University of Northern Texas: UNT Scholarships

Students interested in the University of Northern Texas often wonder how they can finance the rising costs of higher education. Many students may not be aware that there are many ways to fund their education at the University of Northern Texas, like applying for the UNT Scholarships 2025.

One of the best ways to start your scholarship search to win any of the top scholarships offered to abroad students is to complete the FAFSA application. With this form, you can quickly determine if you qualify for funding at the federal or state level.

This post provides detailed information about the University of Northern Texas: UNT Scholarships and how you can successfully apply. You can scroll through the table of content below to get an overview of all this post entails.

In addition to the completion of FAFSA, the university offers several internal scholarships.

Students can start their search for UNT internal scholarships HERE.

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About the University of Northern Texas Scholarships 2025

The University of Northern Texas offers scholarships to national and international students at different degree levels to study any marketable courses.

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Level/Field of Study

These Scholarships are open to transfer students, new students, continuing undergraduate students, and graduate students(Masters, Ph.D.).

Some scholarships are open only to students specializing in specific fields, while others are available to students of all disciplines.

Host Nationality

These scholarships are offered by the University of Northern Texas, USA.

Eligible Nationality

The University of Northern Texas Scholarships is open to US citizens, non-citizens, and international students. There are also other scholarships like Mbbs scholarships that, as an international student, you can apply for in the USA.

How to Apply

Students must complete the General Scholarship Application HERE to apply for these scholarships.

University of Northern Texas Scholarships 2025

Below is a list of some scholarships available to undergraduate and graduate students at UNT:

  • UNT Excellence Scholarship
  • UNT Transfer Scholarship
  • Department-Sponsored Scholarships
  • UNT Scholarship for Graduate Students

UNT Excellence Scholarship

The University of Northern Texas is pleased to offer excellent scholarships to incoming first-year students with a proven academic success track record. There are five levels of excellence scholarships.

Host/Eligible Nationality: The University of North Texas Scholarship is open to Texas residents, non-Texas residents, and other eligible international students.

Level/Field of Study: This scholarship is open to incoming freshmen of UNT who have graduated in the top half of their high school class.

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All applicants must have at least 24 in their ACT or 1100 in their SAT exam to be eligible.

Scholarship Worth: The scholarship varies from $1,000 to $10,000. The exact amount depends primarily on your test scores and rank in your graduating class.

Application Deadline: The application has closed.

Application Link: Students wishing to apply for this scholarship can find application information by clicking on the link below:

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UNT Transfer Scholarship

This offer is open only to students who have started their studies at another institution and intend to transfer to UNT.

Host/Eligible Nationality: This UNT Scholarship 2025 is open to Texas, non-Texas residents, and other eligible international students.

Scholarship Worth: Successful applicants receive scholarship awards ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 based on their transfer cumulative grade point average.

All students must have an average of at least 3.0 points from their current college or university to be eligible. In addition, students must have completed at least 45 hours.

Application Deadline: The application has closed.

Application Link: Interested students can get more information on the application for this scholarship by clicking on the link below:

Department-Sponsored Scholarships

In addition to the Scholarships above, some departments have their scholarships.

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Departments manage their scholarship processes for donor-funded scholarships.

The department awarding the scholarship is always the first point of contact for any question related to the scholarship.

If the applicant intends to become a student in one of the departments managing their scholarships, they can contact the department directly to obtain the eligibility criteria and the application process.

Application Deadline: Application deadlines may vary among the various departments offering the scholarship.

Application Link: For more information on the departmental scholarships and list of departments with scholarships, interested applicants can click on the link below:

Scholarships for Graduate Students

Graduate students with an average score of at least 3.25 GPA can also apply for the University of Northern Texas Scholarships 2025.

In addition, new students must be officially admitted to a UNT graduate program before receiving the scholarship.

Continuing students may also apply for this scholarship, given they have a 3.25 GPA.

Application Deadline: The deadline for application varies.

Application Link: For more information on the scholarship and how to apply, interested students should click on the link below:


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