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Is the University of Waterloo your dream school? If so, then this article is what you need to get admitted to this prestigious school. In this article lies all the details you need to know before getting admission into the University of Waterloo.

Uwaterloo is Canada’s innovation university, a place where you can go beyond ideas and turn them into action. Students can earn money and explore careers before you graduate through their global network of 7,000 co-op employers

Hence, it is necessary to know the acceptance rate of this school so it will be easier for you to get admission. Also, this article will show you the admission requirements as well as how to apply for admission. just sit tight and explore all the exciting topics in this article.

What you need to Know About The University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is a public research university with the main campus in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Established in 1957, the University of Waterloo is amongst the best universities in Canada.

The university in Canada is keen to admit deserving and talented students, which is evident from the fact that 58% of the students enrolled at the university have an academic average of 90% or above (as per 2015 data).

The University of Waterloo is Canada’s innovation university, a place where you can go beyond ideas and turn them into action. The school unmatched entrepreneurial culture, intense focus on research and a broad range of programs make it one of the country’s top-ranked universities. Students can earn money and explore careers before you graduate through their global network of 7,000 co-op employers.

University of Waterloo Eligibility for International Students

The University of Waterloo has laid down several eligibility points, which candidates need to fulfill. These requirements range from general requirements to program specific requirements.

Precisely, candidates need to fulfill the following points, to get admission at the University of Waterloo: –

English Language Requirements

Being a university in Canada, English is the only language that is used for academic and official purposes at UWaterloo. Therefore, a candidate desirous of studying at UWaterloo has to be proficient in the language.

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International candidates can prove their efficiency in the English Language by achieving good and acceptable scores in various English Proficiency Tests. The University of Waterloo accepts the following tests’ scores as a measure of proficiency in English: –

Note: A few departments accept alternate minimum scores such as- Chemical Engineering; Civil and Environmental Engineering; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering; and Systems Design Engineering. Accounting and Finance; Applied Mathematics; Anthropology; Architecture; Classical Studies; Climate Change; Computer Science; Digital Experience Innovation; Economic Development and Innovation; English Language and Literature; Environment and Business; Environment, Resources and Sustainability; Fine Arts; Geography and Environmental Management; Global Governance; History; Philosophy; Planning; Public Health and Health Systems; Public Service; Quantitative Finance; Recreation and Leisure Studies; Religious Studies; Sociology and Legal Studies; Sustainability Management is also a few of them.

Academic / Course Specific Requirements

The University of Waterloo maintains a high standard for its batch quality and admits students with good academic records in the past. Also, some of the courses come with their own specific requirements, which candidates need to fulfill.

Some of the examples of these conditions are as follows: –

  • To take admission in a Graduate course, an Indian student needs to have completed his/her 4-year Bachelor degree, or a combination of 3-year Bachelor with Master’s degree. Such degree(s) should be completed in first class.
  • For admission in an Undergraduate Accounting and Financial Management course, a candidate needs to have minimum 85% marks in 10+2. Also, a minimum of 75% marks in English and Mathematics are required.

Candidates having a good academic history are eligible for scholarships also. Thus, the university makes sure that candidates get handsome benefits for their brilliant performances in the past.

Field/Level of study

  • The university offers undergraduate programs for high school, transfer and mature students.
  • It offers 180+ masters and doctoral programs.
  • Admission in UWaterloo is strictly based on the academic performance of the candidate.

All the programs are been run in the University of Waterloo main campus in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

University of Waterloo Admissions Schedule

The majority of the admission at the university is done for the Fall term. The classes or lectures in the fall term start in Early September.

Application deadlines for Fall Term for are as follow:

Start of Applications Mid-December (tentative)

Application deadline for International Students is March 30

Application Fee Charged is CAD 166 (OUAC Form 105F)

Exam Required are IELTS, TOEFL or one of the others (EFAS, CAEL, PTE, MELAB)

The last date to submit documents to UWaterloo (for international students) is April 6th

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In case enough number of applications are not received for a particular course, the deadlines can be extended also. Applications received after the deadlines will only be considered if the seats are not filled.

For Graduate courses, the deadlines depend on the course which a candidate is selecting. Since the number of Graduate courses is high deadlines for most of them are different, candidates are advised to visit this page for checking the deadline for applications: –

University of Waterloo Application Procedures

Admission Process at the University of Waterloo is straightforward and well defined. Candidates do get complete guidance on how to apply to the university.

Admission process, right from submitting your application to accepting the offers, looks like this: –

  • Application to Waterloo (by International Students) can be made through OUAC (Ontario Universities Application Centre). Before filling this form, candidates must check whether they meet the admission requirements or not.
  • Within 2 weeks of receiving the application, the university will send instructions for further steps. These instructions will be sent through email, from the address [email protected].
  • After this, candidates will need to create a Guest Account on the university servers. This will enable candidates to upload the required documents and will help them checking the application status.
  • Candidates can then use the ‘Application Information Form’, to further strengthen the chances of their admission.
  • International Candidates will then need to upload the official transcripts of their academic certificates, along with their English Proficiency Test Scores. This will complete the application.
  • If selected, candidates will be sent the application offer. Candidates can log in their OUAC account to check the offer. Candidates need to accept the offer within deadlines given, to be considered for further process.
  • Selected (international) candidates then need to apply for Study Permit and submit it to the university after they get it. Candidates who have taken admission in ‘Co-operative Education’ program need to get a work permit along with the study permit.
  • After this, candidates can pay the fee to complete the admission. They can further apply for residence if needed.

Admission Information Form at University of Waterloo

Although all the important details of candidates like their grades will get mentioned in the 105F form, the Admission Information Form adds something extra to your application. For admission at the University of Waterloo, a candidate’s AIF (Admission Information Form) can play a very important role.

Precisely, Admission Information Form is a form given to the candidate by UWaterloo where: –

  • Candidates can introduce themselves in a personalized and better manner
  • Candidates can mention their extra-curricular activities
  • Candidates can also mention some other factors which they want to highlight during their evaluation
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Admission Information Form, later on, becomes an important document for Faculty Scholarships also. Therefore, candidates must fill this form.

Form 105F for International Applicants

Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) has a specified form 105F for International Applicants. This form enables foreign candidates to apply to multiple universities of Ontario, from a single application.

A Candidate is eligible to use form 105F, provided he/she fulfills following conditions: –

  • The candidate currently resides outside of Canada, and
  • The candidate is not a permanent resident or citizen of Canada, and
  • The candidate is not attending Ontario High School Day Program.

There is a basic fee of CAD 156 that is to be paid by the candidates to use this form. An International Form Processing Fee of CAD 10 is also charged from International Application. Also, University of Waterloo charges a fee of CAD 85 as Supplemental or Document Evaluation Fee.

If a candidate applies to more than 3 courses, he/she may have to pay some additional charges also.

How is an application considered at the University of Waterloo?

The university has not defined that how an application is considered for Undergraduate Admissions. But, a very straightforward path for Graduate Admissions has been laid down.

For Graduate Admission, an application is evaluated and processed in 3 steps: –

  • The first step is the review by the academic unit (concerned faculty or school). It takes into account various factors like course taken, overall performance, references, research, etc.
  • After this, The Associate Dean’s Office reviews the application for admission requirements.
  • If approved by ADO, the application is sent to the Graduate Studies Office, where it is again evaluated. Here, activities like verifying the admissibility, evaluation departmental requirements, etc. are done. If approved by GSO, an offer for admission is issued.

For Undergraduate Admissions, a general evaluation procedure will include – Checking general admission requirements, checking program-specific requirements, evaluation of academic performance and English proficiency scores.

Application Deadlines for Individual Programs

Some of the programs have their own application deadline. A table depicting deadlines for such courses is present below. Also, the deadline for all the undergraduate courses except those mentioned below is March 30 only (for international students).

Course Application Deadline Last date to submit documents to UWaterloo
Accounting and Financial Management February 1 March 1
Architecture February 1 March 1
Engineering February 1 March 1
Software Engineering February 1 March 1
Conditional Admission to Pharmacy January 15 March 1

Application Deadlines for Part-Time and Online Studies

The University of Waterloo accepts the application for Part-Time and Online Studies in all 3 terms. The deadlines for such courses are as mentioned below: –

Term Applications start in Application deadline Last date to submit documents
Winter (January to April) July 1 November 1 December 1
Spring (May to August 2025 July 1 March 1 April 2
Fall (September to December 2025) Early October June 29 August 1

For students coming through exchange programs, the deadlines are April 1 for Fall Term, September 20 for winter term and December 1 for Spring term.

University of Waterloo Contact Details

Some important contact details useful for candidates seeking admission at the University of Waterloo are mentioned below: –

Graduate Studies And Post Doctoral Affairs
Needles Hall, Room 2201
200 University Avenue West
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3G1

Phone – 519-888-4567 ext. 35209

Graduate Studies Web Page –

For Undergraduate Admissions

Phone – 519-888-4567 ext. 33614

Email – [email protected]

Live Chat (During Working Hours)

Webpage –

Scholarship Link:


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