UCLA Medical School Acceptance Rate In 2025 | Admission Requirements

Medicine is a significant branch of science which deals with our health. Therefore, it is a career path that is very demanding. To get into medical school, you must pass many exams while fulfilling the admission requirement. So, let’s consider the UCLA medical school acceptance rate and admission requirements to know your chances of getting into their medical school.

Interestingly, as you may want to know, the David Geffen School of Medicine’s medical education program at UCLA aims to prepare graduates for distinguished careers in clinical practice, teaching, research, and public service.

This has made the medical school acceptance rate to be highly competitive. Nevertheless, it’s attainable!

So, if you want to study at UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and don’t know the acceptance rate, this article will guide you through everything you need to know.

Meanwhile, the table below gives you an overview of all you’ll learn from this post. Do take your time and read through.

About UCLA Medical School

UCLA Medical School also known as David Geffen School of Medicine is one of the smallest medical schools in the United States founded in 1951.

It is the second medical school in the University of California system. The school has a global reputation that was earned as a result of its achievements as an institution.

This medical school has about 713 full-time students. About 120 students enrolled annually in the MD program and 2723 full-time professors, the ratio of David Geffen College of Medicine students is 3.8: 1.

Here, Medical students are trained in one of 21 affiliated hospitals in the LAA region, including Cedars-Sinai, UCLA Medical Center, and Kaiser.

However, the school organizes a freshmen program known as the Big Sib Lil Sib program. This program creates small first, second, third, and fourth-year families that share similar interests and hobbies.

Furthermore, the program creates a link between all classes and functions as an integrated support system at the beginning of the Faculty of Medicine.

Aside the Big Sib Lil Sib program, the school enriches the fresh students with annual events, including second-year banquets, fourth-year banquets, and annual talent shows. Below are some notable programs offered in this school.

Cardiothoracic Surgery



Primary Care







Why Choose UCLA Medical School?

Are you still wondering why you should pursue a medical degree at UCLA Medical School? Well, there are lots of reasons which I know will be beneficial to you.

On rare occasions, you will see a University medical school in the same location as the university. Most times, The schools are far away.

But here David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA is just directly adjacent to the main campus. This feature brings about functional and proximity. That’s, you can connect easily with the university.

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Also, Because of its closeness to the main campus, you can get the opportunity to improve in a variety of other ways as medical student at UCLA.

Moreso, Choosing UCLA Medical School either as a citizen or international student offers you the opportunity to pursue special degree programs like summer academic enrichment programs. 

In addition, this school offers over 120 undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate degree programs to international students, so you can variety of programs to choose from.

Moreover, if you need support, the school can only award your grants and scholarships if you are eligible.

These scholarships cover your tuition fees, accommodation, and sometimes other expenses.

Isn’t that wonderful?

Now, let me burst your head a bit! You can also participate in the Biomedical Sciences Program with UC Riverside.

This program offers 24 students each year the opportunity to earn both the B.S. and M.D. degrees in seven years instead of the traditional eight.

Furthermore, the school provides quality patient care that requires understanding the experiences of the nation’s many communities.

Above all, Choosing UCLA Medical School will help you grow your medical career in the most interesting and exciting way.

Choose Wisely!

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What is the UCLA Undergraduate Medical School Acceptance Rate?

University of California, Los Angeles medical school offers over 400 undergraduate degree programs to both citizens and international students.

And before you can get you as an undergraduate student, you must meet the admission requirements which doesn’t really guarantee your admission.

Although UCLA Undergraduate Medical School Acceptance Rate is highly competitive, you hance a chance of being admitted if you exhibit a high level of excellence.

According to MSAR, the data below gives more insight into the range of UCLA students’ undergraduate GPAs and MCAT scores:

  • Total GPA: 3.56 (10th %ile) to 3.96 (90th %ile)
  • Science GPA: 3.42 (10th %ile) to 4.00 (90th %ile)
  • MCAT: 508 (10th %ile) to 524 (90th %ile)

Above all, the UCLA Undergraduate Medical School Acceptance Rate of 2.1% is highly competitive.

What is the UCLA medical school out of state acceptance rate?

If you are applying as an out-of-state or international student, you should know UCLA medical school’s out-of-state acceptance rate.

Before now out-of-state students or international students have this conception about UCLA Medical school that citizens of California are given preference.

The truth remains that the school doesn’t. Just that most of their applicants are from California. So, if you are an out-of-state student you have a chance because UCLA is a long shot for any applicant.

Interestingly, as an out-of-state Medical student, you can also earn a combined degree, such as an M.D./Ph.D. through the Medical Scientist Training Program, an M.D./M.B.A.

There is not much difference between UCLA medical school in-of-state and out-of-state (citizens and international students).

The only difference is that they tend to pay more which is normal. Aside from that, every other thing is almost the same including the acceptance rate.

In summary, the UCLA medical school out-of-state acceptance rate is 2% which is highly competitive.

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What is UCLA medical School’s early decision acceptance rate?

Currently, the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA does not offer an early decision option. Some if you are applying for admission, don’t think of that.

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Although the Early decision program will give you a better chance of acceptance because they are competing for more spots, it is highly discouraged and will only be considered after acceptance on a case by case basis.

Admission is competitive for other schools like UCLA School of law that accept Early decision programs; in recent years, the percentage of accepted applicants in this program is similar to our overall admissions rate. 

Below are general admission requirements for Early Decision Programs if you want to apply through the EDP:

  • Ensure you apply to only one U.S. medical school by the stated deadline date (August 1 for schools that participate in AMCAS);
  • Don’t apply through the EDP if they have already submitted an initial or secondary application a medical school
  • Don’t apply to more than one school.
  • You must attend the school that offers the EDP acceptance.

Note, If you are not accepted under the EDP, you will automatically be placed in the regular applicant pool by the school and can then apply to additional schools.

Also, since most participating schools only admit a small portion of their entering class through the program, only applicants with an excellent chance of admission to a particular school should apply under this program.

What is the UCLA Medical School Acceptance Rate?

Every University’s school in the world has an admission or acceptance rate which they adhere to when admitting students every year.

Generally, UCLA Medical School Acceptance Rate ( David Geffen School of Medicine) is highly selective.

In 2025, the school received over 14,500 applications for about 175 spots and only 324 were accepted. Thus making the enrollment rate to be 2%.

Also, the school instituted a new GPA cutoff of 3.4 and an MCAT cutoff of 512 for its applicants.

Unfortunately, UCLA DGSOM does not publish the average MCAT scores for its accepted students. With an enrollment rate of under 2%, you’ll likely need top MCAT scores to remain competitive.

Therefore, if you are applying to this medical school, work towards getting a math and science GPA of at least 3.4 and an MCAT score of 512 or higher.

What are the UCLA medical school admission requirements?

You can’t enroll in any university without meeting its admission requirements.

Whether you want to pursue a pre-med, undergraduate, master’s, or even Ph.D. program at UCLA medical school, there are certain UCLA medical school admission requirements that remain unchanged.

Some of the required courses include; Inorganic chemistry, Biology, Calculus, English, Mathematics, Organic chemistry, and Physics.

Here are the basic UCLA medical school admission requirements;
  • Bachelor’s degree record.
  • MCAT Scores.
  • Multiple Mini-interview with members of the Admissions Committee.
  • Recommendation Letter.
  • Graduate Record, where applicable.
  • Life Experiences. (Research, volunteerism, etc.)

However, in order to provide you with proper guidance, we have outlined them into different degree programs.

Before you apply for a degree program at UCLAS Medical school, you must take the MCAT Test to obtain an MCAT Score which is highly needed.

It is advisable that you take the Medical College Admission Test in the spring. Note, If more than one MCAT was taken, all the test grades must be included when making an application.

The test must be repeated if, at the time of matriculation, more than 3 years would have elapsed.

Also, DGSOM will accept both the old MCAT and the 2015 MCAT.  After January 2025 (when the old MCAT reaches expiration) only the 2015 MCAT will be acceptable.

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Above all, UCLA Medical School MCAT Score is 513.

For questions about registration and test administration, contact: [email protected]

The MCAT Care Team
Association of American Medical Colleges
Section for Applicant Assessment Services
2450 N. Street N.W.
Washington, DC 20037
Phone: 202-828-0690Apply Here

Pre-Medical Education requirements differ according to schools. If you are applying for a pre-medical program at UCLA Medical school, you must;

  1. Have good English skill but in speaking and writing.
  2. Have quantitative thinking, represented by mastery of mathematics, science and scientific method.
  3. The social sciences and the humanities reveal insight in human behavior, thought and aspiration through studying society.

MD Program Graduation Requirements

If you are applying for the MD Program, here are MD Program Graduation Requirements that you must meet;

  • You must maintain a satisfactory level of performance in UCLA Medical school coursework.
  • Have an Annual recommendation for promotion by the Committee on Academic Standing, Progress & Promotion (CASPP).
  • Must pass USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2 Clinical Knowledge (CK) and USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills (CS).
  • Must complete the designated four-year program of medical education.

You are expected to have the following skills after completing the MD Program; Medical Knowledge, patient care, Professionalism.

Including practice-based learning and improvement and Interpersonal and communication skills.

You will be recommended to the FEC for your degree after completing your program.

In summary, the final approval for MD graduation is made by the FEC and the Vice Dean for Education of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

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UCLA Medical School Tuition and Scholarships

UCLA Medical School tuition and fees run $42,266. Now, if you consider other expenses such as room and board, books, and transportation, UCLA advertises their cost of attendance as $76,136 per year.

Expensive right?

To help and encourage students, UCLA offers both need- and merit-based scholarships, including the David Geffen Medical Scholarships, which cover the entire cost of attendance for up to 20 percent of entering students each year.

In addition, there are over 100 other UCLA Philanthropic Scholarships available to medical students.


What programs are offered in UCLA?

Below are some notable programs offered at UCLA Medical School
Cardiothoracic Surgery
Primary Care

What is the average MCAT for UCLA

UCLA Medical School MCAT Score is 512.

what is the cut off mark of UCLA

UCLA Medical School cut-off Mark new GPA cutoff of 3.4

What is the tuition fee for UCLA?

UCLA Medical School tuition and fees run $42,266. Now, if you consider other expenses such as room and board, books, and transportation, UCLA advertises their cost of attendance as $76,136 per year.


The UCLA Medical School acceptance rate is highly competitive when compared with other schools in other top universities.

This should not in any way discourage you from applying because it is among the top medical schools in the world that offers top-notch education.

Once you have excellent academic quality, you stand a chance of getting in because that is what the school looks out for.

So, if you really want to be enrolled then you need to take that bold step now or never.



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