Waterset Charter School | What You Should Know Before Applying In 2025

If you’re in Florida, Appolo Beach to be precise and you’re looking for a charter school for your kids or wards, this article on Waterset Charter School, is for you.

We will explore the various reasons why you should choose Waterset Charter School. The mode of application, student capacity, staff strength, and a lot more.

About Waterset Charter School

Waterset Charter School is situated near Apollo Beach, Florida, a remote outlying area. Waterset Charter School is a K–8 institution with 1,170 students enrolled. At Waterset Charter School, 64% of students achieved math proficiency at or above the proficient level, and 64% achieved reading proficiency at or above the proficient level.

58% of the school’s students are from minority groups. Twenty is a worse student-teacher ratio than the district average. There are 50% female students and 50% male pupils in the student body. 28% of the pupils enrolled at the school are from low-income families. There are 1 full-time school counselor and 59 equivalent full-time instructors.

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Why Should I Go To Waterset Charter School?

Waterset Charter School is a public charter school located in Apollo Beach, Florida, that serves students in grades K-8. The school’s mission is to provide a high-quality, personalized education to students that will prepare them for success in college, career, and life.

The school offers a range of programs and activities that may appeal to students with various interests and learning styles, including project-based learning, STEM education, music, art, and physical education. The school also has a focus on character education, with a goal of fostering traits such as respect, responsibility, and perseverance in its students.

Additionally, Waterset Charter School is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI), which means that the school has met certain standards of academic excellence and institutional quality.

If you are considering attending Waterset Charter School, it would be helpful to research the school’s academic programs, extracurricular activities, and overall culture to determine whether it is the right fit for you.

You may also want to visit the school in person, attend an information session, or speak with current students, teachers, and parents to gain a better understanding of the school community.

How To Apply To Waterset Charter School

The school is always accepting applications through its online enrollment method. Apply online using a computer, smartphone, or tablet for the 2025–23 academic year! Please get in touch with the school if you need help or don’t have internet access.

Please visit our Enrollment Q&A below for more details on how to apply for the upcoming school year.

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Open Enrollment and Lottery

Open enrollment for the 2025–2025 school year is from January 9 to February 11 (but you can still apply beyond that date).

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All applications filed during Open Enrollment, whether filed on the first or last day of Open Enrollment, will be given the same opportunity to be accepted. The lottery’s results will be made public on February 24, 2025.

During the Open Enrollment period, if more applications are received than there are seats available for any grade level, a computer-generated, random lottery will be used to select the students who will be given seats at the school.

The lottery results will be emailed to the address you supplied, and they will also be visible on your SchoolMint Dashboard. To learn more about lottery choices, enrollment, and registration, please read our Lottery Rules and Procedures.

Enrolling with our Online Registration

Please log in via the SchoolMint Dashboard to complete the three-step registration procedure once a student has been offered a spot at our school. Accept the offer first within seven calendar days. Second, after accepting the offer, register online via the School Dashboard within 14 calendar days.

Third, after accepting the offer, upload the necessary documentation within 14 business days. Call the school’s enrollment office to arrange a time to bring the documents in if you are unable to upload them. We are pleased to help you!
Documents needed to complete enrollment:

  • Birth certificate
  • Parent/Guardian driver’s license
  • Proof of Residence
  • Immunization
  • Physical (list form and specifics)
  • Special Education documents (EP, IEP, 504, ESOL), if applicable
  • Custody court documents, if applicable
  • Etc…

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Controlled Border Enrollment

The state of Florida favors open borders. A parent from any school district in the state may enroll and transport their child to any public school, including charter schools, that has not reached capacity, under the terms of controlled open enrollment.

For more information, please read our Lottery Rules and Procedures and FL DOE’s website: http://www.fldoe.org/schools/school-choice/other-school-choice-options/controlled-open-enrollment.stml.

Waterset Charter School Staff

Waterset Charter School employs a team of dedicated staff members who work to provide students with a high-quality, personalized education. The staff includes:

  1. Teachers – The school’s teaching staff includes certified educators who are trained to deliver a curriculum that is aligned with state standards and personalized to meet the needs of individual students.
  2. Support staff – Waterset Charter School also employs support staff, such as instructional aides, office staff, and custodians, who play important roles in maintaining a safe, clean, and organized learning environment.
  3. Administrators – The school’s administrative staff includes a principal and assistant principal who oversee day-to-day operations and work to create a positive school culture that fosters academic achievement and personal growth.
  4. Special education staff – Waterset Charter School has a team of special education staff members who work to support students with disabilities and ensure that they receive the services and accommodations they need to succeed academically.

Overall, the staff members at Waterset Charter School are committed to providing students with a supportive and engaging learning environment that prepares them for success in college, career, and life.

Kindly click here to look at the personal qualifications of all the staff of Waterset Charter School.

Waterset Charter School 2025 Rankings

All Rankings

School Capacity

The school has a capacity up to take up to 1,145 students.

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Student Capacity (Seat Availability) By Grade Level As Of This Quarter 

Below is Waterset Charter School student capacity/seat availability, by grade level. The information is required to be updated every 12 weeks –please note that the capacity number may change during the 12-week period as family members may withdraw or new families apply.

If you are interested apply to Waterset Charter School get added to the school’s waiting list if there’s no current availability and/or reach out to our school for the status. Submit your application here.

FAQs For Waterset Charter School

How can I find out information about your school?

We encourage our interested families to attend an enrollment information session to find out more about our school’s programs and offerings as this is the perfect platform to ask your questions to faculty and staff. We also offer tours on an ongoing basis. Visit our events page to see a list of information sessions and tours being offered.

Are there age restrictions for school grade levels?

Florida law (Section 1003.21(1)(a)2, Florida Statutes) specifies that children who have attained the age of five years on or before September 1 of the school year are eligible for admission to public kindergarten during that school year.

How can I apply if I do not have a computer or internet access?

Contact our school for assistance.

Can I list all my children on one application?

Each child’s application becomes part of their registration in our student information system where grades, schedules and attendance is stored. Please complete a separate application for each one of your children and list the siblings within each application to receive sibling preference.

If my child is a current student, do I need to apply again?

No, your child automatically has a space in the appropriate grade if the Intent to Return for the next school year is completed by the deadline.

If I have one child who currently attends your school and I would like my other child to attend, what should I do?

You need to fill out an application during open enrollment for the other child. Please remember to list the currently enrolled student under the “sibling attending” section of the application to receive sibling preference in the lottery.

Open Enrollment has ended, am I still able to apply?

We continuously accept applications through the last day of the school year that you are applying for. If there is a seat available in the grade level that you are applying for, an offer will be made through email. If there are no openings in the grade level you are applying for, your child’s application will be placed on the waitlist in the date order the application was received.

If my child is on the waitlist, do I need to contact you to find out where he/she stands on the list?

Parents can log in to the SchoolMint Dashboard at any time to find where their child is on the waitlist.

My child is on the waitlist but has moved down a spot. How is this possible?

Undoubtedly this is frustrating. We follow the preferences permitted by the state (sibling, military, employee, etc.). For example, when one sibling is accepted and has another sibling waitlisted in another grade, that waitlisted sibling gets an enrollment preference, meaning they move to the top of the waitlist. This means that occasionally parents will see their children move down the list instead of up.

What happens if my child’s name is chosen during the lottery?

You will be contacted by email if your child is offered a seat or placed on the waitlist. Once your student receives an offer, you will need to log in via the School Mint Dashboard and accept the offer within 7 calendar days or the offer will be automatically declined. After accepting the offer, you will have 14 calendar days to complete the online registration in the SchoolMint Dashboard and provide all the required documents. Please see the Enrolling with our Online Registration section above for the specific documents required.

Is there a tuition fee to attend? 

No, we are a public school and there is no cost to attend.

Does my child need to wear a uniform?

We have a dress code at school. Students must follow the dress code every day. More information regarding our dress code can be found on our website under the Parents tab.

Who is eligible to attend?

Waterset Charter School is open to K-8 school-aged students who reside in Florida.

Is a meal service available?

Breakfast and lunch services will be available to all students. Breakfast costs $1.50 and lunch costs $2.85. Reduced breakfast costs $.30 and reduced lunch costs $.40. Waterset Charter School will participate in the National School Lunch Program and free or reduced pricing will be available to those students who meet the guidelines. Please see the Meal Service page.

Where can I purchase uniforms?

School uniforms must be purchased exclusively from a Waterset Charter School-approved vendor only. Please see the School Uniforms page.

What school supplies are needed?

School Supplies should be brought in to the homeroom teacher on the first day of school. Please see the School Supplies page for more information.

Does the school provide transportation?

Waterset Charter does not provide bus transportation. Parents are encouraged to carpool and make sure that students are dropped off and picked up according to posted school hours.

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Waterset Charter School is a public charter school located in Apollo Beach, Florida, that provides students in grades K-8 with a high-quality, personalized education.

With a focus on character education, project-based learning, STEM education, and a range of extracurricular activities, the school offers a well-rounded educational experience that prepares students for success in college, career, and life.

Waterset Charter School’s accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement further demonstrates the school’s commitment to academic excellence and institutional quality.

If you are considering attending Waterset Charter School, it may be worth exploring its academic programs, extracurricular activities, and culture to determine whether it is the right fit for you.


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