How To Use UC Student Email

The University of Cincinnati, popularly known as UC, has a unique correspondence for each student.

Your student email account is used extensively by UC to contact you. You receive updates and information regarding your enrolment, fees, exams, and important dates through your email account. It is the university’s means of reaching out to you.

In this article, we’ll clearly explain how to use UC student email, starting from the point of creating an account.

What Is The UC School Email Address?

A school email address is a dedicated email domain used to provide students with email accounts. It doesn’t only offer updates and information regarding your registration, fees, and other important information; it is the official email address the school communicates with.

Many districts and schools employ a specific email domain to offer kids email accounts. For instance, every student might have an email account from their school or district that ends in “” or “”

Microsoft Office 365 is the official student email service at UC.

For general Inquiries, you can reach out to,

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What Are The Benefits Of Having A UC Student Email Address?

School-managed email domains give your staff more control over student accounts. The school will e able to do the following:

  • Manually change and reset student passwords and usernames.
  • Create new student accounts.
  • Restrict account creation and enrollment to one email domain to avoid students creating multiple accounts.

The benefits of having a school email address are enormous. It can get you a lot of free stuff, and if not free in most cases, it can get you heavy discounts on things you may need regularly.

How Do I Get A UC School Email Address?

University of Cincinnati (UC) provides email addresses to its students and staff. For postgraduate students, your primary email UC email address is the same email account used in sending UC correspondences.

While undergraduate students are advised to get their UC school email address using Microsoft’s cloud service, Office 365.

Microsoft advises you to connect to your email using the following mobile devices:

Do UC Students Keep Their Mails After Graduation?

Your University of Cincinnati e-mail will be kept active for one year following graduation.

Students who graduate from the university with a degree and a diploma are regarded as alumni and can keep their email addresses and accounts for as long as they choose to use them.

After losing their current student status 91 days later, students who leave the University without finishing a degree program have their email addresses revoked.

What Can I Do With My University of Cincinnati School Email Login?

Your school email login is used to access your email account. It usually comprises an email address and password.

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Who Powers UC Student School Email?

University of Cincinnati students’ email is powered using Microsoft Office 365. Log in to your Office 365 to get started.

How To Set Up UC Student Email

Log into the Outlook web app with your UC username and password at 
You can also install Outlook on your desktop, laptop, and mobile device.

Is UC School Email Gmail or Outlook?

The University of Cincinnati email address is on the Outlook web app.

You can log into the Outlook web app with your UC username and password at You can also install Outlook on your desktop, laptop, and mobile device.

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How Can I Get In Touch With the University of Cincinnati?

You can reach out to any of the following units:

UC School Email List For:


Email: or, For international admissions:


For housing inquiries, you can reach out to


You can contact the Library staff directory

Student Affairs

Other than looking for the student affairs office you can contact them at


Suppose you want to know more about the University of Cincinnati or receive any information concerning the application process, scholarships, financial aid, and all. You can use any of the links below.




For inquiries on scholarships to the University of Cincinnati, you can reach out to

How To Log In To Your UC Student Email

Before you log in to your UC student email address, you must create a student account.

Here’s how to create a student account:

Once you receive an email titled ” Important University of Cincinnati Systems Access Information.” Within this email, you will find information about the Bearcat Portal. Your next actions, such as verifying your admission, signing up for orientation, and reserving accommodation, are available through the Bearcat Portal. You can monitor your progress here from now until the commencement of school.

To access the Bearcat Portal, you need to visit and log in using your UC credentials included in the email referenced above.

You will then get an email with setup instructions for your University of Cincinnati email account. This email can take two to three business days to reach your inbox. You should check your university email address frequently after setting it up because this is how you will be informed of any relevant information from the University of Cincinnati during your time as a student.

Please check your applicant status page to ensure you have appropriately confirmed by submitting the Confirmation Form and the Confirmation Fee if it has been a few weeks since you finished the confirmation procedure. Please contact the Office of Admissions if you have fully verified but have not yet received an email with setup instructions for your new email address.

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How To Reset UC Password?

If you are having issues logging into your student email, visit Password Self-Service (PSS) for more information.

To secure your account, you can set up Duo Two-Factor Authentication, which adds a second layer of security to your online accounts and prevents an external person from logging in.

If you need technical support, contact the Help Desk at or by phone at 513-556-4357.

How To Send Your Lecturer Email: Simple School Email Etiquette

Email is a prevalent form of communication in business, school, and social settings. Your email’s tone and manner must be appropriate for you to come across favorably and, perhaps, elicit the reaction you’re hoping for.

1. Use a clear and concise subject line

The subject line of your email should be brief and accurate. It is permissible and clear to use language like “Meeting request” or “Question about [Class Name] paper.”

You can also include information that introduces who you are if you’re writing to a person who doesn’t know you well or a professor of a sizable class who is unlikely to recall your name immediately.

2. Use an appropriate salutation

Opening your email with “Dear” or “Hello” is suitable in formal settings. When contacting friends, “hey” is OK, but it would be inappropriate in this situation.

3. Address the recipient appropriately (both title and name)

Verify that the name and title of your lecturer or teacher are written correctly. Use “Professor” or “Prof.” exclusively for academics bearing the title “Professor” in Australia.

To find the appropriate title, consult the subject guide, the course information on the LMS, or the manual.

Avoid using gendered salutations like “Mr.” or “Mrs.” You might be able to address some lecturers and tutors by their first names, but it’s best to wait until they specifically say that’s how they want to be addressed. If your instructor or lecturer often signs off on emails sent to students using simply their first name, you may occasionally address them by that name.

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4. Introduce yourself

Introducing yourself to your lecturer is essential, especially if this is the first email you are writing to them.

It gives the lecturer a clearer understanding of who you are and the connection.

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5. Keep the body short

Avoid the use of long sentences and ambiguous words. Try to use one paragraph for each idea you want to address. Writing everything in one long section can be confusing for the reader.

6. End with a precise closing

It’s good practice to sign off at the end of an email with a phrase such as ‘Kind regards, ‘Best wishes, or ‘Thanks,’ followed by your name.

Your lecturer or tutor will also use this account to contact you should the need arise.

FAQs On UC Student Email

Is the UC Application still ongoing?

Each year, the UC application is made available on August 1 and accepted between November 1 and 30. The UC admissions website offers comprehensive information on prerequisites, how to apply, and more.

What email am I supposed to send my transcript to at the University of Cincinnati?

Transcripts can be sent via email to a UC International Admissions Counselor email address or for student applicants. The student applicant’s transcripts are not official.

Do university emails get obsolete?

Yes, it does. It all depends on the University’s email retention policy.

Can I add a University email to my iOS app?

Yes, you can. All you need to do is Go to Settings > Mail, then tap Accounts. Tap Add Account, tap Other, then tap Add Mail Account. Fill in your name, email address, password, and description for your account. Tap Next. Mail will try to find the email settings and finish setting up your account.


A student’s email address makes the chain of communication between a student and an institution more professional. Once you gain admission to study at UC, one of the first access granted to you is the UC student email. Cheers!



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