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Attending a university is important, however, attending a well-respected university is more beneficial. The University of Manitoba is one well-respected university, and this is one reason why its acceptance rate keeps dropping.

This article will clearly reveal the University of Manitoba’s acceptance rate, programs, and finally their admission requirements.

According to Global News, the University of Manitoba student numbers keep increasing. In 2025, they recorded 29,793 which then completely edges out their 29,691 in 2025.

Therefore, the University of Manitoba is a top education destination for students today.

The table below clearly displays all you’ll learn in this article.

Why Study at the University of Manitoba?

Maybe you’re still not convinced about why you should make this university one of your top study destination.

Well, it’s only because you don’t know you should study at the University of Manitoba.

Apart from being one of the best universities in Canada, U of M is a steady growing university.

One precise example is their growing list of students which has led to their growing number of courses as well.

Another one is their two amazing campuses wherein students get to pursue over 100 courses among different faculties and schools.

In research, they have immediately followed the path of excellence by discovering innovations.

Recently, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded a $6.5 million grant to a UM researcher.

Generally, some of their research areas include fundamental research, integrative research in health and well being in addition to human rights and social justice.

When it comes to student support, U of M offers students support in different areas of everyday life.

Essentially, these areas include safety, career planning, financial supports, housing, and accessibility.

Furthermore, disabled students get special care so they can study with ease.

U of M has a community wherein alumni of the university and their students connect.

Therefore, this makes it possible for them to collaborate with their alumni on community projects.

Above all, the University of Manitoba offers you a learning environment where you will grow and have fun too.

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What is the University of Manitoba Acceptance Rate?

The University of Manitoba continues to defy all odds as they compete internationally.

However, in order to keep up, they have to increase their student numbers.

Today, they have over 29,000 students which is recommendable but not enough to compete for the top places.

Therefore, they have chosen to set up mild admission requirements which will eventually encourage students to apply.

This doesn’t in any way reduce their standard of learning but acts as a way to support inter-cultural education.

Above all, the University of Manitoba’s acceptance rate is 52%. A clear expression of their desire to train smart students.

What is the University of Manitoba Acceptance Rate for International Students?

International students at the University of Manitoba have given exceptional reviews about the school.

Indeed, their comments rotate around U of M’s excellence and commitment to deliver quality education.

The only difference between local and international students at the University of Manitoba is their tuition fees.

As expected, international students usually pay more so as to accommodate them fully.

The University of Manitoba understands that most international students come from non-English speaking countries.

Hence, they encourage them to take English courses and fulfill their English Language requirements.

The whole idea is for you to get a strong grip on the English language which will eventually help your communication.

In summary, the University of Manitoba’s acceptance rate for international students is 62%.

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What is the University of Manitoba Medical School Acceptance Rate?

The medical school is called Max Rady College of Medicine at the University of Manitoba.

As an exceptional college of medical, they offer many courses. These courses include;

  • Anaesthesia
  • Biochemistry and Medical Genetics
  • Clinical Health Psychology
  • Community Health Sciences
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • Family Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Human Anatomy and Cell Science
  • Immunology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Medical Education
  • Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
  • Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences
  • Ophthalmology
  • Otolaryngology
  • Pathology
  • Pediatrics and Child Health
  • Pharmacology and Therapeutics
  • Physiology & Pathophysiology
  • Psychiatry
  • Radiology
  • Surgery

The University of Manitoba usually involves the best hands who are well-experienced in training their students.

Therefore, these students learn first-hand and practicalize at the university’s medical centers.

So, the University of Manitoba medical college’s acceptance rate is 53%. The exact number as the general acceptance rate for the university.

All interested students can pursue degrees in any field if they fulfill the college’s admission requirements.

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Admission Requirements

All applicants to the Max Rady College of Medicine, University of Manitoba, will complete a 90-minute computer-based Situational Judgement Test, called CASPer™, as part of the selection process for their intake.

CASPer™, the Computer-based Assessment for Sampling Personal characteristics, is a web-based assessment of interpersonal skills and decision-making, to be completed at a computer. Successful completion of CASPer™ is necessary to maintain applicant eligibility.

CASPer™ assesses for non-cognitive skills and interpersonal characteristics that U of M believe are important for successful students and graduates of their program and will complement the other tools they basically use for applicant selection.

In implementing CASPer™, they’re trying further to enhance fairness and objectivity in our selection process.

The CASPer™ test comprises 10-12 sections of a video and written scenarios. Following each scenario, applicants will answer probing questions under a time contract.

Each response is graded by a different rater, giving a powerful and reliable view of personal and professional characteristics important to our program. No studying is required for Casper™.

Note: The University of Manitoba requires that you do well in health science subjects as a high school student. Furthermore, the U of M gives preference to Canadian citizens.

What is the University of Manitoba Engineering Acceptance Rate?

Engineering has been very primary to most of the innovations and breakthroughs that have moved humanity forward.

From aeroplanes to perfumes and energy, engineering is at the forefront of these developments.

At U of M, engineering degrees include Biosystems Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

In the same vein, their programs include Co-operative Education & Industrial Internship Program (IIP), Centre for Engineering Professional Practice and Engineering Education, ENGAP (Engineering Access Program) and WISE (Women in Science and Engineering).

Due to the value of programs that U of M offers, their engineering acceptance rate is similar to their overall acceptance.

Hence, the U of M faculty of engineering acceptance rate is 53%.

Admission Requirements

Ensuring you fulfil the admission requirements is very essential because it influences your next decision.

Because, when you fail to meet up to certain standards, the admission board will eventually drop your application.

However, you can avoid this when you read the full admission guide.

Full Requirement Guide

What are the Admission Requirements for the University of Manitoba?

Of course, before you enrol into a university, you need to meet certain requirements.

Whether you want to pursue an undergraduate program, master’s or even PhD program, certain requirements remain the same.

However, in order to provide you with proper guidance, we have outlined them into different degree programs.

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Bachelor Degree Requirements

As a student interested in pursuing a program at U of M, you must:

  • Be 17 or older before the start of the term.
  • Meet Canadian Study Permit (Visa) requirements.
  • Read, understand and abide by all program guidelines including the refund policy
  • Have an intermediate proficiency in English
  • All students take a placement test at the start of the term unless they meet the Level 5 Entrance Requirement. This result is used to place students in one of the five levels of IAEP.

Students with a minimum score of 4.5 in IELTS are usually guaranteed a place in the IAEP; however, students with a lower proficiency will be provided options to improve their English before entering IAEP.

Level 5 Entrance Requirement*:

IELTS (5.5 or higher), or
TOEFL (minimum 16 in each component and 70 overall), or
CanTEST (3.5 Listening, 3.5 Reading, 3.5 Writing), or
CAEL (50 or higher)

  • The ELC possesses the right to place a student in a level the Centre believes is appropriate for maximum learning, regardless of any standardized English proficiency test result.

TOEFL test scores must be made verifiable online by electronically releasing the result to our institution code: 0973

Test scores must be sent by the documentation deadline within the term you will be studying. Click here to view deadlines.

Students who have any of the test scores must submit an original copy or a scanned version of the original proficiency test score report by:

Mail: 520 University Centre
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada
Email: [email protected]

International Students

International students apply for U of M basically need to;

  • Demonstrate English language proficiency
  • Meet the general entrance requirement based on the country/curriculum of study; the requirements can be found below by clicking the regions or Common International Curricula, including the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the British patterned Education (GCE).
  • Meet program-specific requirements based on the program(s) of choice. Check your region below for specific country/curricular equivalency, or contact the admissions office at [email protected] for further details.

Depending on your home country, the button below clearly reveals all the necessary details about the different countries and their requirements.


The University of Manitoba continues to go higher in the university rankings.

In the World, U of M sits at number 231 in university rankings and also number 10 in the whole of Canada.

Indeed, this university has promise as they keep on building new bridges and creating new lines.

If you truly want to be an outstanding scholar, you must enroll in the University of Manitoba today.


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