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The University of Victoria undergraduate tuition and fees

If you are an undergraduate newbie at the University of Victoria, and you really don’t know your way around how to pay your fees or even how much it costs? Then I’ve got you.

Those are what I’m going to show you in the lines to follow.

The first thing you’d need to know is that UVic does not accept payment by credit card for acceptance deposits or tuition fees.

So all the tuition fee payments you will need to make will be made right there at the school.

To help you understand clearly what I want to show you, I’ll be answering some specific questions that may matter to you.

I request you just follow me very closely.

What Will My Tuition Fee Cost?

How much you pay as a tuition fee will depend so largely on the number of courses and classes you take.

Kindly click here; you’ll find a table where you can find your tuition fee as it applies to you and your program.

However, you can also use the tuition fee estimator to calculate how much you are likely going to pay as your tuition fee. Here’s a link to the tuition fee calculator.

How Can I Pay My Fees?

As I told you earlier, UVic does not accept payment by credit card for acceptance deposits or tuition fees. This applies to you, especially if you are a Canadian citizen.

If you are a Canadian citizen, you will need to follow the information below closely as it applies particularly to you.

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There are two payment channels available to you if you are a Canadian student. You could pay through online banking, and you could pay using cheques, bank drafts, cash, or debit cards.

Payments Using Online Banking

If you are a Canadian student and you want to pay through a Canadian financial institution, then you will need to read this part carefully.

Carefully follow the instructions from your financial institution’s online bill payment service for setting up a payee and sending payment.

Set up the payee as the University of Victoria Tuition, and the account number is set as your student number (e.g. V00XXXXXX).

Please, it is important to note that the payee name may vary slightly between financial institutions. Some may appear as the University of Victoria Tuition. Some may appear as Tuition Fees, while others may just appear as Fees, etc.  

However, if you are unable to identify the payee’s actual name, please contact your bank directly for assistance. 

It is you allow this transaction for at least 1-2 business days for the payment to be processed into your tuition account. You can simply check to see if payment has been processed by logging into MyPage.

Payments Using Bank Cheques, Drafts, Money Orders, Cash, or Debit Cards

If you wish to pay through any of these channels, then you would need to read this part very carefully.

Note that payments made through any of these channels are made in person and not by proxy.

If you wish to make your payment in cash or using your debit card, you will need to go make the payment in person at the tuition fees counter in the University Center in Room A115.

The Cashier hours are from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 pm from Monday through Friday.

If you are paying by cheque, it is important to ensure that your student number is on the front of the cheque.

You can simply drop off your cheque slip in the cheque slot located to the left of the cashier’s desk without really wasting your time.

Sadly, I may need to remind you that you may encounter long queues if you are paying late by cash or debit card close to the payment deadline.

It is also important to note that all debit cards have daily purchase limits; ensure that your limit is high enough to cover your tuition.

By mail:

Interestingly, contrary to what I thought, you can submit your payment cheque, money order, or bank draft by mail. Simply mail the document to:

The University of Victoria
Tuition fees
PO Box 1700,
Victoria, BC V8W 2Y2

While sending your mail, be careful to ensure that your student number is on the front of the cheque, money order, or bank draft and that your payment is made out to the “University of Victoria”.

Note: It can take up to 10 business days for payment by mail to be received and processed. Ensure that sufficient time is allowed if you choose to send your payment by mail.

Western Union GlobalPay for Students (for international payments only)

International students who wish to attend the University of Victoria can use this channel to lodge their payments.

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It might interest you to know that UVic has partnered with Western Union Business Solutions to provide international students with a fast and affordable way to make payments from outside of Canada.

The Western Union GlobalPay for Students service allows you to arrange payments in your own currency without having to worry about currency fluctuations or international wire fees.

Below are some of the benefits of using this channel:

  • You make payment in the currency of your choice, and the amount is then converted to Canadian dollars.
  • The exchange rate is competitive when compared to your financial institution’s retail rates, and bank service fees may be reduced since the wire transfer that you initiate is a local transfer.
  • There are NO transaction charges from Western Union or UVic, though you may be charged a transaction fee by your bank.

How To Pay For The University Of Victoria Tuition Fees Using Western Union GlobalPay For Students

To make a payment using Western Union GlobalPay for International Students, kindly follow the steps given below:

  1. Log on to the Western Union GlobalPay for Students system using your UVic student number and preferred contact email address. 
  2. For ’1-Tuition Fees,’ enter the amount owing on your tuition account summary.
  3. Select your local currency. The amount owing in your local currency will be automatically calculated.
  4. Select who is making the payment from the ‘Who is Paying’ drop-down list and complete the required payment details fields. If the payer is different from the student, you can enter the payer details here. 
  5. Confirm your quote by agreeing to the total cost in your home currency and agree to the conditions.
  6. Payment instructions will be sent to the email address provided. Print the payment instructions, take them to your bank and follow the instructions to transfer the required amount to Western Union Business Solutions. 
  7. Note:  the payment must be completed within 72 hours. If the 72-hour period has elapsed and you have not made the payment at your bank, go back to the Western Union GlobalPay for Students site to obtain a new quote. The expiry date is noted on the payment instructions page.

For students paying from India and Korea:

If you are an international student coming from either India or Korea, simply follow the steps above. Your payment instructions will direct you to make your payment through a specific bank in your home country.

For students paying from China:

  • There are three different options to make a payment to Western Union Business Solutions (click here for more details on these options).
  • Simply follow the steps above and choose your payment option when selecting your local currency on the GlobalPay for Students website.

Once funds have been transferred to Western Union, they will be credited to your UVic account in Canadian dollars.

No fees will be charged by UVic or Western Union Business Solutions when using this service, though your bank may charge a fee to make the local currency transfer.  

DO NOT SEND more than the tuition you are charged.  Any overpayments will be credited to future tuition and will not be refunded to the student. 

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The University of Victoria graduate tuition fees

If you are a graduate student attending the University of Victoria, Canada, this part is for you.

For degree students at the graduate level, tuition is assessed as a total degree program fee, not as a per-course fee.

Please note that minimum fee installments apply, regardless of your degree level or program timeline. For full details, continue reading.

Graduate Student Tuition Income Offset Plan

Interestingly, you have the option of participating in a Tuition Income Offset Plan to assist you in aligning the payment of your tuition with your award and/or employment income. 

The plan allows you to pay tuition in four installments over each four-month term and have the payments taken automatically from your bank account.

Standard Tuition Fees for Certificate and Diploma Programs

Tuition charged for Certificate and Diploma programs is paid by course on a per-unit basis at the Non-degree rate (some exceptions may apply).

The Standard Tuition Fees for Master’s Degrees

The minimum regular program fee for a master’s degree is 5.0 tuition installments which can consist of a combination of regular full and regular half-tuition installments.

One (1.0) additional regular tuition installment will be assessed if a student remains registered after having paid 5.0 regular full tuition installments (for a total regular tuition of 6.0).

Standard Tuition Fees for Doctoral Degrees

The minimum regular program fee for a Ph.D. degree is 7.5 tuition installments which can consist of a combination of regular full and regular half-tuition installments.

For example, in the case of a full-time student, the minimum regular program fee is assessed in seven regular full-tuition installments followed by one regular half-tuition installment. 

Current fees schedule

For current fees, see the tuition and fees schedule. You will be assessed based on the domestic fees if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

If you are an international student, international fees will be assessed if you are studying on a student visa.

In addition to tuition, you are required to pay other (ancillary) fees as part of student life at UVic and must arrange for appropriate medical insurance.

If you are studying at UVic as a non-degree student, you will pay for individual courses on a per-unit basis.

Please note:

  • Students enrolled in the graduate co-op program will pay a work term fee in addition to the program and other student fees.
  • Students who remain registered after exceeding the time limit for their degree (normally five years for a master’s degree and seven years for a doctoral degree) will be assessed a program extension fee at the regular tuition rate per term.

University of Victoria Tuition Fees: FAQs

Undergraduate Application Fees
If all applications come from Canada, the fee is $77.75
If any applications come from outside of Canada $132.00
Late fee (charged when the application is received after the published deadline) the fee will be $38.75 extra

Graduate Application Fees
All applications arriving from institutions within Canada is $126.50
Any applications arriving from institutions outside of Canada is $162.25

A detailed guideline has been given up there in the article. You may want to go back and read it up.

UVic is a good university.
UVic is considered to be the best in comp sci or other engineering majors.
It stands behind UofT, McGill or Waterloo in rankings. UVic has some great professors in engineering and if you’re sincere, you’re bound to do very well.

Domestic students pay a tuition of 5,761 CAD, while International students pay a tuition of 18,816 CAD.


I hope this article has answered some questions you may have had concerning UVic tuition fees. If there is any other thing you think you would need to know, do not hesitate to let us know in the comment section.


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