University of Akureyri: Admission, Tuition Fees, Courses, and Ranking in 2025

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Akureyri is found in the Northeastern part of Iceland. It is geographically isolated being surrounded by mountains with a population of about 17,000, which makes it the largest community outside the Reykjavik area. Akureyri has a very vibrant and well varied economic life.

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About the University of Akureyri:

Right in the heart of Akureyri city, in the North-East of Iceland, was founded an institute of higher learning which was named The University of Akureyri, on 5th September 1987.

The school started with the health sciences and industrial management studies, with Haraldur Bessason as the first rector.

In the early years, the school had a total of four staff and 31 students, and two classrooms which were two of the classrooms in the local sports center. They got a library in 1988 and the Student Center was started two months later.

In 1990, on January 4th, the university expanded with the addition of the Faculty of Fisheries. The first MSc obtained in the school was in nursing and the first students to obtain this degree graduated on 26th February 2000. In 1995, the university received its permanent residence.

Currently, there are three schools in the university with about 2000 students and about 200 members of the staff, both academic and non-academic.

The university provides its students with knowledge and skills of scientific methods and theoretical skills. The school deals with education and research as methods of achieving its aims of equipping students with skills and knowledge.

University of Akureyri Website:

Mailing address:

  • The University of Akureyri
  • Norðurslóð 2
  • 600, Akureyri, Iceland.
  • Official website:
  • Tel:   +354 460 8000   +354 460 8999
  • Email:    [email protected]

University of Akureyri Ranking:

The university has built and maintained a reputation for academic excellence and good industrial relations. Having no selective admission policy, international applicants are eligible to apply for admission with the same basis for application as the natives of Iceland and Nordic countries.

The University of Akureyri is ranked the third university in Iceland and the 4653rd university in the world.

About the University Campus:

The campus area of the University of Akureyri is located in Akureyri. There are two buildings at the University of Akureyri in which lectures are given and received called, Solborg and Borgir. Akureyri houses the University-Main Campus.

There is a 24-hour functional library which is located at Solborg equipped for reading, computer work, and research purposes. The campus also has a fitness and exercise center and a cafeteria.

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Schools & Facilities of the University of Akureyri:

Schools of social sciences and humanities

  • Faculty of Education
  • Law
  • Social science

School of Health Sciences

  • Faculty of Occupational therapy
  • Faculty of Nursing

School of Business and science

  • Faulty of Natural Resource Sciences
  • Faculty of Business Administration

Undergraduate courses

  • School of social sciences and humanities

Faculty of Education:

Law Faculty

Faculty of Social Sciences:

  • BSc Media Studies
  • BSc Psychology
  • Social Sciences
  • Modern studies

School of Health Sciences:

  • Faculty of Occupational therapy:

BSc Occupational therapy

BSc Nursing

School of Business and science

  • Faulty of Natural Resource Sciences

BSc Fisheries Science

Biotechnology BSc

  • Faculty of Business Administration

BSc Business Administration.

School of social sciences and humanities

MSc Education

Law certificates

Graduate-Diploma Law

Master’s degree program leading to LLM

Master’s degree program leading to MA

School of Health Sciences

Nursing program.

School of Business and science

  • Faulty of Natural Resource Sciences

MSc in Natural Resource Science

MRM in Coastal and Marine Management

  • Polar Law and West Nordic Studies

Polar Law

The Polar Law program focuses on Polar Law. Courses available within the Polar Law program.

Antarctic Law and Policy, Public International Law, The Rights of Indigenous people, Environmental Law and Biodiversity.

Available studies in Polar Law

120 ECTS program leading to MA degree

90 ECTS program leading to LLM

60 ECTS program leading to a graduate diploma

Graduate Diploma

Individual courses in Polar Law lead to a certificate.

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Research facilities:

A major feather to the cap of the University of Akureyri is its research facilities, one of its basic aspects. These researches are headed by the academic staff and the administration is overseen by the Research and Development Center.

The research center is very effective in promoting the activities of research in and outside institutions and strengthening the University-Industry interrelations.

University of Akureyri International Students:

Every year, the University of Akureyri receives international students for an exchange program. There are four modes of entry for the international students into the University of Akureyri:

  • Erasmus
  • North2North
  • Nordplus
  • The bilateral agreement between the student’s home University and the University of Akureyri.

The University of Akureyri takes in students as guests through these programs to study for a short period of time without any formal cooperation between the two universities.

For further inquiries and information please, kindly contact the International Office.

Tel: +354-460-8035       +354-460-8999

Email: [email protected]

 Language of Instruction:

The principal language of instruction at the University of Akureyri is Icelandic and the textbooks used are mainly in Icelandic and in English.

Most schools in the school offer some courses in English and some faculties permit international students to take their exams in English during their first semester.

Even so, this is dependent on the approval of the faculty, the school, and the lecturers. Polar Low is the only course that is taught only in the English language.

Preparation courses in Icelandic

Every academic year, the University offers four courses with a view of introducing the Icelandic language, culture, nature, and the community for the international students at the University of Akureyri.

These courses are available only to those students who are registered for full studies and the students on exchange to the University of Akureyri.

The University of Akureyri Fees 

Yearly fees for undergraduates (International students) – $600

Masters Students (international students) – $600

Yearly fees for undergraduates (non-foreigners) – $1000

Yearly fees for Masters Students (non-foreigners) – $1000

Cost of Living:

For an exchange student, the total cost of living is about $1800-$2000 per month. This covers rent, transportation, meals, and entertainment. However, this depends on the lifestyle of the students.

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University of Akureyri Scholarships

National scholarships:

  • The Icelandic Research Fund (IRF) – for research students with Ph.D. and MSc.
  • The Icelandic Centre for Research, Rankness – for postgraduate students
  • Icelandic student Innovation Fund (ISIF) – for all students through summer research projects.
  • Students can combine studies and part-time jobs, but as an international student, you’ll need to have a work permit.

University Scholarships:

The University of Akureyri does not provide any scholarships for students. However, Erasmus/Nordplus Exchange program could give some grants to cover certain costs when your application is approved. These grants do not fully cover all the costs of education.

The University of Akureyri Admissions Requirements:

The application forms for the University of Akureyri can be obtained at the university office and on the official website of the University of Akureyri home page

Applications are afterward, forwarded to:

Háskólinn á Akureyri v/Norðurslóð,

600 Akureyri


The application should contain:

  1. Certified copy of exam certificates.
  2. Passport Photo of the Applicant.

*Students who need to have their previous university studies assessed are to include an explanation in the comment section or the form and send the necessary attachments with the applications.

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The University of Akureyri Online Application:

Over the years there is a fixed deadline for Online applications.

  • For degree students:
  • For Exchange Students:
  • 15 May for admission to the fall semester starting in August.
  • 15 November for admission to the spring semester starting in January of the following year.
  • Arrivals of Students:

Each semester is offset with an Orientation Programme. This is held shortly before the start of classes and is usually one to three days of introduction and instructions.

Students must attend this orientation program as important adjustment techniques to studies and the new culture etc., would be given.

It is recommended to arrive one or two days prior to the commencement of the Orientation Program.

Students can fill out an online arrival form to help the university to assist them when they arrive.

The arrival form can be found here.

Academic year Structure:

Each academic year comprises two semesters; the fall semester and the spring semester.

The fall semester starts at the end of August and runs through the middle of December.

The spring semester starts at the beginning of January and runs through the middle of May.

There is a break of two weeks during the Easter and Christmas seasons.

Re-sits for Exams:

The University of Akureyri offers the opportunity the re-sit of exams after the usual semester exams have been taken.

This opportunity is given to students who did not pass an exam or to any student that was sick during the exams.

The re-sit exams usually take place at the end of each semester. The exact dates would be found on the school’s Academic Calendar.

The University of Akureyri Residence Permit:

If you are a Nordic citizen and intend to stay for less than six months, you do not need to apply for a residence permit.

If you are a citizen of EEA or EFTA countries intending to stay for less than six months, also, you do not need residence permits. However, you have to register your residence with the National Registry, Þjóðskrá.

If you intend to stay beyond six months, you have to apply for an extension of residence during your stay in the country.

Further information can be found on the website of the Directorate of Immigration here.

University of Akureyri Accommodation:

There are on-campus residences for students at the University of Akureyri which can be accessed at

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International degree students are assisted by the university to secure accommodation in the school of which the basis for procurement is the same as the natives of Iceland. However, there is no guarantee of accommodation despite assistance from the University of Akureyri.

In addition, there is a very limited reservation of single rooms for foreign exchange students which runs on the basis of the ‘first come, first served’.

The University of Akureyri has also made arrangements with certain guesthouses around where international students can rent a room with access to certain comforts like the kitchen, laundry facilities, and bathroom.

The university will notify the students if they have been offered provisional accommodation or not, and if they have not one of these guesthouses in Akureyri which are in liaison with the university would send a notification through email, notifying the student that they have been offered accommodation, for which the student is fully responsible for the rent.

If upon arrival, or during the stay, a student rejects the accommodation offered, the student has to take care of their accommodation.

It is therefore advisable that the student ensures he finds out all necessary information about the room before confirming the room as the liaison terms get activated once the room is confirmed by the student.

For more information on accommodation and housing, please contact the International Office.

Tel: +354-460-8035,  +354-460-8999

Email: [email protected]

University of Akureyri Medical Insurance:

There is a residence-based Icelandic medical insurance. This insurance covers persons who have been registered with a domicile in the national registry for six months.

Being part of the European Economic Area, to obtain insurance in Iceland for six months, students within the EU/EEA should come along with their European Health Insurance Card, (EHIC).

Nordic country citizens are automatically insured in Iceland, hence they do not need to provide the European Health Insurance Card, (EHIC).

Citizens from non-EU/EEA countries can obtain medical assistance but they must pay IN FULL. Then can afterward, can request reimbursement from their insurance company or from their countries.

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The University of Akureyri Working and Studying:

International students are allowed to work in addition to their studies, however, the University of Akureyri does not recommend students work as each study program has a heavy workload and that would make it very difficult to conveniently combine studies with work.

Social Life at the University of Akureyri:

Akureyri is a wonderful place for winter sporting activities, such as skating and skiing. It also has a forested area that provides a good recreational area throughout the year and a popular Botanical Garden.

Akureyri also provides a great opportunity for participation in sporting activities and active cultural life – theatrical activities, concerts, and a host of others.

Social life is not left out in the university. You can sign up for membership into the association of your faculty with a little token and get free entry to all events.

These associations plan and organize events for students including parties, school trips, pub quizzes, beer nights, family days, and a lot of other events.

Buddy System:

A buddy system arrangement is created to ensure a good blend and integration into the Icelandic system for students.

The buddy system comprises only students who have volunteered to help international students at the University of Akureyri.

Once you are accepted into the university you will be assigned a buddy who will help you to adapt to the Icelandic student system for the first few weeks of your study.

Students’ Rights

There is a student’s rights office operated by the SU. The office opens every day and can also be reached anytime through email.

The function of the student’s rights office is to protect the rights of the students within the University of Akureyri.

They also offer free student counseling and other assistance to enable students to resolve any issues as regards their stay at the University of Akureyri.

The union can act as the student’s representative towards the school authorities under the choice of anonymity of the student, but this is done under request by the student.

Any student within the university who feels a violation of their rights can make a report to the union and seek their assistance.

For further inquiries and assistance, please contact the union.

Email: [email protected]


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