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One thing that sets a student apart when applying to a highly prestigious school is the study attitude. Yonsei University is one of those that won’t consider you for admission if you won’t work hard.

Read this university review on its acceptance rate, admission, cost, program, and ranking.

The table of contents provided below will give you an overview.

About Yonsei University

Isn’t it prominent to say this institution was the first Western institution of learning ever erected in Korea? Well, established in 1885, Yonsei University has long been an advocate of truth and freedom.

Constantly upholding its mission of truth and freedom, it has become the center of attraction for global attention for its ability to sustain development in global issues like climate change, poverty, and inequality.

Furthermore, Yonsei University has both an extensive global network and intensive collaboration with over 660 partner organizations in eastern Asia and all the parts of the world.

Programs in major research areas are available to students across medicine, biochemistry, engineering, human health, materials science, chemistry, neuroscience, humanities, and social sciences.

Currently, this institution of higher learning is home to over 38,000 students with undergraduate and graduate programs to suit them all.

Yonsei University Address

This private research university is located at 50Yonsei-ro, Sinchon-dong, Seodaemungu, Seoul, Seoul South Korea.

What is the Acceptance Rate at Yonsei University?

At the time of publishing this article, the acceptance rate for this university isn’t available. Hence, the estimated rate for accepting international students into Yonsei University is about 40%.

What this means is that you have to study your way through the institution as it is highly competitive.

What are the Admission Requirements at Yonsei University?

Students who intend to make Yonsei University their study location should make sure they go through the admission requirements below.

Also, you can apply directly through the Office of International Affairs, Yonsei University (this is exclusively for international students).

Admission Requirements

  • Official Transcript
  • Proof of Language Proficiency
    TOEFL: 79(iBT), 213 (cBT), 550 (pBT)
    IELTS: 6.5
    KLAT: Level 4
    TOPIK: Level 4
  • Photo
  • Passport Copy
  • Health Insurance Documents
  • CGPA of 2.7 on a scale of 4.3
  • Non-refundable application fee of KRW 100,000

Application Procedure

  • Create an ID at
  • Complete the online application
  • Pay the application fee
  • Receive a letter of admission via email
  • Pay the tuition and apply for accommodation

Yonsei University Accreditation

This private research university has got institutional accreditation from the Ministry of Education of Korea.

Also, it has got memberships and affiliations with the Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia (ACUCA) and the Open Education Consortium (OEC).

Yonsei University Rankings

According to the US News 2023 rankings towards excellence, Yonsei University ranks #329 in Best Global Universities.

For the Best Global Universities in Asia, it ranks #49 while this institution of higher learning ranks #5 in the list of Best Universities in South Korea.

What is the Cost of Tuition at Yonsei University?

Here is a breakdown of the estimated tuition you’ll need to pay for the 2023 fall semester.

Note that the costs may vary depending on exchange rates. However, the tabular representation does not include the cost of airfare between countries.

Therefore, students should put that into consideration.

Tuition $3,150
Housing $4,500
Meals $3,000
Transportation $400
Books & Supplies $900
Total $11,950

What Programs Do They Offer at Yonsei University?

There are programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels to suit the students at Yonsei University’s main campus.

About 745 courses at the undergraduate level are taught in the English language while it teaches about 745 courses in the Korean Language.

At the graduate level, it teaches 368 courses in English and 1,818 courses taught in English.

Undergraduate Programs

The undergraduate programs at Yonsei University provide students with a serene environment where they can experience learning and living in a new dimension.

It offers majors across the courses in the list below.

  • Korean Language and Literature
  • Chinese Language and Literature
  • English language and Literature
  • French Language and Literature
  • Russian Language and Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Cognitive Science
  • Language and Information Studies
  • Korean Studies
  • Library and Information Science
  • Comparative Literature

College of Commerce and Economics

  • Economics
  • Applied Statistics

The School of Business

College of Science

  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Astronomy
  • Physics
  • Earth System Sciences
  • Atmospheric Sciences
  • Nano Medical

Civil Engineering

  • Architectural and Urban Engineering
  • Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Systems Semiconductor Engineering
  • Climate Change Energy Engineering
  • Defense Fusion Engineering
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Integrated Technology
  • Computer Science and Industrial Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Information Storage Engineering

College of Life Science and Biotechnology

  • Systems Biology
  • Biotechnology
  • Biochemistry
  • Bioindustrial Engineering
  • Division of LifeScience and Biotechnology
  • Integrated OMICS for Biomedical Science

College of Social Sciences

  • Political Science and International Studies
  • Social Welfare
  • Anthropology
  • Area Studies
  • Korean Unification Studies
  • Culture and Gender Studies
  • Communication
  • Sociology
  • Public Administration

College of Human Ecology

  • Clothing and Textiles
  • Human Environment and Design
  • Child and Family Studies
  • Human Ecology
  • Food and Nutrition

Graduate Programs

It spreads the graduate programs across six academic divisions namely: Liberal Arts, Natural Science, Engineering, Arts and Physical Education, Medical Science and Interdisciplinary programs.

Currently, about 8,400 students are enrolled in graduate programs.

  • Theology
  • Information
  • Social Welfare
  • Business
  • Communication and Arts
  • Law
  • Social Welfare

Special Graduate School (Night Classes)

  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Human Environmental Sciences
  • Economics
  • Law
  • Public Health
  • Public Administration
  • Nursing

Yonsei University Scholarships

There are different categories of scholarships at Yonsei University. The international students get scholarships that are need-based, and the fresh students win scholarships on merit.

Also, there are scholarships for graduate students that are need-based, need-based, internship scholarships, and Work-study scholarships.

However, based on the students’ needs, the scholarships are open to all students.


Carefully go through this article to draw information that can help you hasten your decision-making process.



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