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An online school such as Virtual High School is an easier and more convenient way to learn in recent times. You can get access to all educational information at the click of a mouse and just sitting at the four-corner of your room.

It is totally acceptable in every setting as a viable and standard system of education, especially for distant learners.

It also awards degrees and diplomas that are acceptable. Online schools are not just for tertiary education seekers but for secondary school diplomas. One such online school in Canada is Virtual High school.

In this article, we will explore all that you need to know about Virtual High school.

About Virtual High School

Virtual High School, VHS, is a secondary school that offers a standard quality of education and credit courses of Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) to students from all over the world. Virtual High school is a completely online school. It is an asynchronous and a private school which has been inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

The School is a completely online school so the courses can be taken up from any corner of the universe. The final exams also are fully online and the courses are available for anyone anywhere in the world and can be accessed at any time of the day.

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VHS is open throughout the year which implies that students can register of the year. Once registered, the student will be placed to their courses within twenty-four hours of application.

Virtual High School Courses

Grade nine courses:

  1. Integrated arts
  2. Introduction to business
  3. Issues in Canadian geography
  4. English, academic
  5. English, applied,
  6. Core French, academic
  7. Core French, applied
  8. Principles of mathematics, academic
  9. Foundations of mathematics applied
  10. Mathematics transfers course, applied to academics
  11. Healthy active living
  12. Science, academic
  13. Science applied

For more information on ninth-grade courses, Click here

Tenth-grade courses

  1. Introduction to business
  2. Canadian history since World War I, academic
  3. Canadian history since World War I, applied
  4. Civics and citizenship
  5. English, academics
  6. English, applied
  7. Career studies
  8. Foundations of mathematics applied
  9. Principles of mathematics, academics
  10. Science, academic

For more information on tenth-grade courses, please, visit the school website or follow the link to be automatically redirected:

Eleventh-grade courses

  1. Music, university/college preparation
  2. Fundamentals of financial accounting, university/college preparation
  3. American history, university/college preparation
  4. World history to the end of the fifteenth century, university/college preparation
  5. Media studies
  6. English, university/college preparation
  7. Designing your future, university/college preparation
  8. Philosophy, university/college preparation
  9. Introduction to computer science, university/college preparation
  10. Foundations for college mathematics, university/college preparation
  11. Functions and applications, university/college preparation
  12. Functions, university / college preparation
  13. Health for life, university/college preparation
  14. Biology, university/college preparation
  15. Chemistry, university/college preparation
  16. Physics, university/college preparation 579
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Twelfth-grade courses:

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  • Drama, university / college preparation
  • Music, university/college preparation
  • International business fundamentals, university / college preparation
  • World issues; a geographic analysis, university/college preparation
  • Canada history, identity, and culture, university/college preparation
  • World history since the fifteenth century, university/college preparation
  • Analyzing current economic issues, university/college preparation
  • Canadian and international politics, university/college preparation
  • English, university/college preparation
  • Studies in literature, university/college preparation
  • The writer’s craft, university/college preparation
  • Core French, university/college preparation
  • Nutrition and health, university/college preparation
  • Families in Canada, university/college preparation
  • Challenges and changes in society, university/college preparation
  • Philosophy; theories and questions, university/college preparation
  • Computer science, university/college preparation
  • Interdisciplinary studies, data science, university/college preparation
  • Foundations for college medicine, university/college preparation
  • Mathematics for college technology, university/college preparation
  • Calculus and vectors, university/college preparation
  • Mathematics of data management, university/college preparation
  • Advanced functions, university / college preparation
  • Ontario secondary school literacy course
  • Introduction to Kinesiology, university/college preparation
  • Biology, university/college preparation
  • Chemistry, university/college preparation
  • Science, university/college preparation
  • Physics, university/college preparation

For more information on twelfth-grade courses, please, visit the school website or follow the link to be automatically redirected:

For more information on the list of courses available at the Virtual High School: please visit the school website or follow the link to be automatically redirected:

Virtual High School Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at Virtual High School is 100%.

Virtual High School Tuition

The tuition fees at Virtual High School varies from grade to grade and from Canadian to international students.

  • Ninth grade Canadian students: 479 dollars
  • Ninth grade international students: 579 dollars
  • Tenth-grade Canadian students: 479 dollars
  • Tenth-grade international students: 579 dollars
  • Eleventh-grade Canadian students: 579 dollars
  • Eleventh-grade international students: 679 dollars
  • Twelfth-grade Canadian students: 579 dollars
  • Twelfth-grade international students: 679 dollars
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However, some courses have lower tuition fees:

  1. Civics and citizenship 399 dollars for Canadian students and 499 dollars for international students.
  2. Career studies 399 dollars for Canadian students and 499 dollars for international students.

Virtual High School Admission

Application for admission into the Virtual High School is fully online and available for any student in any corner of the universe. The applications can be assessed at the official school website:

Virtual High School Scholarships

The scholarships as awarded by the school is based on merit and awarded to students who best showed examples of the excellent works done by the staff of the students as impacted to their students.

The scholarship is awarded to the students with the best turn-in of the questions asked

  • “How did your Virtual High School
  • Teacher or site coordinator
  • Impact your online learning experience”
  • The scholarship is given to the winner and runners-up.

The scholarship is worth 1000 dollars for the overall winner and 500 dollars each for the first two runners-up.

The answers to the questions can be submitted at, with more information on the scholarship:

Local: 1-416-800-1188

Toll-free: 1-866-679-9377

Fax: 1-519-565-4100

Physical Office:

27 Main Street North, Box 402

Bayfield, Ontario, Canada

N0M 1G0

Official school website


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