15 Best Welding Schools in Colorado in  Requirements

Finding the finest welding schools in Colorado that meet your budget and lifestyle might take much work. However, a career in welding can be quite rewarding, with excellent travel and income opportunities.

Already a lucrative sector, welding is only growing. Welders with training and a strong work ethic are in demand by businesses around the nation. If you want to begin your welding career while demand is high, a well-rounded welding school will prepare you for the field.

You can find reliable welding schools in Colorado that will satisfy your needs. Consider welding as a career path if you enjoy working with your hands. You can select classes that are suitable for your level of expertise. 

So let me walk you through a list of the top 15 welding programs in Colorado for 2025.

What is Welding?

Welding is a type of fabrication that involves the melting and cooling metals or thermoplastics. Unlike brazing and soldering, welding melts the base metal.

Arc, laser, electron beam, friction, and ultrasound welding are a few of the several kinds of welding. Welding is done in the open air, underwater, and in space.

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What Do Welders Do?

Welders handle a wide range of tasks. However, four duties are of exceptionally high importance:

  • Examining and comprehending precise drawings, plans, and directions. A welder should also be able to follow these directions correctly.
  •  Fundamental structure/material analysis to decide on the best approaches for a great outcome. There are roughly 100 different welding techniques, including gas tungsten arc, shielded metal arc, and gas metal arc.
  •  Depending on the approach chosen, the use of the proper instruments
  •  Maintaining tools and equipment to ensure they are up to par. There are many various kinds of tools, including manual and electronic ones. Welders may need to employ several tool combinations to do their jobs correctly.

Why You Should Attend Welding Schools

The welding training course provides a comprehensive overview of the subject, the best welding techniques, and your desired welding field. Without adequate training, no professional welder can be qualified.

Getting quality welding training from one of the leading welding schools in Colorado may boost your marketability. Enrolling in official welding classes allows unemployed people to become well-paid, accomplished craftspeople.

Reasons you should attend welding schools

Employers Prefer Applicants with Welding Training

A high school diploma or equivalent is technically all you need to work as a welder; some firms may only require it.

Companies frequently prefer formal welding education from a trade school or comparable post-secondary institution, so you may need this training to find work.

Higher Pay Potential with More Education

Attending welding school isn’t only a fantastic method to get a career; it may also help you earn more money once you’re in it.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a clear connection between education and income. The average weekly wage of people with an associate’s degree is higher than those with only a high school diploma.

Welding School Teaches Welding Fundamentals

Welding training can include structural, flux core, and pipe welding. Students at the best Welding Schools in the U.S. can also learn about welding safety, understanding welding symbols, and job preparation.

Welders operate in many industries, from automotive to infrastructure, and welding school graduates can find entry-level jobs in many of these professions.

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Seize Welding Industry Networking Opportunities

Like higher education institutions, the best welding schools allow students to build a professional network of teachers and peers.

Many instructors who offer welding courses are welders or have retired from the field.

Many welding instructors want to assist their students in developing the skills necessary to succeed in the metal fusing profession.

Take Advantage Of Career Services After Graduation

The student-school relationship does not have to cease after graduation with the best welding schools.

Best welding schools help students discover jobs and other career services to help them succeed in the trade. These services frequently involve interview prep, resume writing, and bringing in companies.

How Much Do Welders Make in Colorado?

The average annual wage for welders in Colorado is around $47,467, or $22.29 per hour. It exceeds the national average pay of $39 390 ($18.94 per hour) by a significant margin.

The typical annual compensation for the top 10% welders in Colorado is roughly $68 520. The top 10% of welders nationwide make $62 100 a year simultaneously.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Welder?

Welders are essential in the mechanical professions because they fuse the metal joints required for anything from scooters to skyscrapers. Some organizations demand welding certification for specific occupations. Many firms prefer to recruit applicants who have undergone technical training because it is specialized labor that might have safety ramifications if done incorrectly.

It may take a while to get these qualifications depending on the welder training program and certification you’re searching for. Depending on the school you select, welding training typically takes seven months and two years of hands-on teaching.

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What is the Cost of Getting Certified in Welding Schools in Colorado?

The price of your welder certification training will primarily rely on the institution you choose to attend. The cost of tuition may also vary based on several additional factors, including the state, program length, and type of training.

While some courses need up to 4 years to complete, others give certification following a 7-month training period.

The typical starting price for a 3- to 7-month course at a welding school is around $5,000. In contrast, you could have to pay an average of $15,000 for a 15-month welding program at a college.

Based on your desire, a college degree may be more helpful than shorter and less expensive welding training.

Best Welding Schools in Colorado

Here are our top picks on the best welding schools in Colorado in 2025: 

  1. Lincoln Tech Denver
  2. Northeastern Junior College
  3. Pikes Peak Community College
  4. Pickens Technical College
  5. Aims Community College
  6. Community College of Denver
  7. Colorado Mountain College
  8. Morgan Community College
  9. Emily Griffith Technical College
  10. Colorado Community College
  11. Trinidad State College
  12. Kilroy’s Workshop
  13. Red Rocks Community College
  14. Front Range Community College, Westminster
  15. Pueblo Community College

#1. Lincoln Tech Denver

Since 1946, Lincoln Tech has been a top source of technical skill training. The institution aims to offer top-notch education and preparation for in-demand professions. Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges has granted Lincoln Tech accreditation.

In the following areas: automotive, skilled trades, health sciences, culinary, spa & technology, and information technology, Lincoln Tech provides a wide range of programs. After completing the Welding Technology program, people will be ready for entry-level jobs in the welding sector.

 There are also daytime and evening sessions available.

Website: Lincoln Tech Denver

#2. Northeastern Junior College

Northeastern Junior College’s welding technology program teaches basic and advanced welding techniques.

Students must pass the Welder Performance Qualification Test and read and interpret welding blueprints.

Also, students can select the classes, and times that work best for them! They can also take the courses at their own pace.

Website: Northeastern Junior College

#3. Pikes Peak Community College

In 1968, Pikes Peak Community College first welcomed students. It is now the most extensive and most varied higher education facility in Southern Colorado. The institution has three main sites; each year, over 20.000 students attend. 

Over 150 degree and certificate programs are available at the school. There are day and evening sessions and online programs. You can get five certifications in welding technology to earn a degree. Within a year of graduation, 86% of graduates land a job in the welding industry.

An Associate of Applied Science in Welding degree is available. Besides general education coursework, students must complete courses in structural welding, oxy-fuel and plasma cutting, welding safety, and blueprint reading. 

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This school offers the following certificate programs:

  • Entry-level welding.
  •  Shielded metal arc welding.
  •  Pipe welding.
  •  Machining for welders.
  •  Gas metal arc welding.
  •  Gas tungsten arc welding.

Website: Pikes Peak Community College

#4. Pickens Technical College

Pickens Technical College offers a two-year curriculum. It teaches students how to operate equipment, interpret blueprints, and alter equipment controls to manage gas flow, among other things.

The curriculum involves instruction in both theory and practical welding methods. The school uses contemporary welding gear and equipment to guarantee that its pupils receive the most recent information.

The American Welding Society Plate Certification test is used to verify welding proficiency. A total of 1,080 clock hours and 55 credit hours make up the curriculum.

Website: Pickens Technical College

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#5. Aims Community College

Aims Community College offers a wide range of study options. Welding certificates from the College allow students to learn about the subject and develop skills in less time than it takes to complete a degree program.

It aims to provide five different welding certificates, each covering a different welding technique, such as pipe welding, metal fabrication, and arc welding.

The college also provides a more comprehensive certificate program that combines most of its certificates into a single program.

Furthermore, the certificate programs can assist students in preparing for the welding technology degree program.

Website: Aims Community College

#6. Community College of Denver

Because of its convenient location, this school is a popular choice. The Community College of Denver’s fabrication welder program teaches students the fundamentals of welding and prepares them for entry-level positions.

This program lasts approximately two years and requires students to be full-time for three semesters.

Students will receive a Fabrication Welder Certificate after completing 53 credits. Other classes for a variety of welding-related careers are also available.

Website: Community College of Denver

#7. Colorado Mountain College

Colorado Mountain College, at its main campus in Glenwood Springs, offers several welding certificate programs at various campuses. Students can earn the Rifle campus’s basic welding and cutting certificate by taking the following courses: safety for welders, basic shielded metal arc welding, and oxyacetylene joining processes.

Additionally, students must attend the West Garfield campus to pursue the pipe welding certificate. This certificate program comprises 8 credits divided into two pipe welding courses.

Website: Colorado Mountain College

#8. Morgan Community College

Morgan Community College, founded in Fort Morgan, offers a variety of welding certificate programs, including gas tungsten arc and gas metal arc welding, AWS skills welding, and shielded metal arc welding.

A certificate program takes 30 to 35 credits, depending on which certificate the student pursues.

Students pursuing a higher-level degree should consider the school’s Associate of Applied Science in Welding Technology degree program.

This is a 63-credit program that requires students to complete an internship besides the required welding classes.

Website: Morgan Community College

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#9. Emily Griffith Technical College

The two welding programs at Emily Griffith Technical College are separate (1 and 2).

Students have first-hand exposure to welding processes in Welding 1. 

Welding techniques, equipment setup, safety, and fundamental welding metallurgy are all heavily emphasized in this course. In addition, the students will study several subjects, such as welding positions and metal kinds.

Welding 2 includes hands-on instruction in more advanced welding techniques, allowing students to increase their abilities to weld in specified locations and successfully cut pipes.

It provides full-time and part-time academic schedules to suit the hectic schedules of its students. Students can learn to use the best tools and procedures for tough welds.

Website: Emily Griffith Technical College

#10. Colorado Community College

Colorado Community College are an excellent place to change your life and begin a new career.

The school has some of the best labs, classes, and teachers in the region, and it will provide you with all the help you require. Your stay here will be delightful because of the fantastic campus atmosphere and fun activities.

One of the best options here is a welding program, which will provide you with a high-paying job in the shortest amount of time. Discover the allure of this job with its fantastic program and curriculum.

Website: Colorado Community College

#11. Trinidad State College

Trinidad State College provides a welding technology curriculum to prepare students for a professional future in welding construction and fabrication work.

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An NCCER Certified teacher who teaches the curriculum in a classroom setting and via project-based learning. Students get practical instruction in metal arc, oxyacetylene, tungsten, structural welding, pipe welding, and workplace safety.

Website: Trinidad State College

#12. Kilroy’s Workshop

You should start your welding education at Kilroy’s Workshop. They provide enjoyable sessions for people looking to pick up a new pastime but also have a training facility for professionals.

Kilroy maintains small class sizes and customizes every visit to the student’s ability levels. Additionally, they provide outstanding lessons in forging and creating leather sheaths.

For those aged 16 and above, The Workshop provides test preparation for the American Welding Society D1.1 3G Test in GMAW and MIG.

They claim to have a high bar for their pupils, even though their institution offers professional instruction!

Website: Kilroy’s Workshop

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#13. Red Rocks Community College

You may get a certificate in oxyfuel welding and cutting, shielded metal arc welding, flux core arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, or gas metal arc welding at Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood.

One further degree option for students is an Associate of Applied Science in Welding. Technical writing, public speaking, conceptual physics, and career math are among the general education subjects included in this curriculum.

Courses in computer-aided drawing, oxyacetylene joining techniques, and flux-cored arc welding are also part of the 64-credit associate’s degree program.

Website: Red Rocks Community College

#14. Front Range Community College, Westminster

The Front Range provides welding associate’s degrees and a Welding Fundamentals Certificate to prepare students for welding careers.

They provide a range of welding programs, from arc welding to creative metalworking. Their lecturers are qualified welding specialists, welding inspectors, and welders.

There are several sites for Front Range Community College in Westminster and around the state.

Website: Front Range Community College, Westminster

#15. Pueblo Community College

Students can earn several welding credentials at Pueblo Community College. An option is the Associate of Applied Science in Welding program at Pueblo Community College.

Courses in mechanical drawing and machining technologies are offered in the curriculum. Regarding topics like applied metal characteristics and layout and fabrication, the course curriculum for the associate’s degree and certificate programs is comparable.

Additionally, the school’s welding facility is open to students.

Website: Pueblo Community College

Requirements to Get Into Welding Schools in Colorado

You must successfully finish the certificate programs and an apprenticeship under the guidance of a certified welder to become a welder. A high school diploma can be required to compete in welding programs.

Despite this, most individuals attend community colleges or technical schools to learn their trades and upgrade their abilities, and employers favor those with certification.

Meanwhile, getting on-the-job training is as essential, and many get it by serving as apprentices.

The educational requirements listed below may be necessary to become a welder.

  • An associate’s degree
  • Bachelor degree
  • Scores from GCSE
  • Apprenticeship
  • The must-have welding certificates

What Skills are Needed to Become a Welder?

The skills that practical welders possess are:

  • Strong focus on the details
  • Basic terms for metal and welding
  • Understanding of welding safety regulations and procedures
  • Remarkable tenacity and agility
  • Efficient cooperation between the two
  • Aptitude for managing time
  • The ability to be organized while locating and storing welding tools
  • Knowledge of sophisticated welding gear and torches

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Requirements to Apply to Welding Schools in Colorado

Here are the criteria to qualify to apply to a welding school:

  • Diploma and GED
  •  Must e 16-18 years and above
  •  Basic maths skill requirement
  •  Knowledge and the ability to use the required welding tools, clothing, and equipment
  •  The capacity to work securely in a shop
  •  The ability to lift 50 pounds to eye level
  •  Good eyesight.
  •  The capacity to verbally converse in a noisy retail setting
  •  The power to loudly identify mechanical faults
  •  Proficiency with diagnostic flow charts
  •  The capacity to comprehend and remember information from service repair manuals
  •  Being able to read an LCD on welding equipment visually
  •  To weld in any position, one must be agile and mobile.
  •  Being able to stand for extended periods


Is welder school Hard?

Since welding is a hands-on activity that calls for more than simply reading, it may be moderately to very challenging for most individuals to learn how to accomplish. In addition, most people find it quite difficult to do welding since it requires years and years of experience besides knowing how to do it.

Are certified welders in demand?

Metal fabrication, the automotive sector, manufacturing, construction, transportation, and other professions and businesses all need welders. As a result, welders have many career prospects in the industry.

Is welding a promising career in 2025?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that there will be more job vacancies for welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers in the upcoming years. We’re thrilled to collaborate with programs that provide training in this expanding profession due to this rise.


Do you want a job that with lots of opportunities? Welding is an excellent option for those who enjoy using their hands and want to contribute significantly.

Colorado residents who want to become welders should read this page, choose a program, and then begin the application process.


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