The University of Montreal Tuition in 2025| How to Pay

Looking for a world-leading university to study as an international student? Well, it’s a known fact that quality cost good money too.

However, the University of Montreal Tuition for 2025 may be outrageous or quite cheap. I mean, there could be scholarship aids or waivers for you.

So, this article seeks to clarify and give you accurate information as you prepare to start your academy journey this year.

Montreal’s university is not just a world-leading academic enterprise, it also delivers quality and extreme customer satisfaction.

Well, we know this for sure because the alumni of this institution all agree that they got real value for the tuition they paid. Most of them agree that their investment in time and money in Montreal was worth it.

Let’s say you already know an estimate of its tuition fee, do you know how to pay these fees without complications? Just relax because this article is not just informative but also directive.

To get highlights of so much of what you are about to learn, kindly peruse the table of content.

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About University Of Montreal

Founded in 1878, the University of Montreal (Universite de Montreal) is an internationally renowned academic institution located in the suburbs of North America.

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Montreal University serves as a link between Europe and North America. It offers academic training to students with a global standard in advanced research.

Being a Francophone university, one of the school’s top priorities is internationalization. The University of Montreal receives 5,800 foreign students from over a hundred years annually.

Having an affiliation with two schools, the Ecole Polytechnique and the HEC Montreal, it is now the largest university in Quebec and the second-largest in Canada.

Why Study At Montreal University?

The University of Montreal awards close to 10,000 diplomas at every university level. Offering programs in almost all academic fields is possible because of the 13 faculties and 80 departments the school is armed with.

According to Times Higher Education, the University of Montreal ranks among the top universities around the globe.

The appearance of the University of Montreal on the international stage has led to its participation in many research projects outside of Canada.

The prowess of all the school’s employees makes it stand out among Canada’s largest educational and research universities. That notwithstanding, It still strives for excellence in all knowledgeable areas.

The school offers more than 650 undergraduate and graduate programs not excluding 71 doctoral programs.

How Much Does the Tuition for International Students Cost?

To the policy of tuition peculiar to international students by Quebec universities, the foreign student pays the tuition according to their status and the number of credits they registered.

If you’re a special student, additional costs must be added to your tuition by the special services.

Below is the cost of tuition for international students based on the number of credits and departments 580,70$.

How Much Does The Tuition For an Undergraduate Program In Montreal University Cost?

The undergraduate program at Montreal University offers bachelor’s, minor and major programs in almost every discipline available, including 250 undergraduate programs.

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The university offers a diverse range of education programs for undergraduates. Almost all the courses are delivered in French. 

Apparently, your tuition cost as an undergraduate depends on whether you’re a Canadian student who resides in Quebec, a Canadian student who doesn’t reside in Quebec, or an International student.

It is essential to know that other fees are payable besides the tuition. However, this is the average annual tuition for an undergraduate program at Montreal’s university as reported by College Dunia:

Program Cost
Undergraduate Programs $20,400 / Year

How Much Does The University of Montreal Medicine Tuition Cost?

The University of Montreal’s Faculty of Medicine prides itself on training medical professionals who support the people of Quebec.

UdeM Faculty of Medicine offers a four-year MD program that trains students at an international level. Having a license from this faculty opens opportunities across the globe. With over a third of all physicians practicing in Quebec have graduated from UdeM.

The Faculty of Medicine offers a four-year MD program that trains students at an international level. Like any other Canadian medical school, licensure from this institution opens opportunities worldwide.

The faculty of Medicine trains professionals in the following field: General and specialist practitioners, researchers in basic science, Audiologists, Occupational therapists, Nutritionists, Speech therapists, and physiotherapists, amongst others.

The University of Montreal Faculty of Medicine emphasizes education, research, and improvement in clinical, basic, and health sciences. 

However, according to Med Applications, below is a breakdown of tuition for medicine for the 2025/2025 session which is dependent on your status (Nationality or residential)

Status Cost
Quebec Residents $3,601
Out-of-Province Residents $11,192
International visa Applicants $27,548

How Much Does The University of Montreal Pharmacy Tuition Cost?

The Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Montreal is one of the largest faculties of its kind in Canada. It offers research-based graduate programs that focus on medication and population health, new discoveries amongst other fields.

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The Faculty of Pharmacy offers various undergraduate programs alongside graduate and doctoral degrees. 

There is no separate tuition for the Pharmaceutical Program. Hence, the cost is the same as that of Medicine.

How Much Does The University of Montreal Law Tuition Cost?

Founded in 1892, the faculty of law at the University of Montreal ranked as the world’s best Francophone law school in 2025.

The quality of higher education provided at Montreal University’s law faculty is geared towards making students skilled in Western legal traditions.

UdeM Faculty of Law is also bilingual. Upon graduating the faculty’s first class in 1879, it trained the largest number of legal experts in Canada.

Here is the tuition for law: 206, 33$

How Can I Pay Tuition At The University of Montreal?

In most countries, the Canadian Embassy can require payment of a session’s tuition in advance before issuing a visa to the student.

Applicants who wish to pay in bits or bulk of the tuition while still in their home countries can do so by bank money order or transfer. Make sure that their names and code permanent are indicated clearly.

The bank money order should be sent through registered mail to the address provided in this link.

For the bank transfer, fill out the transfer form. A 72-hour limit is granted without an extra charge for the payment. However, you can also choose to make the payment at the counter with the printed instructions.

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FAQs on Montreal’s University

What is University of Montreal?

The University of Montreal is a French-speaking university.

Where is University of Montreal located?

The University of Montreal is located in the city of Quebec.

What is University of Montreal language of instruction?

The languages of instruction are French and English for the LL.B. and English for the J.D.

When was University of Montreal founded?

Founded in 1878, the University of Montreal is an internationally renowned academic institution that gives you an employability advantage over every Canadian school.



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