommodation.

Here is a list of the opportunities you can find in Trident University:

  • Military Success Scholarship (MSS)
  • Army Women’s Foundation
  • Alumni Referral Scholarship
  • Aspire, Believe, Achieve Scholarship
  • Military Education Grant
  • Trident Alumni Scholarship (TAS)
  • William (Joe) Gainey Scholarship
  • Trident Extended Family Scholarship (TEFS)
  • Trident Visiting Student Scholarship
  • Veteran Education Grant

Military Success Scholarship (MSS)

Military Success Scholarship is one of the Trident University scholarships available for all undergraduate and graduate student. With this scholarship, you can get $500 per undergraduate/graduate 4 credit hour course.

Army Women’s Foundation

This opportunity is for women only. As a member of this foundation, you will get full bachelor degree scholarship and one full master degree scholarship awarded annually.

However, to qualify for this scholarship, you must be a woman currently serving or who has served in any component of the U.S. Army. Or the child or grandchild of any woman who has served in the U.S. Army.

Alumni Referral Scholarship

Trident University International offers this scholarship to only first-time students who were referred by an Alumus of the university.

The scholarship covers all degree levels and professional certificate programs. Note, to apply for this scholarship, you must have completed their first 3 courses within one calendar year.

And have a GPA of 2.5 of higher for undergraduate programs. Then, a 3.0 or higher for graduate and professional certificate programs. 

Aspire, Believe, Achieve Scholarship

This is one of the Trident University International Scholarships for high school students who have met the university’s admission requirements.

The scholarship takes care of all tuition cost for COM 100, FIN 100, and PSY 100 (value of $405 a course).

Note, the major requirement for this scholarship is submission of parental consent.

Military Education Grant

Military Education Grant is designed to reduces the cost of tuition and can be combined with your military tuition assistance. 

With this opportunity, military spouses and dependents will be able to get 40% savings off tuition for undergraduate courses, 43% for graduate courses, and 14-19% for doctoral courses.

Trident Alumni Scholarship (TAS)

This Trident University scholarship covers graduate degrees, doctoral degrees, and business analytics certificate.

Its is specifically for alumni who newly enrolled for a masters degree, doctoral degree or business analytics certificate.

Note, the amount paid is 15% tuition savings off each course.

William (Joe) Gainey Scholarship

William Gainey Scholarship is one of the graduate degree scholarships Trident University offer. The scholarship is for senior enlisted leaders like active duty, reserve, and National Guard currently serving in the US Armed Services.

The amount paid is $300 a course.

Trident Extended Family Scholarship (TEFS)

To apply for Trident Extended Family Scholarship, you be an extended family members of Trident faculty and staff and Snowball Express family members.

As a beneficiary, your undergraduate tuition rate will be reduced to $600 a course. Note, if you’re an undergraduate, degree seeking or non-degree seeking student you are not eligible to apply.

Trident Visiting Student Scholarship

This is another opportunity you can be eligible for as either an undergraduate to non-degree seeker at Trident University International.

To qualify you must have GPA of 2.0 or higher. Also, an admission letter from current college/university or proof of high school completion in 2025 is required.

As a beneficiary, 63% of your tuition cost will be covered. Your student’s cost will be $600 for each course and you can be paid monthly at $150 per month over a 4-month period.

Veteran Education Grant

This grant program is specifically for veterans and retirees of armed forces. Any active military member is qualified to apply for this opportunity at Trident University.

And as a beneficiary, you’re entitled to a 20% savings off tuition for undergraduate courses, 25% for graduate courses, and 10-11% for doctoral courses.

To find out more about the university visit the offical website.


There is no application fee for bachelors and master’s programs. The application fee for doctoral programs is $75 non-refundable.

Trident accepts applications year-round.

The acceptance rate is 68%

No, unless you are applying for a doctoral program at Trident.


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